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What is a DS-5525 Form?

Form DS-5525 is used for applying for a minor’s passport when one of their legal guardians/parents cannot provide their required consent. This is called the Statement of Exigent and Special Family Circumstances. In this non-tax-related form, you outline why the non-applying parent/guardian is not available.

What do I need the DS-5525 for?

You will need a fillable DS-5525 to apply for a minor’s passport where one of the two parents/legal guardians is not available to sign the application unless you have their written statement consent. Use a DS-5525 to explain why you cannot obtain the other parent’s/guardian’s signature because of the following:

  • exigent circumstances potentially jeopardizing the child’s health and/or welfare (not a business emergency);
  • special family circumstances.

How to fill out DS-5525?

While it is not the IRS that the form targets but the Department of State, the procedure is similar. You can download form DS-5525 online for free in a PDF format and either print them or submit them online. The form is to be submitted along with the DS-11 and all the documents required under it.

In the blank form, provide the child’s name and birth date and your legal name. Provide the non-applying parent’s/guardian’s details and information on any documents regarding the minor’s custody, documenting your attempts to contact them. Sign and date the form in the respective fields.

Organizations that work with DS-5525

  • US Department of State

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Fillable online Form DS-5525
(4.8 / 5) 63 votes
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