34 Fiduciary Reporting Forms

  • Form 990 Schedule B (2020) Form 990 Schedule B (2020) What Is Schedule B Form 990 Schedule B Form 990 is a supplemental form used by organizations when filing their Form 990, Form 990-EZ, or
  • Form 990-W (2021) Form 990-W (2021) What Is a Form 990-W Form 990-W is an essential tax form used by tax-exempt organizations to estimate their federal income tax. Like businesses and individuals who pay quarterly estimated taxes, many non-profit organizations must estimate and prepay their
  • Form 990 Schedule I (2020) Form 990 Schedule I (2020) Overview of Form 990 Schedule I for 2020 Form 990 Schedule I 2020 is a supplementary document required by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for non-profit organizations that file
  • Form 5558 Form 5558 What Is Form 5558? The 5558 form is also known as the Application for Extension of Time To File Employee Plan Return. This is a unique one-time form that is widely used by employers. If you have never heard of what is form 5558, you may have never had a s
  • Form 5500-EZ (2019) Form 5500-EZ (2019) What Is Form 5500 EZ 2019? IRS Form 5500-EZ for the year 2019 is a specialized tax form designed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for a one-participant pension plan or a foreign plan that is not required to file an
  • Form 990 Schedule B (2019) Form 990 Schedule B (2019) What Is Form 990 Schedule B? Form 990 Schedule B, also known officially as Schedule of Contributors, is a supplementary document required for some tax-exempt organizations. These entities use it to detail the names of individuals, companies, or other orga
  • Form 990 (2019) Form 990 (2019) What Is Form 990 EZ 2019 Form 990 EZ 2019 is the shorter version of the IRS Form 990, designed for small to medium-sized tax-exempt organizations. It serves as an annual information return that these entities must file to maintain their tax-exempt status.
  • Form 990 (Schedule R) Form 990 (Schedule R) What Is Form 990 Schedule R Also known as ‘Related Organizations and Unrelated Partnerships,’ Form 990 Schedule R is an attachment to the annual information return for tax-exempt organizations (Form 990). Its main purpose is to gather detailed
  • Form 990-BL Form 990-BL What is a 990-BL Form? The fillable 990-BL form is for the information and initial excise tax return for the black lung benefit trusts and certain individuals related to it. You can download the 990-BL form to get the information on the black lung benefit
  • Form 990-EZ (2019) Form 990-EZ (2019) What is Form 990-EZ 2019? The 2019 IRS Form 990 EZ is a short form for income tax-exempt organizations. This form is commonly used by eligible organizations to file an annual return with the IRS. Form 990-EZ 2019 is a simplified version of Form 990 and is
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