85 DVLA Forms Templates

  • DVLA D796 Form DVLA D796 Form What is the DVLA D796 Form? The DVLA D796 form is known as the "Driving Entitlement Consent Form". It is used to give permission to a third party, such as an employer or driving school, to view your driving record and entitlements. This can be useful if you need to prove your driving history for employment or insurance purposes, or if you are taking driving lessons and need your instructor to check your entitlements. How to Fill Out DVLA D796 Form? To fill out the form, you will need to provide your personal details, such as your name, address, and driving licence number. You will also need to specify which third party you are giving consent to and for what purposes. Once the form is completed, you will need to sign and date it before sending it to the DVLA.
  • Application to change a vehicle s tax class (V70) Application to change a vehicle s tax class (V70) What Is a DVLA V70 form? The V70 form is the document that vehicle owners use to change the tax class of a vehicle. The amount of tax you have to pay for your vehicle depends on the tax class. What is the DVLA V70 form used for? Changing vehicle tax classes online helps drivers change vehicle tax classes in order to reduce taxes. This form must be accompanied by the appropriate fee and any supporting documentation required by the DMV. The most common reason for using the v70 form DVLA is that the vehicle is being used for business purposes. Or the vehicle has been sold and is no longer in use. How to Fill Out a DVLA V70 Form? The DVLA v70 form is available on the Department of Motor Vehicles website. In the v70 form dvla enter your personal information and some information about your vehicle, such as the make, model, year, and VIN. How to submit DVLA V70 Form? You need sent form v70 to the DMV. The Department of Transportation will then review the application and make a decision on whether to approve the tax class. If the application is approved, the new tax class will be applied to the vehicle. Who must sign the DVLA V70? The registered owner of the vehicle must be signed the v70 form DVLA.
  • Report your medical condition (form VOCH1) Report your medical condition (form VOCH1) Report your medical condition (form VOCH1)✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Application to register a non-GB driving licence (form D9) Application to register a non-GB driving licence (form D9) Application to register a non-GB driving licence (form D9)✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Apply for a vehicle registration certificate (form V62) Apply for a vehicle registration certificate (form V62) What is DVLA V62 Form? The DVLA V62 form is also known as the Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate. It is a standard form you can receive from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The document allows you to receive the certificate you need to drive the vehicle. Usually, this certificate is provided by the UK government automatically, however, there can be certain exceptions. For example, you’ve lost the original V5C certificate or somebody stole it from you and you need to receive a copy. You can simply find the document destroyed by some accident or damaged after some time. However, it can also be a mistake of the Agency. In this case, you need to wait up to 5-6 days for the document to arrive after you bought the vehicle and if you did not receive V5C, apply for a vehicle registration certificate (form V62). The form is free of charge and simple to fill in, however, you need to be specific about your vehicle and license. Make sure that all the data is correct before you send anything. Yet, if your form was lost or somehow damaged because of your own actions, you may need to pay a 25 pounds fee. What I need the DVLA V62 Form for? You need to use the V62 application form in case your original registration certificate for the vehicle you own was stolen from you, somehow damaged, totally destroyed, or lost by accident. In all these cases prepare to pay a 25 pounds fee. You can use your credit or debit card to do it; If you have never received the V5C form from the Agency automatically, but you’ve bought the vehicle and filled out all the papers, you need to complete the V62 form online and ask officials to send you the V62. It does not take much time, but you need the certificate to prove that your car is registered on you. How to Fill Out DVLA V62 Form? You can easily download V62 form from the official website of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the UK. However, you will not be able to fill the form online without any editing service, which allows you access to the PDF format. If you don’t want to search for another editor just to fill the document, you can use PDFLiner. It already has the form, detailed description, instructions, and even a simple way to reach it online. There are lots of tools you will find useful and able to send the document online. The fillable V62 form can be saved on your device after you complete it, print it, or even email it to the Agency right away. It is still better to save the copy on your computer or at the PDFLiner personal library. This way you will always be able to find the details you’ve sent to the Agency. Here is what you need to include there: Provide information about the vehicle you’ve bought. Include the number of registration, model, maker, tax class, color, and VIN; Provide information about you, including your title, name, surname, business name if the vehicle is registered on the company, DVLA number, address where you can be found, contact phone number, email, and the driving license number; Describe the reason why you don’t have a V5C form; Provide information on whether you want to pay a fee or not; Put your signature and the date. Organizations that work with DVLA V62 Form Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the UK. Where to send V62 form? You have to send the form to the DVLA directly. You will need to add the 25 pounds fee check there. The agency does not accept cash, so don’t try to put it there. You will have to make sure that all the sections are filled with the information that is required. If you don’t need to pay the fee, just send the form to the DVLA. You will find the address of the local department on the official website of the agency. If you have problems with the template you can contact them directly, online, or by phone.
