48 Department of Veterans Affairs Forms Templates

  • Form VA Form 10-10d Form VA Form 10-10d What is a 10-10D VA Form? The application for CHAMPVA benefits VA Form 10-10D is a one-page blank that certain categories of veteran relatives can use to obtain health insurance. Depending on whether you have any other insurance coverage, you might also need to provide VA Form 10-7959C. What do I need the printable VA Form 10-10D for? Spouses or kids of disabled veterans use this form to obtain CHAMPVA health insurance benefits. It can also be used by children or spouses of veterans who have already died for the same purposes. If you ended your marriage to a disabled veteran, you cannot claim CHAMPVA benefits. Also, you cannot claim these benefits if you already use DoD's TRICARE. How to Fill Out VA Form 10-10D? Fill in sponsor (veteran) information: full name, SSN, VA file number, address, contact details, date of marriage, and date of death (if applicable). Now fill in your information: full name, SSN, address, date of birth, contact details, MEDICARE or other health insurance, and relationship to the veteran. There is room for three people on the form, but you can fill in more eligible relatives by attaching a sheet of paper to the main document. The filler or their official representative must put their signature. In the second case, you should also enter this person's personal data. Who signs VA Form 10-10D? In most cases, this document requires the signature of an applicant themselves, which can be spouses, kids, and stepchildren. However, if the applicant is unable to sign for any reason, an authorized representative can do it instead. This person must also indicate their name, contact details, exact address, and relationship to the applicant. Notarization or witness signatures are not required to submit the form to SSA. Organizations that work with VA Form 10-10D fillable Department of Veteran Affairs
  • VA Form 10-10EZR VA Form 10-10EZR What is VA Form 10-10EZR (2023)? The VA form 10-10EZR is the name for the Health Benefits Update document. This template was created by the Department of Veterans Affairs to ease the life of veterans. The document can be used by those veterans who have received help and health care benefits before from the government and now have to make updates to their personal information, financial information, or insurance. If your information was changed and you need to make updates to the health care benefits provided to you by the government, you need to fill out this document as soon as possible. Normally, the Department of Veterans Affairs is open to help anyone who has questions about VA form 10-10EZR 2022 and how to use it. There are lots of explanations on the first pages of the first. It is better to read them before you begin to fill anything. The form was made as simple as possible, but you still can have questions about it. What I need the VA Form 10-10EZR for? The VA form 10-10EZR online must be filled out by the veteran who uses health care benefits from the government and has recently changed their financial situation, insurance provider, or personal data, like marital status, for example; The form must be filled by the veteran if the gross income has been changed during the year. It must be connected to employment only. A veteran who has a farm does not have to report the annual gross income if it was changed. Yet, you need to report the net income from there; The Department of Veterans Affairs needs VA form 10 10EZR fillable by veterans to make sure that they own the updated data on the current situation for every veteran who uses health care benefits. How to Fill Out VA Form 10-10EZR (2023)? You will see VA form 10 10EZR online on the official website of the Department of Veterans Affairs. You can even read a short description of the form and when to use it. The form is not available to edit on the website. If you want to fill it on your device, you can use PDFLiner, which is a PDF editor with an impressive set of tools available for anyone. You will be able to complete the template, download it, save on your device, print it, and send it either online or via regular post. The VA form 10 10EZR download process does not take much time as well. Here is what you need to include in the form: Provide information about the veteran, including name, gender, date of birth, social security number, phone, email, address, and marital status; Provide information on the insurance you have, including the company’s name, policy holder’s name, number, group code, and Medicare or Medicaid eligibility; Provide information on the dependent you have, including the spouse's name, social security number, date of birth, marriage date, phone and address if the dependent is your spouse; Provide information on the dependent child, if you have one, including the name, social security number, date of birth, and relations to you; Provide information on annual gross income and deductible expenses; Sign the document and put the current date. Organizations that work with VA Form 10-10EZR Department of Veterans Affairs in the USA.
