30 Living Will Forms Templates

  • Florida Living Will Form Florida Living Will Form What is a Florida Living Will Form? The Florida Living Will Form is an official, two-page document used for expressing wishes about medical care if your health condition becomes irreparable. Each state sets its own form and procedure for filling out. In Florida, you should draw up a paper in writing, print it, and notarize it. What do I need the Florida Living Will Form for? This blank is optional. However, if you are in bad health, and you understand that at some point, the artificial maintenance of your life will become inappropriate, you can use free living will. If you do not complete such a document, the decision to provide life-prolonging care becomes the business of your spouse or relatives. This PDF document cannot be completed by persons under 18 or those who have been declared incapacitated. How to fill out Florida Living Will Form? This order should be in writing. You can fill out the paper document or use the fillable Florida Living Will Form on our website. In the first paragraph, you should name yourself, indicate the date of completion, and specify in which case of your condition (edge ​​stage, terminal, etc.) this paper should come into force. Below, you indicate who exactly will do your will when your condition becomes critical. Here you need to enter the name, address, and contact phone number of your surrogate. If you have other wishes regarding your medical care, you can describe them in detail. However, this point is optional. The document can be completed and signed online in the presence of two adult witnesses, one of whom should not have any family ties with you. When finished, you can download the Florida Living Will Form to your device. Organizations that work with Florida Living Will Form Any medical facilities
  • Living Will Arizona Living Will Arizona How to Find a Fillable Living Will Arizona? Get your blank document online at PDFLiner. The fastest way to get the form is by clicking "Fill this form" button on this page, but in case you'll need the form letter, follow these steps: Open PDFliner main page. Find the search bar and enter the “Living Will Arizona”. Obtain form by clicking the "Fill Online" button next to the name. That's how you get a printable PDF. How to Fill Out a Printable Living Will Arizona? Filling out the form is rather easy with PDFLiner, so no worries. To fill out the form complete the steps below: Enter the Living Will Arizona in the editor. Choose a first fillable field and type your information. Switch between fields using your Alt or Left Click. Fill out all the fields and add your signature if needed. To save, share or print your document click the "Done" button. To sum up, the filling out a form task is a piece of cake. In case there are no ready-to-fill fields in your document, use the toolbar tools to add text, date, checkmark or signature. You are also able to modify the fields using the “Add Fields” editor. By implementing PDFLiner online document management solution, you have the ability to add all the edits that Living Will Arizona instructs, create new text fields, send it to your co-worker or friend, e-sign with several clicks, and hold all your files in our cloud, so you can access them at any moment.
  • Louisiana Living Will Form Louisiana Living Will Form What is the Louisiana Living Will Form? You need to know what is a Louisiana Living Will Form is if you are a Louisiana resident. This blank must be filled out and given to the health care authority to register a will or make a guardian of health care services if you are incapacitated. Each state has its own form. You can download the Louisiana Living Will Form or fill it out online to submit it electronically. How to fill out the Louisiana Living Will Form? You need to know how to fill out the Louisiana Living Will Form without errors or inaccuracies, otherwise, you will have to redo the document. The declaration includes more than 10 pages where you need to fill out the following information: Contact information; The person who is designated as the medical guardian in the case of incapacity; The wishes and requirements for the health care provider who will treat the applicant in the event of incapacity. Note that the fillable Louisiana Living Will Form is very simple. Each item is described in detail. If you want to consult with your lawyer, you can download a free PDF template and share it. What do I need from the Louisiana Living Will Form? You will need to complete this document and have it notarized before a notary public in the presence of two witnesses. This is required by law in the State of Louisiana. You can then use this document to make a will. The form is also used by medical organizations to certify a guardian for treatment in case the will cannot make decisions for itself. Organizations that work with Louisiana Living Will Form Health Organizations