  • Form D2 Form D2 What Is DVLA Form D2? It’s a document used for applying for a license to drive lorries, buses, and minibuses in the UK. If you’re currently looking to download D2 form or fill it out online, today’s your lucky day. In our lengthy catalog of fillable and 100% free of charge form samples, you’ll find almost any niche-specific form that will be fast and easy to complete.  What I need the DVLA D2 form for? You need the D2 application form for applying for lorry, minibus, or bus driving license. Does that sound like something you’re currently on the prowl for? Fantastic. No need to even browse through our catalog. Feel free to launch the DVLA D2 form printable right from this page and get down to filling it in online using our platform tools. Where can I get the D2 driving licence form? To get your hands on the D2 licence renewal form, head to the government website and ask them to send the form to you. As a speedier alternative, lay your fingertips on the sample form right here on PDFLiner. Complete the form digitally without even leaving our website and enjoy heaps of your treasured time saved. Whether you’ll decide to print D2 form or submit the document online via our platform, it’s solely up to you. How to Fill In D2 Form Online? If you want your form to be successfully accepted and processed, keep laser-like focus on maximum accuracy and errorlessness. When filling in the doc, include the following information: What exactly you’re applying for. ID information about you. Your eyesight and hearing details. Your conduct background. If you haven’t yet tried online file processing, it’s time to give PDFLiner a go. With our service, you are sure to fill in forms like the DVLA D2 form PDF and other samples fast and effortlessly. Your administrative affairs in order, your files within a moment’s reach, and heaps of your precious time saved. The perks of digitizing your document workflow are totally worth giving a try.  Organizations that work with the D2 application form PDF Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
  • DVLA D1 Form - Application for a Driving Licence DVLA D1 Form - Application for a Driving Licence What Is the UK DVLA D1 form? DVLA D1 form must be applied by every citizen of the UK or resident of this country who spends 185+ days there in case they want to obtain a driver’s license after passing the test. This form grants the right to pass the driver’s test. It also provides applicants with the right to learn how to drive various vehicles: cars, tractors, mopeds, motorcycles, etc. What I need the DVLA D1 for? You need the driving D1 form to be able to: Receive driving license of categories A, B, F, K, P; To pass the test on driving a car; To learn how to drive various vehicles up to your choice; To obtain the license after you meet the age limit, that starts from 16 for F, K, P categories of driving license, and 17 for A and B categories. There is no due date for this form. Check the official website to see the schedule of the DVLA D1 application and test for the driver’s license. To fill out DVLA D1 form, you have to be a UK citizen or permanent resident. It is better to fill the form online.  Make sure you fill out all the lines before you send this form. Where Can I Get a DVLA D1 Form? The form D1 DVLA is available to download from the DVLA website or by ordering it from the DVLA contact center. Another way to get the form is by clicking "Fill this form" button on this page. Obtaining the current version of the form is important as the DVLA regularly updates the form and the guidance notes. So make sure you have the most up to date version before you start to complete it. Where to Send the D1 Form DVLA? The driving licence forms online can be printed and sent by mail to: Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency PO Box 379 Swansea SA99 1ZZ Organizations that work with DVLA driving licence D1 form Department of Work and Pensions; UK officials.
  • Apply for a digital tachograph driver card (D777B(DL)) Apply for a digital tachograph driver card (D777B(DL)) Apply for a digital tachograph driver card (D777B(DL)) ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Apply For Vehicle Tax (Form V10) Apply For Vehicle Tax (Form V10) What is a V10 Form DVLA? Not every taxpayer knows what is a V10 form until they need to pay their taxes and fill out the documents. Using this form, you can tax not only a car but motorcycle and other vehicles except for heavy-goods vehicles. Form V10 was created by the UK government to ease tax procedures for those who have to tax vehicles or SORN. If the details about the vehicle have changed over the years, and you are still using it or are registered as its owner, you have to complete the document. No matter whether the change was small: If it is relevant, you need to inform the officials. You need this application in case you took a pause in paying the taxes for your vehicle. You can still renew it and improve the situation. The document can help you to ensure that all the changes that happened with the vehicle were legal. What Do I Need the Application for Vehicle Tax For? You need the DVLA V10 form if you did not receive the reminder to get vehicle tax; You can use V10 Form DVLA to provide details on the new vehicle. The best example here is the change of tax class; The V10 Tax Form is used when a taxpayer takes a break in vehicle taxing. In this case, you need to fill out the document; Fill out the V10 Car Tax Form if you need or want to tax your vehicle for SORN; You may apply for the tax on vehicles via Personal Independence Payment. In this case, you also need Vehicle Tax Form V10. How to Fill Out an Application for Vehicle Tax? You can proceed to DVLA Car Tax Form V10 download on PDFLiner. All you need to do is enter the page with the form and start editing it. Use the tools from PDFLiner. The V10 Form download version is also available there, as well as the possibility to fill it out online. You need to be specific about the vehicle in your form. Once you complete the blank, you can either download V10 Form on your device, print it out, or send it online. Here is what you need to include in it: Write down details about yourself in the first section, including your name and surname, current address, title, and the name of the organization. Include details about the vehicle, mentioning its registration number, model, and tax class. Put the vehicle tax details in section 3, including the tax duration, and the period when the tax starts. Organizations That Work With the V10 Form Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in the UK.