  • VA 21-0781 (2021) VA 21-0781 (2021) What Is Form VA 21-0781? The VA form 21 0781 is also called the statement in support of a claim for service connection for post-traumatic stress disorder. This template was created and released by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you want to receive help, and you are a veteran who suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD, it is better to fill out the document and send it to the Department of Veterans Affairs in advance. Veterans Crisis Line specialists will help you. There is a hotline that allows you to call any time of the day and night and consult professionals once you feel that you are in crisis. You may call for help on behalf of another veteran who suffers from PTSD.  The department offers help to the deaf or people with hearing problems too. To fill out the VA form 21 0781 PDF you have to make sure that your case matches the description. If you are not sure, you can contact the hotline in advance. You have to remember stressful incidents that happened to you and describe them in the fillable VA form 21 0781 to receive help. What I need the form VA 21-0781 for? Those veterans who suffer from PTSD can try the VA form 21 0781 PDF download option offered by VA Department in order to receive professional help with their problems. The template is a request to provide help to the veteran. Once the form is filled, the official representative of the VA Department contacts the veteran; Veterans can fill out printable VA form 21 0781 on behalf of the other person that suffers from PTSD. Moreover, relatives of veterans can complete the document on behalf of veterans to receive help. The form must contain details of traumatic experience; VA department needs VA form 21 0781 fillable version from the veteran to record the PTSD case and provide help. How to Fill Out Form VA 21-0781? You have to learn how to fill out VA form 21 0781 before you begin to complete it. Make sure you feel comfortable sharing details of the incident that triggers your PTSD. If you can’t handle it by yourself, ask your relatives or friends to help you. You may simply contact the hotline for veterans and ask for help if you feel that your PTSD progresses. The VA 21 0781 fillable form is available on the official website of the VA Department, as well as on PDFLiner. Enter the form on PDFLiner to fill it out online without any extra moves. Once you are done, use the VA website to send the form or use regular mail to do it. You can also hand the paper version you print to their office. Here is what you need to include there: Provide information on the veteran, including the name, Social Security Number, file number, date of birth, service number, phone, and email; Provide information on the incidents that call for PTSD. Name the dates of incidents, share the description, unit’s assignment, injuries, and medals; Share remarks if you want; Put your signature and the current date. Organizations that work with form VA 21-0781 Department of Veterans Affairs in the United States.
  • VA Form 21-526EZ VA Form 21-526EZ VA Form 21-526EZ, which is less formally known as Application for Disability Compensation and Related Compensation Benefits, is an official document used by the U.S. veterans to apply for service-connected compensation for disabilities.  To support a claim for military service connection, a veteran must attach evidence of their serious injuries and/or mental disabilities connected to their service. Filing your VA Form 21-526EZ online is really convenient. What You Need VA 21-526EZ Form For VA Form 21-526EZ is an important document that (despite being uncomfortably invasive at times) helps veterans with the following: Collection of extensive personal, medical, and military service details for compensation; Proper procession of their claims by the Department of Veterans Affairs; Obtaining pension benefits/disability compensation. How to Fill out VA 21-526EZ Form The following major data must be specified in the VA 21-526EZ form: ID and claim details: your (veteran’s) name, SSN, date of birth, mailing address, and telephone number; Claim details: current disabilities, along with the list of healthcare facilities where you’ve been treated; Service information: branch of service, the names you served under, dates of confinement, and the like; Service Pay; Claim certification and signature; POA signature. Bear in mind that you must file the VA 21-526EZ form within one year after the VA 21-0966 was filed. In addition to this, the form is accompanied by all the necessary records in order to support evidence proving the veteran’s disabilities.   Organizations that Work with VA 21-526EZ The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • VA Form 10-7959A - CHAMPVA Claim Form VA Form 10-7959A - CHAMPVA Claim Form What is VA Form 10-7959A? CHAMPVA is a government-sponsored health insurance program that provides coverage to the spouses and dependents of veterans who have been rated by the Veterans Administration (VA) as having a service-connected disability. What is VA Form 10-7959A used for? The CHAMPVA program is operated by the Department of Veterans Affairs and is available to eligible beneficiaries. To apply for CHAMPVA benefits, the veteran or their spouse must complete and mail VA Form 10-7959A, the CHAMPVA Application Form, to VA. How to fill out VA Form 10-7959A? CHAMPVA is a health insurance program for certain veterans and their dependents. Eligibility for CHAMPVA benefits is determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). You must complete and submit a CHAMPVA claim form. You will need to provide the following information on the application: name, address, and phone number name, address, and phone number of your next of kin or emergency contact social security number date of birth gender marital status name, address, and phone number of your spouse or former spouse (if applicable) name, address, and phone number of your children (if applicable) veteran's information, including their name, social security number, and date of birth veteran's service information, including their branch of service, dates of service, and discharge status veteran's disability information, including their disability rating and date of award veteran's health insurance information, including any other health insurance coverage they may have How to submit VA Form 10-7959A? Once you have completed your application, you will need to submit it to the VA for review. Champva forms 10 7959a must be accompanied by a copy of the veteran's DD-214, Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Military Service, or other proof of military service. The veteran or their spouse must also provide a copy of the divorce or divorce decree if the marriage has been dissolved. Once the VA receives the completed champva claim form 10 7959a, it will review the information and determine if the veteran and his or her spouse are eligible for benefits. Who should sign the VA Form 10-7959A? The VA form 10-7959a champva claim form is used by the VBA to process claims for reimbursement of medical expenses incurred by Veterans and their dependents. The form must be signed by the Veteran or the Veteran's representative in order to be processed.
