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What Is a Landlord Reference Letter?

A Landlord Reference Letter is a document from a current or former landlord that verifies a tenant's rental history, character, and overall suitability. It typically includes information about the tenant's payment history, lease terms, conduct, and any other relevant details that may help prospective landlords assess the tenant's reliability and trustworthiness.

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What do I need the landlord letter of reference for

You need this document to:

  • Establish credibility. The letter serves as evidence of your rental history, confirming that you have been a responsible tenant in the past;
  • Demonstrate reliability. It showcases your ability to pay rent on time and fulfill your lease obligations;
  • Enhance your rental application. Including a reference letter can strengthen your application and make you a more favorable candidate in the eyes of prospective landlords;
  • Build trust. The letter helps to establish trustworthy relationships with new landlords, as it provides insights into your character and conduct as a tenant;
  • Differentiate yourself. A positive reference letter sets you apart from other applicants and increases your chances of securing a desirable rental property.

How to Fill Out the Landlord Reference Letter Template

Here are 10 main steps for filling out the reference letter for a tenant from a landlord template online:

  1. Obtain the corresponding blank via PDFLiner.
  2. Include your contact information, such as your name, address, and phone number, at the top of the form.
  3. Address the letter to the recipient, typically the new landlord or property management company.
  4. Introduce the tenant by stating their full name and current or previous address.
  5. Describe the length of their tenancy, including the start and end dates.
  6. Highlight the tenant's payment history, emphasizing their promptness and reliability.
  7. Discuss their adherence to lease terms, such as maintaining the property and following rules.
  8. Mention any positive attributes, such as cleanliness, good communication, and respectful behavior.
  9. Sign the letter and provide your contact information for any follow-up inquiries.
  10. Provide a copy of the completed letter to the tenant for their records.

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With that said, the main elements of a landlord reference letter are:

  • Contact information. It features the landlord's full name, address, and phone number.
  • Introduction. It states the purpose of the letter and introduces the tenant.
  • Tenancy details. It specifies the duration of the tenancy and the property address.
  • Payment history. It describes the tenant's payment record and reliability.
  • Lease adherence. It discusses the tenant's compliance with lease terms and property rules.
  • Positive attributes. It highlights any commendable qualities exhibited by the tenant.
  • Contact information. It provides the landlord's contact information for further inquiries.

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Organizations that work with the reference letter from landlord

  • real estate companies;
  • property management companies.

Fillable online Landlord Reference Letter
(4.7 / 5) 45 votes
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