  • Ohio Living Will Form Ohio Living Will Form 1. What is an Ohio Living Will Form? The fillable Ohio Living Will Form is used for documenting your will regarding life-sustaining treatment in case you become physically unable to make health care decisions. The medical organization will strictly follow your will and withhold or withdraw artificial methods of life prolongation. You can also state your medical preferences in a written form if you don’t want to limit these methods. 2. What I need the Ohio Living Will Form for? You need to fill out and sign this blank if you want to limit the methods that will be applied by your medical organization in case you reach the terminal condition or a state that can be identified as permanently unconscious; Fill it to take off responsibility from the medical personnel; Don’t fill this form if you don’t want to limit life-sustaining treatment methods. PDFLiner lets you download Ohio Living Will Form PDF for free or use the online editor in order to fill out and print your form when it’s done. 3. How to fill out Ohio Living Will Form? The form includes 6 pages and requires: Your full name and birth date; Initials of consent; Contacts of 2 persons for emergency; Agreement or disagreement to become a donor or a make an anatomical gift to your health care organization; Signatures of the declarant (you), and two witnesses; The notary acknowledgment with the proper date and signatures of the Notary Public of Ohio. 4. Organizations that work with Ohio Living Will Form: Ohio Hospice & Palliative Care Organization; Ohio State Medical Association; Ohio Hospital Association; Ohio Osteopathic Association; Ohio State Bar Association.
  • Indiana Living Will Form Indiana Living Will Form What Is Form 55316? Form 55316 (also referred to as the Indiana Living Will Declaration) is an important document used for granting an individual the possibility to declare their treatment-related decisions and legally ensure that these decisions are fulfilled in case they have an incurable injury or illness and i.e. unable to decide on their own. What I Need the Indiana Living Will Declaration for to inform the doctors about one’s choice of options for life-sustaining treatment; to make sure that a patient’s healthcare providers strictly follow their decisions related to the potential life-prolonging procedures; this free online blank is for individuals residing and working in the state of Indiana. How to Fill out Form 55316 This one-page PDF is relatively easy to complete. Here on PDFLiner, you get to download Form 55316 to print it or fill it out online. Below, you’ll find a quick step-by-step guide on completing the document: start by entering the date; mark the statement that resonates with your decision; sign the fillable Form 55315; indicate your city, county, and state of residence. Don’t forget that with PDFLiner, you get to find, fill out, and submit a wide variety of tax-, business-, finance-, and healthcare-related documents. Our library is extensive, while our platform is feature-packed enough to provide you with that go-to hub for all things file-management. Organizations That Work With Form 55316 Indiana State Department of Health.
  • Massachusetts Living Will Form Massachusetts Living Will Form Massachusetts Living Will Form
  • Living Will Form Tennessee Living Will Form Tennessee Living Will Form Tennessee ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Missouri Living Will Form Missouri Living Will Form 1. What is a Missouri Living Will? The fillable Missouri Living Will Form (also called DURABLE POWER OF ATTORNEY FOR HEALTH CARE AND/OR HEALTH CARE DIRECTIVE) is an official medical document that is used for giving instructions to the health care provider. This directive lets medical personnel act according to your will if you lose the ability to make informed decisions. 2. What I need the Living Will Missouri for? You should fill this form to declare your will regarding the medical treatment methods that must be used if you enter a terminal condition or permanent unconsciousness; Use the blank to appoint agents who will be responsible for decisions; Fill it to donate your organs to one or another medical sphere after death. Using PDFLiner, you can download Missouri Living Will Form latest version for free. In addition, we provide a simple online service for filling out your forms. You can print them after completion. 3. How to fill out Printable Living Will Missouri? The PDF form includes 4 pages. Enter the following information: Your name and address; Select the main and 2 alternate agents and choose what powers can they use; Allow one or more organ donations or prohibit them all; Fill out the health care directive to give instructions, or don’t fill to let your agents make all the health care decisions. You can select the offered medication or/and add something else; Sign and date the form in front of 2 witnesses; Let both witnesses sign the form too and pass it to the Notary Public for notarization. 4. Organizations that work with Missouri Living Will Form: Health care provides of the state.
  • California Living Will Form California Living Will Form What is the California Living Will Form? The fillable California Living Will Form is a document that allows choosing the representatives to make important medical decisions on this person's behalf. It is not a business agreement, and it can be agreed upon among relatives. However, when the terms are agreed upon, you have to download California Living Will Form and sign it in the presence of witnesses. What I need the California Living Will Form for? The blank provides the right to decide the health care issues on your behalf to the person you trust; This form is used for some kind of insurance in unpredictable cases when you are not able to make a decision on your own; It can be completed by the elderly who want to give permission to their children to decide their medical treatment or in case of medical procedures with high risk; This form is required in the hospital or any other medical establishment. How to fill out California Living Will? The pdf version of this document is simple and can be easily completed by anyone. It is free of charge, however, you may have to pay the notary to make the document legal. You can print it from this page. You may also get familiar with it online. To fill it, follow the next steps: Choose the agent on page 2, part 1 of the document, state the name, address, phone number. You can choose several agents in case the first will be unavailable; Part 2 is about the health care instructions you want to provide; Part 3 is about organ and tissue donation. This block is optional; Part 4 is about the primary physician you want to choose; Sign the document, ask the witnesses to sign it, and write down the date. Organizations that work with California Living Will California State officials; Medical establishments.
