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What is the DS-5504 form?

The passport name change form DS 5504 is also called the Application for the US Passport. The form allows you to change the name, correct the information inside, or even replace the passport book in specific conditions. The fillable document may extend the date of the passport’s validity. If there is a printing error in the document, use the form to correct it.

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What do I need the DS-5504 fillable form for?

The PDF form is usually filled by US citizens who need to provide corrections to the original. Here are the most popular reasons to complete the DS 5504 PDF:

  • If you have changed the name and you need to indicate it in the valid document;
  • if you need to correct the error that occurred during the passport’s printing. It can be fixed only during a year since the date it was issued;
  • to extend the time of passport’s validity.

How to Fill Out the DS-5504 Online?

You don’t have to download the form to file it. Use PDFLiner and complete it online. If you need a printable version, you may upload it from PDFLiner to your device or just press “Print.” The form is simple. Read the instructions before you fill the form:

  • Choose the reason for using the form. You have to answer “Yes” to all the statements;
  • Read the manual on the first pages of the form. It contains the list of documents you have to submit with the form, including color photos and recent passport;
  • File the application on the 5th page of the document. Include your name, date of birth, SSN, email, phone number, address. Write down the names you have previously used, if there are any. Provide recent passport information;
  • On the 6th page, you have to describe yourself, including height, eye color, hair color. Include the travel plans and emergency contact. Put your signature.

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Organizations that work with the passport form DS 5504

  • US Department of state;
  • National Passport Information Center.

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FAQ: DS-5504 Fillable Form Popular Questions

  • Where to send DS-5504 form?

    The DS-5504 form should be printed and mailed to the following address.

    1. For Routine Service:

    National Passport Processing Center

    Post Office Box 90107

    Philadelphia, PA, 19190-0107

    2. For Expedited Service:

    National Passport Processing Center

    Post Office Box 90907

    Philadelphia, PA, 19190-0907

  • Where can I get form DS-5504?

    The form DS-5504 is available on the U.S. Department of State website. The fillable version of the form is available here at PDFLiner. Simply click the Fill this form button.

  • What is the difference between DS-11 and DS-5504?

    The difference between DS-11 and DS-5504 is that the DS-11 is a passport application that can be completed and submitted online, while the DS-5504 is a passport renewal form that must be completed and submitted in person.

Fillable online Form DS-5504
(5 / 5) 92 votes
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