  • VA Form 21-4138 (Statement in Support of Claim) VA Form 21-4138 (Statement in Support of Claim) What is a VA form 21 4138? VA Form 21-4138 (also known as Statement in Support of Claim) is a document needed to prove a veteran’s claim for disability benefits/compensation from the Department of VA. The form features the veteran’s personal data, along with a statement supporting their claim. Upon receiving and evaluating the VA Form 21-4138, the Department decides on the claim. What You Need VA Form 21-4138 For A veteran needs the VA Form 21-4138 to inform the Department of VA of the crucial facts upon filing a claim for disability benefits or compensation.  In a nutshell, the form helps you with the following: Providing necessary personal claim to the Department of VA so that they evaluate your claim; Supporting your story with all the important data; Assisting the Department in quickly noticing the special case situations. How to Fill out Va Form 21-4138 Online VA Form 21-4138 is exceptionally straightforward and easy to fill out. Just make sure you complete it indicating the following data: Your (veteran’s) name and SSN; Your VA file number; A statement to support your claim; Date and signature; Your full address and phone number. Bear in mind that the statement part of your VA Form 21-4138 is what’s fundamentally important. It must feature a detailed, well-structured and well-written statement to support all your claims. We recommend that you write a draft of your statement first. And once you make sure you’ve taken all the details into account, get back to completing your VA Form 21-4138. Organizations that Work with Va Form 21-4138 The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • VA Form 21-10210 VA Form 21-10210 What Is a VA Form 21-10210? VA Form 21-10210, also known as the Educational Assistance Test Program (Section 901), is a document used by veterans or eligible dependents to apply for reimbursement of testing fees related to their educational goals. The VA Form 21-10210 form provides financial assistance to veterans who wish to pursue educational programs or courses by covering the expenses associated with taking licensing and certification exams, national admission tests, and other tests required for admission to educational programs. The Educational Assistance Test Program is designed to help veterans receive educational or vocational training that can lead to a career in a high-demand occupation. This program is part of the Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits that veterans can receive, and it can be used in conjunction with other education benefit programs. How To Fill Out the Lay/Witness Statement? The VA lay statement template can be filled out online by following these simple steps: Go to the PDFliner website and get a copy of the VA witness statement form. Fill out the form completely and accurately, ensuring all the required fields are filled in. Double check that the VA 21-10210 form is completed correctly and correct any errors. Attach a copy of your test results, payment receipt, and proof of payment to the form. Submit the completed form and required documents to the VA regional office where you live. If you need assistance completing the VA Form 21-10210, you can contact the VA directly for help. They can assist you in filling out the form correctly and provide any additional information you may need. What Should the VA Lay/Witness Statement Include You ought to should include the following information in the VA Form 21-10210 form: Applicant Information: includes your full name, social security number, address, and contact information. Test Information: includes the name of the test taken, the date of the test, and the cost of the test. Payment Information: includes the amount paid for the test, the payment method, and the payment date. Education Information: includes the educational or vocational program you are pursuing and the name of the school or training program. Certification: includes your signature, the date signed, and certification that the information provided is true and accurate to the best of your knowledge. The VA Form 21-10210 should also include any supporting documents, such as proof of payment, test results, and proof of enrollment in an educational or vocational program. When to Request the VA Form 21-10210 Veterans or eligible dependents should request the VA lay statement form when they plan to take a test that is required for admission to an educational or vocational program. The form must be submitted to the VA regional office where the applicant lives within one year of the date of the test. The VA Form 21-10210 is used to request reimbursement for testing fees associated with the following tests: College entrance exams, such as the SAT and ACT. Graduate school exams, such as the GRE and GMAT. Licensing and certification exams are required for employment in high-demand occupations. National admission tests, such as LSAT, MCAT, and DAT.
