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Overview: Form MO-SCC

In Missouri, the Shared Care Tax Credit, also known as Form MO-SCC, is a financial incentive provided to eligible taxpayers. It supports those who care about older family members in their own homes instead of placing them in long-term care facilities. The credit is designed to lighten the burden for families who shoulder the responsibility of care by reducing their state tax liability.

Eligibility requirements for the Missouri shared care tax credit

To qualify for the Shared Care Tax Credit, applicants must meet certain criteria. Firstly, the care recipient must be 60 years or older and deemed unable to live independently due to a disability. The caregiver and recipient must reside together and the care provided should meet the specific needs of the care recipient. Ensuring you qualify is the first step towards reaping the financial rewards that accompany the responsibility of shared caregiving.

How to Fill Out the Form MO-SCC

Successfully applying for the credit involves completing the Form MO-SCC accurately. Here's a brief guide on completing this Missouri form template:

  1. Take away the empty paragraphs:
  2. Begin by entering the caregiver's Social Security Number in the designated area.
  3. Fill in the caregiver's full name (first, middle, last).
  4. Provide the caregiver's complete home address, including apartment number if applicable.
  5. Note the city where the caregiver resides.
  6. Write down the two-letter state abbreviation for the caregiver's home state.
  7. Input the ZIP code corresponding to the caregiver's address.
  8. Indicate the caregiver's title (e.g., Mr., Mrs., Dr., etc.).
  9. Record the caregiver's telephone number with the area code.
  10. The caregiver should personally sign in the signature space provided.
  11. Write the current date in a month-day-year format.
  12. In the recipient's section, add the Social Security Number of the elderly individual receiving care.
  13. Enter the full birth date of the recipient using the month-day-year format.
  14. Provide the full name of the care recipient.
  15. Input the complete address where the recipient lives.
  16. List the city of the recipient's residence.
  17. Fill in the two-letter state abbreviation for the recipient.
  18. Write the ZIP code of the recipient's address.
  19. Detail any other state or federal programs that contribute to the cost of the recipient's care.
  20. In the physician's certification, describe the recipient's medical condition and specific care needs.
  21. The certifying physician must sign to confirm the provided information.
  22. Add the physician's professional title.
  23. Print the physician's name clearly.
  24. The physician should include the date they signed the certification.
  25. Complete the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Certification with a description of the recipient's condition and care needs, similar to the physician's certification.
  26. A Department of Health and Senior Services representative should sign their name.
  27. Indicate the title of the signing representative.
  28. Print the name of the signing Department of Health and Senior Services representative.
  29. Include the date when the department's representative signed.
  30. In the contact information, write the name of an agent or another contact person if applicable.
  31. Provide the telephone number of the agent or contact.
  32. Fill in the agent or contact's full mailing address.
  33. Note the city for the agent or contact's address.
  34. State the two-letter abbreviation for the city where the agent or contact resides.
  35. Enter the ZIP code for the agent or contact.

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