  • Apply for a first trade licence (form VTL301) Apply for a first trade licence (form VTL301) Apply for a first trade licence (form VTL301) ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Built up vehicle inspection report (V627 1) Built up vehicle inspection report (V627 1) What Is the V627/1 Form Also known as Built up vehicle report, it’s a DVLA form utilized if you’ve rebuilt your vehicle in a major way, or if you’ve built a new vehicle from square one. The form requires you to spell out all the major components you’ve changed and provide receipts for new parts incorporated, along with their serial numbers. Whether you’re looking for this particular form or are actively on the prowl for top-notch pre-made templates of vehicle inspection reports online, PDFLiner has got you covered. What is the built up vehicle report form used for? Form V627/1 is utilized to record the details about the changes you’ve made when rebuilding your vehicle. If you want to retain the original registration, ensure the form contains the evidence that you’ve used: the original chassis; or a new chassis of the same type as the original. How to Fill Out the V627/1 Form  The form is a two-pager that shouldn’t evoke any major difficulties in terms of completion. Follow this quick step-by-step guide to fill it out: Enter your name and address. Type your phone number. Specify your vehicle’s current registration number.  Provide such details about your vehicle as: make; model; color; mileage; tax class; year of manufacture. Depending on the type of your vehicle (car, van, or motorcycle), provide the details about the changes that have been made to it. Indicate how you’ll dispose of the original vehicle parts, in case you haven’t used them when rebuilding your vehicle. Specify the year in which you rebuilt your vehicle. Specify if the rebuild was made by you or not. If not, indicate who performed the task. Provide all possible background information about the rebuild of your vehicle. Add your signature and current date. Bear in mind that if the form is challenging to fill out, you can always ask an expert for assistance. How to submit the built up vehicle report form Upon filling out the form, submit it to the DVLA. Feel free to do it offline or online. In the latter case, you save heaps of your time and speed up your document workflow. All in all, when it comes to learning how to fill up motor vehicle inspection report or completing any other document, you can always rely on PDFLiner. With our service, you are guaranteed to succeed in digitally customizing any niche-specific document to your most intricate needs. Before submitting the form, don’t forget to add the receipts for replaced parts of your vehicle.  Who Should Sign the V627/1 Form As an applicant, you should sign the form. That way, you legally confirm that the information you’ve provided about your vehicle is true and correct. Need to sign a blank vehicle inspection form as soon as possible? Give the PDFLiner e-signature tool a try. Our platform grants you the possibility to instantly add legally binding signatures to your files, as well as send files for e-signatures to your contacts. It’s fast and incredibly easy. Organizations That Work With V627/1 Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).
  • DLM1 Form, Medical report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) licence DLM1 Form, Medical report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) licence What Is DLM1 Form? The DLM1 form is an assessment of your health and fitness to drive. The form asks about things like your eyesight, hearing, epilepsy, diabetes, and sleep apnea. You’ll also need to declare any physical or mental health conditions that could affect your driving. Also known as Medical examination report for a Group 2 (lorry or bus) license, it’s a health condition evaluation document you need to apply for or renew your lorry or bus entitlement. The pre-made and 100% editable HGV medical form template is available in our extensive file template library. You’re welcome to find it, launch it, and fill it out digitally (read as fast and easy). What is DLM1 form used for? A Group 2 medical report, also called a DLM1 form, is a document that a doctor or other medical professional fills out to give the Department of Licensing and Regulations (DLR) information about a person's medical condition. The form is used to determine if a person is medically qualified to drive a commercial vehicle. The file is used for: evaluating a driver’s medical condition when they are over 45; determining if the driver is healthy enough to operate a commercial vehicle. The form is filled out by a healthcare professional in order to evaluate the driver’s overall health condition based on such specific criteria as eyesight, hearing, diabetes, sleep apnea, and the like. Where to get DLM1 form You can find the form on the Driver & Vehicle Agency (DVA) website. As an alternative, now that you are here, you’re welcome to find the template of this file via PDFLiner. Along with the HGV medical renewal form, in our extensive library of templates, you’ll find a breadth of other pre-designed files and complete them online without even leaving our platform. How to Fill Out the DLM1 Form The form consists of 4 pages and starts with important information for doctors that’s a must-assess prior to filling out the form. When you’re through exploring it, get the completion started. Here are the steps to take to complete the form online via our service: Sign in to PDFLiner. Find the form in our template library. Load the document. Begin completing it. Indicate your full name and contact information. Specify your driver number, date of birth, phone number, date when you were licensed to drive a lorry and/or a bus. Spell out vision assessment results.  Outline nervous system analysis results. Indicate analysis results based on the diabetes mellitus criterion. Provide the post-examination details based on such parameters as: psychiatric illnesses; cardiac arrhythmia; other heart diseases; blood pressure. When working on the form, make precision and clarity your priority. Double-check everything prior to forwarding the form to the DVLA and correct any errors if there are any. Of course, the best way to work with the document is online. Make the most of the editing features PDFLiner has to offer and fill out any pre-designed document from our lengthy library in a matter of minutes. How to submit the DLM1 form  When the form is ready, the applicants should forward it to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), together with their license application. Upon review, they will decide whether the applicant is healthy enough to drive a heavy goods vehicle or not. Submitting any document online comes with multiple perks. The major one is saving heaps of your treasured time and allowing you to focus specifically on what you do best. Who should sign the file The form must be signed by the applicant and the doctor responsible for the medical assessment. If you give our e-signature tool a try, you’ll save heaps of your time signing your docs. Secure and legally valid, the signatures our service allows you to add to your files can be incorporated on the go. Organizations that work with the document DVLA.

