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  • DBE Personal Net Worth Statement DBE Personal Net Worth Statement Understanding the Personal Net Worth Statement The personal net worth statement is typically used by lending institutions in assessing creditworthiness. It is a breakdown of your assets (what you own) and your liabilities (what you owe) to determine your net worth (assets minus liabilities). It reflects your fiscal conditions and can be a practical tool for tracking your financial progress or discussing it with a potential lender. Purpose of the DBE personal net worth statement As part of the DBE program, the net worth of all persons looking to qualify as disadvantaged individuals need to be evaluated before certification. This is where DBE's personal net worth statement plays an integral role. This form helps in determining whether an individual falls within the regulatory limit for economic disadvantage. In simpler terms, an individual's net worth, excluding their primary residence and the interest in the applicant firm, must not exceed $1.32 million. How to Fill Out DBE Personal Net Worth Statement Here, let's go through how to fill out this DBE form properly. It involves a few simple steps: Enter your personal details, which contain your name, business phone number, residence address, city, state, zip code, residence phone, and business name of your applicant firm.  Input your spouse’s full name (if applicable) and make a selection regarding your marital status. For the section titled 'Assets (Omit Cents)', input the current value of your assets. Similarly, under 'Liabilities (Omit Cents)', input the current value of your liabilities. Compute and input your total assets and total liabilities. Provide the details of 'Notes Payable to Banks and Others'. This includes the name of noteholder(s), original balance, current balance, payment amount, frequency, how the loan is secured or endorsed, and the type of collateral used. In the section regarding brokerage accounts, stocks, bonds, and retirement accounts, provide the name of the security/account, cost, market value quotation/exchange, date of quotation/exchange, and total value. In the 'Real Estate Owned' section, provide the type of property owned, address, date acquired and method of acquisition, names on the deed, purchase price, present market value, source of market valuation, name of all mortgage holders, mortgage account number and balance, equity line of credit balance, amount of payment per month/year. Fill out the 'Life Insurance Held' section, including insurance company, face value, cash surrender amount, beneficiaries, loan on policy information. In "Other Personal Property and Assets", list details of your automobiles, vehicles, household goods, jewelry and any other assets. Include type of property or asset, total present value, amount of liabilities (balance), insurance information, lien or note amount, and payment terms. Enter the value of your other business investments and list any other businesses you own (excluding the applicant firm). In 'Other Liabilities and Unpaid Taxes', describe any other liabilities or unpaid taxes you may have. Answer whether, within the last two years, you have transferred assets to a spouse, domestic partner, relative, or entity in which you have an ownership or beneficial interest, including a trust. If you have, provide details of the transfers.  Finally, sign and date the statement form to confirm that all information provided is true and correct. Power of the statement of personal net worth Why does a personal net worth statement matter so greatly? Having an accurate measure of your financial position not only reveals your creditworthiness and economic status to creditors but also presents an opportunity for introspection. Specifically, understanding your net worth can be pivotal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises. Your net worth is crucial in determining your eligibility for the DBE status. Thus, filling out this form accurately can help you qualify for these special programs designed to support disadvantaged businesses.
  • Official Transcript Request Official Transcript Request What Is an Official Transcript Request? The University of Alaska official transcript request is a one-page application. Students at this university can use it to request the official transcript (other names are academic records or statements of learning). You should provide payment with your application. It can be a payable check or your bank card. If you prefer the second option, a university representative will call you at the number provided (no need to write card details on the form). What do I need the University of Alaska transcript request for? You might need to request official transcript if you transfer from one institution to another, apply for an internship, or go to study abroad. This transcript contains information about the courses, modules, and topics you have completed. Such documents are used to assess students' knowledge and make decisions about their enrollment. How to Fill Out the University of Anchorage Alaska transcript request? Enter your full name. If you changed it during the learning period, list any previous versions as well. Enter your SSN or Student ID, DOB, and dates of your attendance. Provide your contact details: phone number, postal address, and email. Indicate the date of filling out the Alaska University request transcript and put your signature. Specify the number of transcripts you would like to receive and enter the address where the completed documents should be sent. If it is convenient for you to have the university send them to several addresses, list them all on a separate sheet. Organizations that work with the official transcript request form University of Alaska Anchorage
  • COVID Notice of Release From Isolation Letter COVID Notice of Release From Isolation Letter COVID Notice of Release From Isolation Letter
  • CR-765 Release (Jail Form) - Alaska Court System CR-765 Release (Jail Form) - Alaska Court System CR-765 Release (Jail Form) - Alaska Court System✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • State of Alaska Memorandum State of Alaska Memorandum State of Alaska Memorandum
  • DR-305 Child Support Guidelines Affidavit DR-305 Child Support Guidelines Affidavit What Is DR-305 Child Support Guidelines Affidavit? DR-305 Child Support Guidelines Affidavit is used to report the deductions a parent sends to their child every month or year. It contains three pages with all the required information about the income and deductions. This form is one of the Alaska child support forms. What Do I Need DR-305 Child Support Guidelines Affidavit For? If you provide child custody because of the divorce, you should file this form;  To report about your monthly or annual income and the number of deductions; To define which deductions are allowed in case of your income amount; If a couple isn’t married and has a child, this fillable form is required.  How to Fill Out DR-305 Child Support Guidelines Affidavit? DR-305 Alaska Child Support Guidelines Affidavit must contain information about both parents and their income. Follow these steps to file this blank online. Fill out the petitioner and defendant names. You also have to indicate the court and case number.  Choose whether you want to report monthly or yearly deductions. This section should include gross income and total deductions that are allowed under Civil Rule 90.3. You can write the information of the second parent if you know it. On the second page, you have to calculate annual child support based on sections A and B, which you have filled out on the first page of the PDF. Write the total sum separately for each parent.  Section F requires additional forms that include information about shared, divided, or hybrid custody. You should indicate the health care coverage amount in Section G and fill out section H (monthly child support payment) according to the previous one. Organizations That Work with DR-305 Child Support Guidelines Affidavit Court System (Alaska)
  • Monthly Training Report Monthly Training Report Monthly Training Report
  • Learning Agreement Practicum Learning Agreement Practicum Learning Agreement Practicum
  • Alaska Travel Declaration Form Alaska Travel Declaration Form Alaska Travel Declaration Form
  • University of Alaska Anchorage Application for Replacement Diploma University of Alaska Anchorage Application for Replacement Diploma University of Alaska Anchorage Application for Replacement Diploma
  • Telework Request and Agreement Form Telework Request and Agreement Form Telework Request and Agreement Form
  • Driveway Approach Road Application Driveway Approach Road Application Driveway & Approach Road Application


