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What Is IL-2210 form?

The fillable IL-2210 form is made for the calculations of the penalties for the individual taxpayers. You may download the IL-2210 form in case the Illinois Department of Revenue can’t calculate your penalties and send you a bill. You have to be elected to complete this form. The form has to be attached to the IL-1040 form.

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What I need the IL-2210 form for?

  • The IL-2210 form is used for the calculations of the penalties the individual or business owner may receive if he/she did not pay the tax that had to be paid, did not make payments in time, or miss the due date of the filing of processable return;
  • You have to file the form if you want to cut the penalties for missing the deadline;
  • You don’t have to complete the blank if you miss paying all your tax due in time.

How to Fill Out the IL-2210 Form?

You can download IL-2210 form in the pdf version from this page, or fill the form online on the website of the Illinois Department of Revenue. It is also recommended to print the form and train to complete it with all the information that is required. The form is free of charge. You have to complete 6 steps on 4 pages. There are detailed instructions for each of them. Follow these tips:

  • Step 1 requires your name and SSN;
  • Step 2 is for stating the tax income, credits, withholding;
  • Step 3 is about the unpaid tax you have to pay;
  • Step 4 helps to calculate the late payment penalty;
  • Step 5 is for the late-filing penalty and the amount of money you owe;
  • Step 6 requires the annualization worksheet.

Organizations that work with IL-2210 form

  • Illinois Department of Revenue;
  • IRS.

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2022 Fillable Illinois Form IL-2210 for 2022 Fill Out Form
Fillable online Illinois Form IL-2210
(4.5 / 5) 106 votes
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