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What Is Form 720?

The IRS 720 Form, or Quarterly Federal Excise Tax Return, is a document used each quarter to report and pay your federal excise tax. You have to file Form 720 if you run a small business subject to excise tax such as fishing equipment, gasoline, coal, transportation services, and the like.

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What Do I Need the 720 Form For?

  • To pay excise taxes on the income your company gets from offering products or services such as tires, vaccines, air transportation, indoor tanning services, etc.;
  • Note that alcohol, firearms, and tobacco are not covered by this form, even though they are subject to excise taxes. If your organization sells these products, you can find the regulations from the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

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Organizations That Work With Form 720

  • The IRS.

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How to Fill Out Form 720?

  1. Press the blue button on this very page to get a Form 720 fillable blank.
  2. Enter your name, address, EIN, and end date of the required quarter in Part I.
  3. If your firm qualifies the details specified in Part I, use the appropriate rate in the “Rate” column to estimate your business taxes. 
  4. If your company has any tax liability determined in Part I, you should additionally complete Schedule A of this form.
  5. If your business provides any items or services enlisted in Part II, calculate your total tax at the bottom of this part.
  6. Complete Schedules T and C in case your company deals with fuel.
  7. In box 3 of Part III, calculate your total business taxes by summing those from Parts I and II.
  8. Sign and date this IRS paper.
  9. Click on the Export button to download the fillable Form 720 in PDF format on your PC. Since the template is printable, you can print it out to use a paper copy.

Form Versions

2023 Fillable Form 720 for June 2023 Fill Out Form
2023 Fillable Form 720 for March 2023 Fill Out Form
2022 Fillable Form 720 for December 2022 Fill Out Form
2022 Fillable Form 720 for June 2022 Fill Out Form
2022 Fillable Form 720 for March 2022 Fill Out Form
2021 Fillable Form 720 for 2021 tax year Fill Out Form
2020 IRS Form 720 for 2020 tax year Fill Out Form
Fillable online Form 720
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