  • Living Will Iowa Living Will Iowa What is Iowa Living Will Form? The fillable Iowa Living Will Form is a document where the declarant describes his wishes for future medical care. This is not a business agreement. Download state of Lowa Living Will form to state your decision about further medical care in case you will not be able to say it yourself. The declarant must sign this document only in the sound mind. What I need the Iowa Living Will Form for? The blank filled by a person provides it with the basic right to decide whether he/she wants to receive the medical care; This form is used for the end of life situation when declarant no longer to decide anything or is unconscious; The declarant may ask to prolong the life in a coma or not to make any further moves; The document must be given immediately to the hospital that will follow the declarant’s instructions. How to fill out Iowa Living Will Form? The pdf of the Iowa Living Will Form can be downloaded from this page. It is totally free of charge, and you can save it on your device in one click. You may print it or get familiar with the form online. It is recommended to make several copies and keep them close. The form is not long and is simple to complete. Follow the next recommendations: Put your signature and date at first; It must be signed by a notary public Too; State your name and address, date of birth; The form has to be witnessed by two people, so you need to include their signatures as well. Organizations that work with Iowa Living Will Form The medical establishment in Iowa State.
  • Pennsylvania Living Will Form Pennsylvania Living Will Form 1. What is Pennsylvania Living Will Form? Pennsylvania Living Will Form (also Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney) is a legal state form that lets you appoint a health care agent who will make important health care decisions on your behalf or to provide the health care provider with official instructions on your health care in case you lose the ability to decide yourself. 2. What I need the Pennsylvania Living Will Form for? The living will form is used for appointing legal agents who will make health care decisions on your behalf if you lose the ability to do it yourself; Fill it to give detailed instructions to your health care provider and to ensure they will be respected no matter what; Fill to allow or prohibit the use of your organs for medical/scientific research purposes. On PDFLiner, you can download Pennsylvania Living Will Form for free. Besides, we provide a 10-day trial for our online PDF editor in which you can fill out the form and print it directly. 3. How to fill out Pennsylvania Living Will Form? The fillable Pennsylvania Living Will Form includes 3 parts: Part I – read the introductory remarks; Part II – provide information about your health care agents (main and 2 alternate), including names, addresses, phone numbers. Provide instruction for them.  Part III – provide details instructions on your health care if you don’t want to entrust everything to your agents; Sign the blank to make it legal;  Notarization of the form is optional but recommended. 4. Organizations that work with Pennsylvania Living Will Form: Pennsylvania Health Care Providers.
  • Alaska Living Will Form Alaska Living Will Form What is the Alaska Living Will Form? The Alaska Living Will Form is a voluntary medical will document that applies within the state. Many residents and foreign nationals are wondering what is an Alaska Living Will Form. This blank is voluntary. It is used to appoint a medical guardian to make decisions about a person's future medical treatment when they are unable to do so themselves. How to fill out the Alaska Living Will Form? Many Alaska residents and non-residents do not know how to fill out the Alaska Living Will Form? This document is not in table format. It is an entire directive of more than 13 pages. The first pages describe the conditions for completing the requirements. Next, the user must provide detailed information about themselves, including region of residence, name, age, contact information, health conditions, and contact persons who will make medical decisions if the applicant is incapacitated. What do I need from the Alaska Living Will Form? You can download the Alaska Living Will Form as a free PDF and use it for the following purposes: To designate the person who will make decisions about treatment methods in the event of incidents or incapacitation; Determine the preferred methods of treatment in the case of incapacity; To approve prohibitions or wishes for treatment. You do not have to print this form. You can fillable the Alaska Living Will Form online. Organizations that work with Alaska Living Will Form Medical facilities

