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What is Fillable Form 1120 - Corporation Income Tax Return?

Fillable Form 1120 2023 - Corporation Income Tax Return is a form that helps US domestic corporations to fill out their income and losses. The 1120 tax form is issued by the IRS and should be filled out by the fourth month after the tax year of the corporation ends.

What I need the Fillable Form 1120 (2023-2024) for?

You will have to fill out the IRS form 1120 to indicate the following information:

  • The income of your corporation;
  • All the losses and deductions of the corporation;
  • Information about refundable credits;
  • Your total assets.

If you want your business to be taxed with a form 1120 as a corporation, you will have to fill out the document and submit it to the IRS. The tax form 1120 is printable and you can also complete it by hand.

How to Fill Out Fillable Form 1120 - Corporation Income Tax Return?

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In order to properly fill out the federal form 1120, you will have to begin with filling out the name, address, employer identification number and total assets of the corporation.

After that, you will have to complete 6 pages of the document:

Page 1 requires you to mention your income, deductions, refundable payments and credits.A signature and a company’s name are required.

Page 2 consists of a variety of fields, where you have to mention your special deductions and choose between different dividends.

Page 3 of fillable form 1120 requires you to indicate the tax computation, funds reserved for future use, and list total payments and refundable credits. 

Page 4 and Page 5 allow you to mention additional information about the corporation and indicate if some foreign corporations own 20% or more of the corporation.

Page 6 of the tax return document requires to fill out the assets, liabilities, and mention the reconciliation of income.

Note that you can also download the blank PDF file of 1120 form online.

Organizations that work with Fillable Form 1120 2023

  • IRS

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Fillable online Form 1120 (2023)
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