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What is Form Tech 6?

Form Tech 6 (may also be known to many by its second name, "Curriculum Vitae for Proposal International or Local Experts") is a standardized resume format. The basic template for professional curriculum vitae is a two-page document with a clear structure. In it, candidates who apply for an open vacancy can talk about their previous jobs, responsibilities, education, professional certificates, skills, and other details. A CV can be described as a flexible tool through which employees can apply for a position, and recruiters determine which applicants are best suited for this job.

Form Tech 6 Requirements

A resume is a rather formal way to introduce yourself as a potential employee to interest the employer and get them to invite you for an interview. While there are no strict requirements for such a format, it is still better to adhere to generally accepted standards. Your document should be short, clearly structured, tailored to the position you are applying for, and not overloaded with unnecessary information.

It is best to use the professional curriculum vitae template to meet all these terms, as it already has fields and lines for the required information. This way, you will definitely not forget to include any important details and, at the same time, do not write anything extra. Moreover, in some large companies, specialized software is used to pre-test incoming documents, which screens out inappropriate CVs. Using templates will make it easy for you to get through this step.

How to fill out Form Tech 6?

Whether you're looking for your first or tenth job, help with filling out a curriculum vitae resume template is never superfluous. Here are a few steps to help you make your CV look professional:

  1. First, fill in the form with personal information: name, contact details, age, and nationality.
  2. Then indicate your main education: the institute's name, specialization, years of study, and so on. If, in addition to it, you also have any certificates of additional courses, indicate them too.
  3. If you speak more than one language and have experience working abroad, write about it in the appropriate boxes.
  4. Now, you can go to the description of your work experience. Fill in information about your last three places of employment (or fewer, depending on experience).
  5. Then tell recruiters about your skills best suited for the position you are currently applying for. Describe how all this contributed to the development of the companies in which you worked.
  6. Put your signature to confirm the data's correctness and consent to their processing. Also, by signing the form, you agree that you may be rejected if any information is known to be false.

How to create a Form Tech 6?

The basic curriculum vitae template for management professional or average employees has a standard, simple format, so you shouldn't have any problems compiling it. The full content of such a document, of course, varies depending on a candidate's experience. The PDFLiner editor will help you create a quality CV. Here's what you need to do:

  1. While you can use a premade template, you can also create your own resume from scratch. Log in to your account and start building a new document.
  2. On the toolbar, click the letter icon to start typing. In the field that appears, you can write any information. Stick to the structure we described in the previous paragraph.
  3. Make text pieces bold or italic, create lists, and use any other marking and formatting options to make your text more structured.
  4. When you're done, save the file to your device or account. You can also send the CV to the recipient directly from the editor or print it.

Now you can easily create the perfect resume and get the desired position.

How to submit Form Tech 6?

You have several options for how you can distribute your document to recipients. We are sure that most recruiters have already switched to a paperless workflow, so it is best to send CVs electronically. You can submit the file by email or generate a link to download it. It is advisable to find out which method is preferable for your employer. If the company you plan to work for prefers the old approach, print out the finished resume and send it by mail/fax or bring it in person to the office. Keep in mind that mass mailing is not the best option; your CV should be tailored to a specific job ad. So tweak your text and send out a resume to each employer separately.


  • How do I write a professional CV?
    You have two options. You can take free resume samples online and create your own from scratch using any text editor. Or you can use PDFLiner and our ready-made templates. The latter option is better because it saves time, eliminates mistakes, and ensures that your CV ends up looking professional and stylish.
  • What is the difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae?
    In a global sense, they can be considered synonyms and interchangeable terms. However, upon closer inspection, you will see that a resume is a shorter summary of your professional experience and skills, while a CV is usually a more detailed document. The latter is more often used not so much for job hunting as for applying for grants, professorships, and teaching positions.
Fillable online Form Tech 6
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