1 Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles Forms Templates

  • Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report What is DMV Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report? Form 735-32 is a label of the Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report, the obligatory form for drivers who got involved in a traffic accident. This document is called to provide a detailed description of an accident’s circumstances, weather conditions, the technical state of a vehicle, driver’s status, and other detail. If an accident involves 2 drivers, any extra documents are not needed. If there are 3 or more drivers, it’s obligatory to provide Form 735-32B (Supplemental Report). In case one of the vehicles belongs to a commercial vehicle holder or one of the vehicles is towed from the place of an accident, Form 735-9229 (Motor Carrier Crash Report) must be attached too. What I need Form 735-32 for? Form 735-32: Must be submitted by all drivers who are involved in an accident on highways and other open public areas of Oregon. Is needed if damage to the submitter’s property is over $1500 or any involved vehicle need repairment for over $1500, and there was no way to remove it without a towtruck. Is necessary if an accident results with any type of injury or death. The submission deadline is 72 hours after the registered time of an accident. All parties of an accident must file the report independently from their state within the period. Third-party and relatives’ assistance is allowed. Filling out Oregon Traffic Accident and Insurance Report Online The filled-out form must include information about the precise date and time, location (city, street, zip), applicant’s driver’s license number, personal ID information, vehicle type definition, information about pedestrians and cyclists if any, other details (driver and road conditions, applicant’s intentions, etc.), and the detailed description of an accident. Organizations that work with Form 735-32 Local DMV Accident Report Units.
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