  • VA Form 10-2850A VA Form 10-2850A What is the VA form 10 2850a? VA 10-2850A (also referred to as Application for Nurses and Nurse Anesthetics) is used by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to evaluate the qualifications of nurses or nurse anesthetists who are looking for a job with the agency. By filling out this application, nurses and nurse anesthetists can be officially recognized by the Department of VA. That way, they get to provide healthcare services to veterans within their VA insurance. What You Need VA Form 10-2850A For The main purpose of completing VA Form 10-2850A is to obtain a federal job as a nurse/nurse anesthetist with the Department of VA. In addition to this, here’s why joining VA nursing personnel (and i.e., filling out the VA Form 10-2850A) is important: Serving our nation’s heroes gives you a great feeling or professional satisfaction;  Exceptional opportunities for career development; Becoming part of the largest healthcare system in the U.S.; Being a respected member of the team; The possibility to use the latest technologies; Regular support for training, and more. How to Fill out VA Form 10-2850A Make sure you provide accurate information about yourself when completing the VA Form 10-2850A if you want to start working with the Department of VA. Here’s what you’re going to need to specify when filling out the document: Your name, SSS, and contact information; Your date and place of birth; Qualifications; Professional background; References; Date and signature. Usually, no other forms are added to the Application for Nurses and Nurse Anesthetics. However, you will need to attach copies of your diplomas, education certificates, and personal documents. Organizations that Work with VA Form 10-2850A The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Form VA 10-10CG Form VA 10-10CG What is VA Form 10-10CG? The VA Form 10-10CG fillable is an application required for the special assistance program. Certain categories of veterans who need extra help with day-to-day activities may designate a primary caregiver and two additional ones. These people might receive certain benefits from the VA. What do I need the VA Caregiver Form 10-10CG for? If you are a former military (veteran) who, as a result of military service, has received illnesses or injuries that seriously complicate your peaceful life, you can appoint assistants. To participate in the PCAFC, your overall impairment rate should be 70% or more, which makes you unable to perform daily activities, need regular assistance, and your life will be incomplete without outside supervision. By filling in the VA Form 10-10CG printable, you consent to the program eligibility screening. How to Fill out VA Form 10 10CG fillable? First, you need to fill in the details of the veteran: name, birth date, SSN, gender, address, contact details, the health center where they receive care, and the name of the medical institution they last visited. The veteran or their official representative must sign the paper. Now, fill in the primary caregiver information: full name, SSN, address, date of birth, contact details, relationship to the applicant, and health coverage. The appointed person must put their signature. You can also designate two additional caregivers by providing the same information about them as the primary one. If you don't need more help, skip these blocks. You can apply online or bring the file in person to the nearest VA facility. Organizations that work with VA Form 10-10CG PDF Department of Veteran Affairs
  • U.S. Dod Form Dod Va 10 2850c U.S. Dod Form Dod Va 10 2850c What is VA Form 10-2850C? It is a five-page application that healthcare professionals use if they apply for a job with the Department of Veteran Affairs. It is a detailed description of your education and employment history. Completing this document is not a guarantee that you will be hired. What do I need the VA Form 10-2850C application for? This form is for employment in the Department of Veteran Affairs only. It can only be used by medical professionals with various specializations if they apply for the so-called “associated health occupations.” If you want to apply for other positions, use other forms issued by VA. You can’t use this blank if you already filed VA Form 10-2850. How to Fill Out VA Form 10-2850C? Select the position you would like to apply for from the list or enter your option. Type your name, date and place of birth, current address, citizenship, and