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What is Form SSA 632 BK?

The SSA-632-BK fillable form is an extensive fourteen-page document used to waive an SSA overpayment return. As a rule, SSA specialists themselves identify such errors and notify payees about them. You can choose not to refund the overpayment in return, depending on your current situation.

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What do I need the SSA-632-BK PDF for?

  • If you receive payments from SSA and have got more than you should have but are unable to repay the excess, you can fill out the SSA-632-BK printable form and explain your situation.
  • If you do not believe that you received extra money, would like to have a hearing on this matter, or have reason to believe that fraud has occurred, do not use this form. For each of the cases described, there are individual blanks.

How to Fill Out the Social Security Form SSA 632 BK?

  1. Enter your name, SSN, and claim number. Indicate if you consider yourself an overpaid person. Proceed to the indicated points depending on the answer.
  2. If a representative payee receives SSA benefits, they must provide information about themselves in the second section.
  3. Next, answer questions that will help specialists better understand the overpayment situation that has arisen. Indicate when and why you think it happened, what payments you received, etc.
  4. After that, answer questions about your financial situation, indicating whether you still have this overpayment or have already spent it.
  5. List your dependents and the assets you own and calculate your household's total income and expenses.
  6. Include your name and contact details and put your signature.

Form SSA-632-BK on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with SSA Form 632 BK

  • SSA
Fillable online Form SSA-632-BK
(4.8 / 5) 83 votes
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