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  • Golf Cart Rental Usage Agreement Golf Cart Rental Usage Agreement What Is a Golf Cart Rental Agreement? A golf cart rental agreement is a contract between a customer and a golf cart rental company. The agreement specifies the terms and conditions of the rental, including the length of the rental period, the cost of the
  • Golf Cart Rental Contract Release and Waiver of Liability Golf Cart Rental Contract Release and Waiver of Liability Golf Cart Rental Contract Release and Waiver of Liability✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
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What Are Golf Cart Rental Agreements?

A Golf Cart Rental Agreement is an indispensable document a client of a golf cart rental company has to fill out to use a cart for some time. The form indicates the terms and conditions of the deal such as the length and cost of the rental period and the kind of golf cart. It clearly states all responsibilities of the two parties, the damage deposit, and under which conditions the vehicle will be returned to the owner. If you need to rent a golf cart, attend a local golf course, or address a local car dealership, you may be asked to fill out this form.

Most Popular Golf Cart Rental Agreements

Though completing a Golf Car Rental Agreement is straightforward due to the simplified design of such forms, you might encounter several types of these documents on the Internet. Here are the most common:

  • Golf Cart Rental Usage Agreement
    This type of agreement is a binding contract between a client and a golf cart rental company. It includes the terms and conditions of the rental and the obligations of the parties. You don’t need to spend a lot of time to complete this fillable template. It requires such data as your name and address, the phone number of the golf cart’s owner, the rental date, sum, and period of time the equipment will be rented for, your signature, and the signature of the cart owner. By signing the form, both parties ensure they are familiarized with the terms of the agreement and take full responsibility for their actions. After you provide all the necessary information, you have to send the document to the rental company.
  • Fillable FSR Golf Cart Rental Agreement
    This blank is a specialized template used by Five Star Retreat (FSR) for a golf car rental. The document ensures the vehicle will remain the property of FSR, that it was thoroughly examined, and that the customer will return it to the legal owner in good condition as when they received it. If the vehicle doesn’t function properly, it has to be returned to Five Star Retreat at once. The client guarantees they have a valid driver’s license with a permit to drive a vehicle in the state where they reside.
  • Fillable Mountain Lake Golf Cart Rental Agreement
    The third blank on the list was deliberately designed for Mountain Lake Campground Cabins. It indicates the terms the lessee has to adhere to in order to rent a golf cart. They ensure they take responsibility for the possible damage (there is even a sample schedule of charges for damages). The golf cart rules are also a part of the document.
  • Bath Country Club Golf Outing Agreement
    This template is suitable for a golf car rental if you are a member of Bath Country Club. It consists of five pages with all the relevant data such as pricing, outing services, and even food and beverage services. The form is required for tee time group events. The final page requires the signature of the representative of the group and a BCC (Bath Country Club) representative. 
  • Fillable Normandy Farms Golf Cart Rental Agreement
    If you want to rent a cart in Normandy Farms family camping resort, you need to fill out this fillable form. It is a two-page document that contains personal information of a licensed driver, equipment reservation number, pick-up date, time in and out, return date, as well as other terms and conditions related to the rental procedure and determined by Normandy Farms Campground. The second page includes golf cart rules a client must stick to when using the rented vehicle.

Where to Get Golf Cart Rental Agreements 

If you need a fillable template of a Golf Cart Rental Agreement, you have two options at hand. First, you can visit the official website of a cart rental company. Secondly, you can find a required form on PDFLiner’s platform. This versatile editing service has a wide range of fillable, customizable PDF documents in the extensive library. It enables you not only to download the template on your PC, but also to complete it online, convert the file into the format you need, sign it digitally, and share it with another party right away. All these features will help you rent a golf cart as soon as possible.

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