contact details. If you have previously tried to get a job at VA, indicate in which office. Fill in your military service details and list the professional certificates you hold, including their expiration dates. Skip the third section and go to the block about your education and professional experience. Enter the details of four people who can act as your references. Answer questions about convictions, detentions, layoffs, and so on. Agree to your data processing by ticking the means acceptable to you and putting your signature. How to electronically sign VA Form 10-2850C? Open VA Form 10-2850C Application for Associated Health Occupations in PDFLiner, complete it, and go to page five. In the top search bar, find the “Add Sign” tool and select one of the three ways to insert your signature. You can: type it; draw it; upload it. Follow the individual instructions for each method. Once a signature is created, it is saved in your account. Insert a signature in the “Signature” field in the document. You can adjust its size and position. Check the file for typos and send it to the recipient. Organizations that work with VA Form 10 2850C fillable Department of Veteran Affairs
  • VA Form 21-686c, Veterans Affairs VA Form 21-686c, Veterans Affairs What is VA Form 21-686C? The VA form 21-686c is also known as a Notice to the beneficiary regarding the information and evidence needed to support the claim for additional benefits for a dependent or to remove the dependent from an award. If you want to make a claim to add more benefits for the dependent of the veteran or to remove this dependent from the award, you have to fill the form. This form is not spread to any retired soldier or veteran. Before you apply the 21-686c VA form, make sure that your case is suitable for the document. This template is widely used among veterans who are disabled and need to support children younger than 18, children who are students, and parents depending on the veteran or spouse. The family of the veteran can receive the benefits only after the VA form 21 686c declaration of status of dependents is approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs. The disability rating of veterans must be from 30 percent and higher. Veterans who recently had changes in social status and receive more dependents or want to cut the number of dependents can file the form. What I need the VA Form 21-686C for? Veterans with 30 percent disability or more can complete VA form 21-686c fillable using online editors or printed versions. You may enroll in the program with your spouse and children; If you are a veteran and have the Veterans Pensions from the government you can add the spouse, young children, students, or children with disabilities to your list of dependents; Spouses that survived can receive the benefits of a deceased veteran. The VA form 21-686c online can be used only if the spouse is not entitled to Dependency and Indemnity Compensation already. In this case, the government will not provide any additional benefits to dependents. How to Fill Out VA Form 21-686C? The VA form 21-686c PDF can be found on the official website of the Department of Veterans Affairs. You will be able to check the document and download it to your device. However, there is no online editor to fill the template right away. If you want to receive access to the document once you enter it, do it via a third-party PDF editor like PDFLiner. You can download VA form 21-686c, print it, or fill it online. There are plenty of useful tools in front of you that you can apply to complete the template. Don’t forget to save the document once you fill it. Here is what you have to indicate in the form: Read all the instructions from the Department of Veterans Affairs and make sure that your case matches basic demands or you will receive a denial of your claim; Provide the documents that confirm your status as a veteran; Provide the evidence that you have dependents; Write down information about the veteran, including name, SS number, VA file number, date of birth, name of the claimant, SS number, phone, address, and email; Provide information on the spouse; Share the information on the previous marriage if there is any; Provide information on children and stepchildren; Share the data on the death of the dependent if there was any; Add remarks if you need, sign the document, and put the current date. Organizations that work with VA Form 21-686C Department of Veterans Affairs in the USA.
