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What is Form DS-5507?

The best concise answer to what is DS-5507 for is adjudicating claims for US nationality or citizenship in cases where an individual is born to US parents abroad.  Knowing how and where to submit form DS-5507 is essential if you expect to give birth abroad as a US citizen/national.

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What I need DS 5507 Form for?

  • Transmitting US citizenship or non-citizen nationality to your child who is born outside of the territory of the United States of America for DS-5507 passport application.
  • Acknowledging a child and agreeing to support him or her financially as a US citizen if the birth is out of wedlock, that is, using it as an affidavit of parentage form.
  • Do not use this form as proof of parents’ identity.

How to Fill Out Form DS 5507?

Form DS 5507 instructions are pretty simple. It is possible to download a DS-5507 fillable form as a printable PDF or fill one out online. The blank consists of 4 pages. The last page is to be signed in the presence of a Consular Officer, Designated Consular Agent, or Passport Specialist on swearing the oath. For the purposes of Birth Abroad of a U.S. Citizen application, a US notary who can notarize DS-5507 can also witness the signature. 

Fill out part I, entering your details and the birth data of the child in question. Part II is also to be signed before an authorized officer. Once you're done, download form DS 5507 by clicking the red button.

Organizations that work with form DS 5507 Affidavit of Physical Presence

  • US Department of State

FAQ: DS Form 5507 Affidavit of Physical Presence Popular Questions

  • Who fills out Form DS-5507?

    Form DS-5507 is filled out by an applicant for a U.S. passport in cases where the applicant cannot meet the passport photo requirements.

  • How do I get a DS 5507 fillable form?

    The DS-5507 form is available from the U.S. Department of State's website. You can also find the fillable version here at PDFLiner. Simply click the "Fill Out Form" button.

  • How do I get my US birth certificate if I was born abroad?

    The process for obtaining a birth certificate if you were born abroad will vary depending on the country in which you were born. In general, you will need to contact the local authorities in the country where you were born and request a copy of your birth certificate.

  • Where to submit form DS 5507?

    The form DS 5507 should be submitted to the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate.

  • Who can notarize form DS-5507?

    A notary public or other individual authorized by law to take acknowledgments may notarize your form. If you are abroad, any U.S. Embassy or Consulate officer, or any foreign notary public may notarize your form.

  • How can you prove the physical presence in the United States?

    There are several ways to prove the physical presence in the United States, including but not limited to:

    • A valid U.S. passport;
    • A valid driver's license or other government-issued ID;
    • A birth certificate;
    • A copy of a lease or utility bill;
    • A pay stub from a U.S. employer.
Fillable online Form DS-5507
(5 / 5) 59 votes
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