50 Entity Returns

  • Form 1065 (Schedule M-3) Form 1065 (Schedule M-3) What Is Schedule M-3 in Form 1065 Also known as ‘Net Income (Loss) Reconciliation for Certain Partnerships,’ IRS Form 1065 Schedule M-3 is a supplementary form accompanying the partnership tax return. Its primary purpose is to reconcile the di
  • Form 1065, Schedule M-3 (2019) Form 1065, Schedule M-3 (2019) What Is Schedule M 3 In Form 1065 Schedule M-3 in Form 1065 is a financial statement that plays a crucial role in partnerships and multi-member Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) treated as partnerships for tax purposes. Designed to provide a more detaile
  • Form 1120-W (2021) Form 1120-W (2021) What Is a Form 1120 W 2021 Form 1120 W 2021 is an essential document for corporations in the United States, specifically designed for calculating and paying estimated taxes on a corporation’s taxable income. This form guides corporations in estimati
  • Form 1120-W Form 1120-W What Is Form 1120-W? 1120-W is the form used for evaluating corporations’ tax liability and determining their estimated tax installment amount. A corporation is obliged to submit this blank if it owes at least $500 for the current fiscal year. 
  • Form 1120-PC (2020) Form 1120-PC (2020) What Is a Form 1120-PC Taxation for insurance companies offering property and casualty insurance policies is complex. Enter Form 1120-PC, a beacon for these organizations navigating the fiscal seas. This specialized document is pivotal, enabling property
  • Form 1120-PC (2019) Form 1120-PC (2019) What Is A Form 1120-PC Form 1120-PC holds significance for specific entities within the corporate world, particularly those in the insurance industry. This specialized form, designated for U.S. Property and Casualty Insurance Companies, a
  • Form 15103 Return Delinquency Form 15103 Return Delinquency What Is Form 15103 Form 15103, commonly known as the Return Delinquency Form, is issued by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when they
  • Form 2290 (2020) Form 2290 (2020) What Is Form 2290 2020 Form 2290 2020 is a United States federal tax form truckers and trucking businesses use to calculate and pay the Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT). This tax applies to tru
  • Form 1065 (2019) Form 1065 (2019) What Is a Form 1065 2019 Form 1065 2019 is a vital document utilized by partnerships and multi-member LLCs taxed as partnerships in the United States. It's commonly known as the "U.S. Return of Partnership Income." This form plays a pivotal
  • Form 8916 Form 8916 What is IRS Form 8916? The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 8916 is a document used primarily by corporations for the purpose of adjusting or reconciling financial accounting net income (loss) per income statement of the corporation's taxable incom
  • Form 1120-REIT Form 1120-REIT What is form 1120-REIT The 1120-REIT form is used for reporting corporate income, losses and profits, deductions, penalties, and credits. In other words, this document displays all tax liabilities that a company could have. What I need the form
  • Form 1120-A Form 1120-A What Is Form 1120-A? It is better to find out what is a 1120 tax form before the deadline. This form is also known as US Corporation Short-Form Income Tax Return. Not all corporations are qualified for the document. Before you fill in anything, you have t
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