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What is Form 8862?

The IRS Form 8862 is a four-page document attached to your tax return. With it, you can re-request credits if the IRS denied them in the past for any reason. It allows you to claim only those tax reductions for which you are qualified.

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What do I need the 8862 Tax Form for?

  • If you were denied tax credit when you filed your previous year's tax return, but you believe you should receive it because you qualify, you can reclaim it using this file.
  • Form 8862 required if you apply for the following credits: child or additional child, other dependents, earned income, and/or American opportunity.
  • You are not allowed to use this form for ten years if you have been denied due to suspected fraud and for two years if you have been charged with disregarding the rules.

How to Fill Out Form 8862 PDF?

  1. Enter your name, SSN, and the year you require credits for, and select one of the options.
  2. The second part concerns earned income credit, and in it, you need to indicate why you did not receive it and specify your marital status and details of the children (if any).
  3. The third part is about the child or additional child credits. Here you also need to specify the children's data and answer a few clarifying questions.
  4. If you apply for American opportunity credit, complete part four with the details of the students who are to receive it (they should have an ITIN or SSN).
  5. Fill in the last part if your child was listed on the tax returns of several people (e.g., divorced parents).

Form IRS 8862 on PDFLiner

How long does it take to process Form 8862?

Usually, taxpayers receive their refunds within 21 days. However, there are times when tax returns and the forms attached to them require additional consideration. E-filing speeds up the paperwork process, and you can expect to receive your payout much faster. For comparison, when submitting hard copies, the processing takes about six months.

Complete and download Form 8862 and Form 1040 and submit these files electronically. After that, you can use a special tool on the IRS website to track the processing progress. Upon completion, there will be an exact date when you can expect your refund.

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Fillable online Form IRS 8862
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