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What Is the Harvard Miss Receipt Affidavit Form?

The Harvard missing receipt affidavit is a form Harvard University requires when an expense report includes transactions that lack necessary documentation. These transactions might be business-related purchases for which the invoice or receipt was lost or not received. Instead of leaving these transactions out of the expense report, this affidavit provides a legitimate way to report these costs. Essentially, it acts as a replacement for the original documentation.

When is it needed?

Instances when you might need a missing receipt affidavit Harvard includes:

  • Misplacement of the original receipt during business travel.
  • Failing to receive a receipt despite a business-related purchase.
  • Damage or loss of the original receipt, making it unreadable.

How to Fill Out Harvard Missing Receipt Affidavit

Completing the Harvard miss receipt affidavit form template is relatively straightforward:

  1. In the first section for "Airline Tickets," if you have an itinerary invoice and proof of payment, check the box corresponding to "Attached is a copy of itinerary invoice and proof of payment." 
  2. In case you have lost your receipt and need to verify your flight information, check the other box and provide the required information, which includes: the date, airline/city, flight number, and total cost.
  3. For the "Hotel Folio" section, check off the corresponding box if you have a copy of the hotel folio and proof of payment. 
  4. Otherwise, certify that you’ve tried to obtain a folio copy from the hotel by checking off the other box. Now give the needed details: date, hotel/city, number of nights, daily rate, and total expense.
  5. Under the "Car Rental Agreement" section, you will either indicate that you have attached a copy of the rental agreement and proof of payment or certify that you have reached out to the rental company but failed to get a copy of the agreement. 
  6. Subsequently, provide the relevant information which includes: rental dates, car company, car class (c=compact, m=mid-size, f=full-size), number of days, and total costs.
  7. For the "Meals" section, you need to list each meal separately. For every meal, specify the date, whether it was breakfast (B), lunch (L) or dinner (D), the restaurant/city name, number of people who had the meal, and the total cost.
  8. For the "Miscellaneous" charges, if you've used a PCard for transactions, ensure to attach a copy of the sweep report from the PCard Settlement System or a copy of the credit card statement. Write down the date, a detailed description of the expense, and the total cost.
  9. The last section calls for your signature and the date. There should also be the authorized signature (of the person who approves the expenses) and the date as well. 
  10. Remember to attach all required documents. Include any document that supports your report such as receipts, invoices, and the like.

Key takeaways

The Harvard Missing Receipt Affidavit comes in handy during those unfortunate times where an actual receipt is unachievable. Ensure you detail the transaction information accurately to avoid any complications during the claim process.

Know how to fill out the Harvard form correctly and understand the submission process. Remember, using a missing receipt affidavit should be minimal and only when you have exhausted all options of obtaining the actual receipt.

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Fillable online Harvard Missing Receipt Affidavit
(4.9 / 5) 106 votes
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