  • VA Form 10 7959C VA Form 10 7959C What Is VA Form 10-7959C PDF Also known as CHAMPVA Other Health Insurance (OHI) Certification, VA Form 10-7959C is a document used to certify and report health insurance coverage for beneficiaries of the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA). Its purpose is to collect information about other insurance plans that may provide healthcare coverage to CHAMPVA beneficiaries, allowing the VA to coordinate benefits effectively and provide comprehensive healthcare support. Who Should Use 10-7959C VA Form The document should be utilized by: beneficiaries of the CHAMPVA; individuals with other health insurance coverage; those seeking to report and certify their existing health insurance plans to the VA for coordination of benefits; people looking to ensure comprehensive healthcare coverage while being eligible for CHAMPVA benefits. How to Fill Out 10-7959C VA Form The VA Form 10-7959C CHAMPVA features two pages. The first page is fillable, while the second one contains notes, definition, and instructions. Gentle reminder: Don’t forget to study these instructions prior to filling out the file. It’s very important.  These 6 crucial steps will help you throughout the completion process: Find and open the VA Form 10-7959C fillable template via PDFLiner. Start filling it out section by section. In Section I (Beneficiary Information), type your personal details, including your full name, date of birth, and Social Security Number. In Section II (Medicare Beneficiaries) and Section III, provide comprehensive information about the other health insurance coverage you have, including the insurance company's name, policy number, group number, and effective dates. Sign and date the document, certifying the accuracy of the info you’ve entered. Submit the completed file, along with any required documents, to the appropriate VA office.  For some extra convenience, consider using online platforms like PDFLiner to easily find, complete, electronically sign, and share documents. It's a time-saving and efficient way to ensure your files are handled promptly and accurately, allowing you to access the benefits you need without unnecessary delays. Where to Submit VA Form 10-7959C Now that you’ve completed the form via PDFLiner, it’s time to switch to its submission. To do it, reach out to the US Department of Veterans Affairs office or contact the CHAMPVA program coordinator. They will provide specific instructions on where to send the finished document, ensuring that it is directed to the appropriate department for processing. This step guarantees that your other health insurance coverage is coordinated effectively with CHAMPVA benefits.

How to Get Department of Veterans Affairs Forms?

The Department of Veterans Affairs issues VA-marked forms that veterans and their families can use to request government assistance through approved veteran support programs. You can find the required template in the PDFLiner library and fill it out and send it to the right address right on the spot. You may download any file to your device for free and fill it in later. This category contains all the issued VA forms needed to resolve a variety of issues. We also provide simple step-by-step guides that make completing applications easier and faster.

Most Popular Department of Veterans Affairs Forms

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs has endeavored to produce forms that highlight and cover all issues that may be related to veterans' assistance. There are more than 30 applications in our collection, but the most commonly used are the following:

  • Financial Status Report. The formal name is VA Form 5655. It is used when you want to request certain financial assistance, debt repayment, or relief from the Department. There are some situations where this document is not required. Still, in most cases, it is the basis for deciding on your request, as it contains information about whether you are eligible to claim certain benefits.
  • Statement in Support of Claim. The formal name is VA Form 21-4138. It is a mandatory document if you claim disability benefits. It collects details that confirm your right to such a request. It can be completed by veterans themselves, as well as their families and other service members who can prove that the veteran has restrictions related to military service and tell in detail how it happened.
  • Application for Nurses and Nurse Anesthetists. The formal name is VA Form 10-2850A. This document is not used by veterans but by medical professionals who would like to work in the Department and provide medical care to veterans and help them adapt to a new environment. It is a fairly detailed form in which applicants should describe their experience and qualifications. Based on this data, a decision is made on whether they can cope with complex responsibilities.
  • CHAMPVA Claim Form. The formal name is VA Form 10-7959A. Completion of this form is required for all people who wish to participate in CHAMPVA. It is a governmental program that deals with the life and health insurance of relatives (spouses and children) of veterans who died in the line of duty or received full and permanent disability as a result of service. Participation in this program can partially cover certain medical expenses and the purchase of supplies. Depending on the age of an applicant, CHAMPVA offers various support plans.
  • FSC Vendor File Request. The formal name is VA Form 10091. This form is used to obtain detailed information about vendors/small businesses/payees that want to work with the Department. Both American and foreign businesses can fill it out. The data from the form is used both to create new profiles and update old information about vendors, as well as to process electronic payments.

What Does the Department of Veterans Affairs Do?

The Department of Veterans Affairs is a government agency that offers a variety of support programs for veterans and their families. It provides rehabilitation and adaptation of veterans in a peaceful environment. It includes retirement benefits, home loans, education, health and life insurance, medical care, etc. The Department also arranges the burials of both veterans and some of their (eligible) relatives. To receive all these benefits, you need to provide various supporting documents and fill out certain Department of Veterans Affairs forms, which you can find in our collection.

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