If you are looking for the state Alaska templates, you may be a resident of Alaska or have business there. These forms differ by type, purpose, and even by the department that created them. The only thing that unites them is the location. Like all the states in the country, Alaska offers its own differences in local laws, which make the forms created in the state recognized only by the local court. Some documents are similar to the standard forms used around the states, others are unique.

If you are an Alaska resident, it is better to search for the local templates in the first place.
Residents of the state use Alaska templates for tax reports, real estate business, and even job propositions. You will find most of these forms on PDFLiner, gathered in one place based on the location. Think about the template you need and choose it in the catalog.

Common Alaska Forms

All Alaska state forms are different. They have different types and serve their own unique purpose. You will not find them on one local department’s website since they were released by different officials. Unless you open PDFLiner’s catalog of Alaska’s forms, you have to search for the template you need for some time. It is important to learn which document you need in the first place. However, in rare cases, you may be unaware of the department that released the document or the name of the form. In this case, it is better to provide your own short investigation and reveal which type of form you need. Here is the list of the most commonly used forms in Alaska:

  • Alaska Legal Forms. You can find forms here from different areas and of different types. They are connected by the urge to be signed by a notary public. These forms are widely used for legal cases and can be served in court. You may need your attorney to sign the document to make it legal. It can be the last testament, health care will, or real estate documents. You can’t make mistakes in such documents since they will not be recognized by the legal system.
  • Tax Forms. Alaska state tax forms were made for taxpayers who need to inform the local authorities of the income they receive during the tax year. The numbers asked in the local tax forms can differ from the standard tax report 1040 form from the IRS. The income, loss of money, and local taxes are reported to the Alaska government, and you will find these forms on their website. To ease the search, use their number.
  • Real Estate Forms. These forms are made by the local residents or anyone who wants to find the property in Alaska. They were created by the Association of real estate agents in Alaska in accordance with local laws. Many of these forms require a real estate agent’s services fee. You cannot rent or buy the house without a broker or agent acting on your behalf. This person usually sends you the documents you have to sign. Read them carefully before you fill anything.
  • Alaska Employment Forms. You will find employment PDF forms Alaska companies release on their official websites. Each company may offer you different templates. While there are templates made by the government for unemployed citizens, usually, such templates are unique for every business you are involved in. You can use Alaska employer registration form or application for the job, filling it out with your personal information via PDFLiner.

How to Get Alaska Forms

If you are tired of searching for Alaska forms on different websites, go to the PDFLiner. It contains a separate library for the local templates gathered on 3 pages, signed, and described. However, you may start your search with the government website of Alaska. If you know what you are looking for, which type you need, and who created the form, it may ease your life. On the official website, you will be able to read and download the form. Still, you will need to use a third party to fill the PDF. PDFLiner solves the problem by offering online editing tools and the ability to complete any PDF on your device.

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