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What Is Form CT-EITC SEQ?

The CT-EITC SEQ form is a supplement to the main Connecticut tax return documents. It specifically caters to individuals claiming the Connecticut Earned Income Tax Credit. This credit aims to provide tax relief to low and moderate-income workers and families, rewarding work by allowing eligible taxpayers to keep more of what they earned. Filing the form accurately ensures the receipt of any credits due.

Eligibility for the CT-EITC

To be eligible for the Connecticut Earned Income Tax Credit, taxpayers must meet certain criteria. These include having earned income during the tax year, possessing a valid Social Security number, and meeting the income limitations set by the state. Taxpayers also need to have a tax-filing status that is not married filing separately and must be a resident of Connecticut or at least part-year.

How to Fill Out the CT Tax Form CT-EITC SEQ

Completing the CT-EITC SEQ form does not have to be a daunting task. The following steps will help you go through the process:

  1. Begin by entering your legal first name and your middle initial.
  2. Input your surname in the corresponding field.
  3. Provide your Social Security Number without dashes.
  4. For joint returns, include your spouse's first name and middle initial.
  5. Enter your spouse's last name.
  6. Add your spouse's Social Security Number.
  7. Write down your business's legal name.
  8. Provide your business's Employer Identification Number.
  9. Type your business mailing address, including the apartment, suite number, or PO Box.
  10. List your home telephone number with area code.
  11. Enter your city, town, or post office, followed by your state and ZIP code.
  12. Record your business telephone number with the area code.
  13. If available, include your business website URL.
  14. List your cell phone number with area code.
  15. Describe your business, detailing the nature of your work, products, services and operating hours.
  16. Write down the date when your business was initiated.
  17. Enter the date your business began operations in Connecticut.
  18. Confirm if you received any Forms 1099-MISC or 1099-NEC for the tax year, and attach copies if applicable.
  19. If applicable, attach a copy of any required occupational license.
  20. Indicate your advertising methods, such as Newspaper, Internet/website, Flyers, or another method; provide copies of the adverts and receipts if available.
  21. Specify which types of records you maintain for your business, selecting from the list provided which includes accounting records, computer records, insurance and business banking details, ledger, rental expenses, vehicle expenses, logbooks, supplier information, paid invoices, and any other relevant documents.
  22. Finalize the form by signing your name and dating the document.
  23. If filing jointly, have your spouse sign and date the form as well.
  24. If a paid preparer completed the form, they should include their signature, date, telephone, PTIN, their firm’s name, address, ZIP code, and FEIN.

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Fillable online Connecticut Form CT-EITC SEQ
(4.6 / 5) 96 votes
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