What Is a Living Will?

A living will is a legal document that is sometimes called an advance directive. Its compiler can make a list of life-sustaining procedures and medical care they want (or do not want) to receive in case their life is in danger, and they can’t make decisions by themselves. Before performing complex surgeries and introducing life support methods (such as mechanical ventilation), physicians refer to the instructions in the patient’s advance directive. If a person did not fill out living will forms during their lifetime, the responsibility for making decisions lies on their next of kin.

Living Will vs. Health Care Directive: Is There a Difference?

Despite the different names, these two documents are essentially the same; just different terms are used in different states. They are a set of instructions for medical personnel on how to deal with patients when they are unable to take care of themselves and give orders. Both are compiled in advance and serve as a kind of guide in critical health situations. Legal living will forms are also often confused with testaments (or last wills). These documents are fundamentally different; in particular, the latter are orders about the assets owned by patients and not about medical procedures.

Where to Get Living Will Forms

You can find a huge selection of free printable living will forms in this PDFLiner catalog. Depending on your state, the details of this type of document may vary. Therefore, carefully study the template library and choose the most suitable one or just click on the state you need on the list at the bottom of the page.

Read our instructions for working with a particular form, hit “Fill this form,” and start filling it out. You can do it on the spot or download the form to your device and fill it out later at your convenience. If you also want to dispose of property at the same time, use living trust will forms.

How to Make a Living Will

The easiest and most convenient way is to use ready-made blank living will forms for compiling such documents. If necessary, you can modify them to include all the instructions that are required in your particular case. Before drafting, we recommend that you consult your doctor and a lawyer specializing in resolving such issues to consider all the nuances.

You should divide the entire living will text into several thematic parts. You can request extended medical care for certain conditions or entirely refuse any resuscitation measures. Be sure to leave instructions about how you should be treated when you are in an unconscious, so-called “vegetative state.

Since advanced health care directives are a set of guidelines for specific medical procedures, the following aspects should be considered:

  • the circumstances under which you believe that your life should continue to be supported;
  • states when you think that the treatment and procedures have no effect, which means that it is pointless to continue to support your life;
  • details of cardiopulmonary resuscitation;
  • the need and duration of artificial lung ventilation;
  • duration of tube feeding;
  • situations in which dialysis is required and its duration;
  • the use of antiviral drugs and antibiotics;
  • features of palliative care;
  • instructions regarding the donation of your organs in the event of death;
  • refusal of resuscitation and intubation.

After you consult with a doctor and/or a lawyer and are ready to draw up a living will, here's what you need to do:

1. Explore all the templates available in this category and choose the one that suits you best. You can modify any of them as you need.

2. In addition to the medical instructions listed above, the document must contain the following information:

  • date of drawing up the order;
  • your full name and date of birth;
  • a statement that you were of sound mind when compiling this document;
  • an indication of a direct healthcare proxy and an alternative trustee;
  • a list and signatures of witnesses that confirm your voluntary participation.

3. Indicate the date of filling out the document and put your signature. The file must also be signed by witnesses and notarized.

Be sure to read the standard living will forms online and make adjustments depending on your state of health and doctors’ recommendations. Although a living will is a guideline for physicians, you should appoint a responsible person who may make decisions in situations where physicians are unable to do so. You can use one of our living will power of attorney forms to do it.

How to Write a Legally Binding Living Will

You can write the text of a living will yourself by consulting with your doctor, or you can seek legal advice. In any case, the document must be signed in the presence of witnesses and a notary, who will use their seal to confirm the legality of your order and that you were of sound mind when signing it. Only under these conditions, your paper will be considered legally valid.

You can always make changes to the text, but in this case, a notary will also need to certify the latest version. You, your doctor (or hospital), and a lawyer or other trusted person should have copies of your living will.

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