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What Is an LLC Operating Agreement?

A single-member LLC Operating Agreement is a 6-page form that personalizes the terms of an LLC (or limited liability company) according to its members’ specific requirements. This document summarizes the financial and operational decision-making in the organization.

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What do I need an operating agreement for LLC for?

  • This form is a complimentary paper if you want to set up a limited liability company. It serves as a set of regulations for members and the owner of the organization to adhere to;
  • If you are an owner of an LLC, you need an Operating Agreement to govern the operations within the company according to your own rules.

How to Fill Out an LLC Operating Agreement Template

Step 1: Tap a blue “Fill this form” button to get access to a fillable template of an Operational agreement. You’ll find it on the left side of the form.

Step 2: Indicate your name and date on top of page1.

Step 3: In the Formation section, provide such data as the name of the company, state, location of a principal office, etc.

Step 4: Write the name of the member in the corresponding section and get acknowledged with the regulations in paragraphs 3−9. They refer to capital, profits, losses, distributions, administration, accounting, records, etc. Sign the form using the e-signature tool on PDFLiner.

Step 5: Press the “Done” button to save the result. It’s located in the upper right corner of the screen. Now you can download the LLC Operating Agreement PDF on your PC.

Organizations that work with an LLC operating agreement

  • Limited liability companies
Fillable online LLC Operating Agreement Template
(5 / 5) 90 votes
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