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What is a Safety Data Sheet MSDS?

The MSDS Safety Data Sheet is a mandatory document that is part of a large package of papers used in the chemical industry. It provides accurate information about chemical products' storage, transportation, handling, and disposal. Its use ensures the safety and security of people's lives and health.

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What information does the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) contain?

  • data about the product and the manufacturing company;
  • exact composition and percentage of ingredients;
  • description of danger and harm to health;
  • first aid on contact;
  • measures in case of ignition;
  • measures for accidental release;
  • recommendations about storage and handling;
  • characteristics of stability and reactivity;
  • toxicological data;
  • information about transportation;
  • possible harm to the environment;
  • recommendations for disposal, etc.

How to Fill Out the Material Safety Data Sheet?

Step 1: Enter the imprint of a product and the manufacturing company.

Step 2: Give the full composition and a list of ingredients with percentages of each.

Step 3: State the potential hazard of the product and what first aid, fire fighting, and other measures should be taken in case of contact or spill.

Step 4: Describe in detail the recommendations for storage, handling, transportation, and disposal of the product. Also, indicate what precautions and PPE should be used.

Step 5: Enter technical, chemical, physical, and toxicological data about the product.

Step 6: In the last field, you can put any other information that may be useful when working with the described chemical product.

Safety Data Sheet on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with MSDS Sheet template

  • Organizations that deal with chemical products

Fillable online Safety Data Sheet - MSDS
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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