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3 Connecticut Tax Forms Templates

  • Connecticut Schedule CT-1040WH
    Connecticut Schedule CT-1040WH
  • Connecticut Form CT-EITC SEQ
    What is a CT-EITC SEQ form? The fillable CT-EITC SEQ form is used by self-employed taxpayers. Download CT-EITC SEQ to state the earned income tax credit. It must be submitted following the request of the DRS. You may also need to send it to the IRS, so keep the copies of the completed form. It is only for self-employed business which you have to inform the officials about. What I need the CT-EITC SEQ  form for? If you are an owner of the business, and you are self-employed, you have to fill the blank of the CT-EITC SEQ form and send it to the Department of Revenue Services of the State of Connecticut; This form is used for notification of the DRS on your yearly income from the self-employed business. You have to share the taxpayer information about you and your spouse; The CT-EITC SEQ form can’t be filed with the tax return. How to fill out the CT-EITC SEQ form? You will find the CT-EITC SEQ form as a pdf document right on this page. Download it on your computer for free. When you have to file this questionnaire, you can print it and complete it in blue or black ink. You may also check this form online on the Department of Revenue Services of the State of Connecticut website. The form is one page long. Complete the next information: Section 1 requires detailed information about the taxpayer, including the name, social security number, name of the business, address, website, information on the spouse, employer identification number; Section 2 is about the business you own, with a full description of it, dates. You may need to attach the 1099-MISC form; Put the signature and date in section 3. Organizations that work with CT-EITC SEQ form Department of Revenue Services State of Connecticut.
  • Connecticut Form CT-1040 EXT
    What is CT-1040 EXT form? This is a fillable form that extends the time to file an income tax return. You can download CT-1040 EXT form from the PDFLiner website and fill it online. To download a blank CT-1040 EXT pdf form you need to visit the PDFLiner website for free and then print it. It is to mention that this form does not extend your tax payment period, it allows you to shift filing time. What do I need the CT-1040 EXT form for? The form is used for: Claiming an extension of the time to file a Connecticut income tax return.  Extending the time to file an individual use tax. This form is not suitable for claiming tax payment extension and business. How to fill out CT-1040 EXT form? The form includes one page only where you need to provide your personal data as well as your family members’ credentials. Here you are also to indicate the exact date of your six-month extension and confirm that you have sent a federal Form 4868. There are also some more fillable blank fields describing your tax payment features. This information is important for the local IRS authorities. You have to enter the amount of taxes you have to pay and the tax credit as well. Organizations that work with CT-1040 EXT Connecticut Department of Revenue Services
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