What Is the Purpose of DVLA Forms?

DVLA forms are the most widely used documents by drivers in the UK. They were created and distributed by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. New drivers need them to apply for a driver's license. Meanwhile, experienced drivers also use numerous DVLA templates, including the transfer of the registration number or the notice that a car is currently scrapped. Basically, you will not be able to drive a car without filling out at least one DVLA document and sending it to the officials. The forms are legal and recorded by the Agency.

Some of these documents require a fee from the drivers, and others are free of charge. You might need DVLA forms to record the changes in personal details, vehicle, or specific circumstances. To do it, fill out the form online or go directly to the agency’s department.

Most Popular DVLA Forms

If you are lost among numerous DVLA online forms, you have to contact the Agency and follow their recommendations. Each form serves a specific case. The most popular and widely used templates are:

  • DVLA D1 Form. This one is mainly known as the Application for a Driving License. You may not drive your car without previously filling out the template and providing it to the Agency. Every citizen or resident of the UK who wants to receive a license has to fill out such a form. While you can download forms from DVLA, you can’t receive the approval till you pass the driving test. The template allows you to pass the test and learn how to drive any type of vehicle, including a moped, a car, and a tractor;
  • DVLA V62 Form. It is called the Application for a Vehicle Registration Certificate. The form allows you to ask the Agency for the Certificate. Usually, UK officials send you such a certificate automatically after you successfully pass all tests. However, if you have not received your V5C certificate, it was stolen, or you’ve lost it, you can contact the agency using the form and receive a copy. If you don’t have the form because of your actions, not the mistake from DVLA, you have to pay a 25-pounds fee;
  • D2 Form. Among DVLA download forms, this one may not be required by the car driver. This template helps drivers of minibusses, buses, or lorries to get a license. It is widely used by professional drivers who use these types of vehicles in their work. You need to fill out the document before you will be able to drive it. DVLA has to grant you permission and record your data;
  • V10 Form or Application for Vehicle Tax. This document requires DVLA from any type of driver who needs to pay taxes for their vehicle. You can use it for a car or a motorcycle. Heavy-goods vehicles are taxed by another document, but other types must be mentioned in the form. You need to fill out the document even if you did it before once the information on the vehicle is changed. If you made a pause in paying taxes for the car, you have to fill out this document as well;
  • DVLA Form V317. Its long name is an Application to Keep a Vehicle Registration Number and Put It on Another Vehicle. It is used by car owners who need to keep the same number of registration but change the vehicle itself. DVLA has to receive the form in advance before you begin to use the same number on the new vehicle.

How to Get DVLA Forms

If you need one of the DVLA forms online templates, you can start from the DVLA official website. The Agency offers free access to all these forms. You may read them and even download them on your device. 

To simplify your life, you can stay on PDFLiner and pick the DVLA forms there. They have a specific section, and you can enter the file you need in two clicks. Open the form’s description and press on the icon. Now you can start filling out empty lines online without any other extra steps. Once you are done, save it, print it out, or send it online to the DVLA. Make sure that you do not make mistakes. If you notice an error, just edit the document right away.

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