11 Office of Personnel Management Forms Templates

  • Standard Form 15 Standard Form 15 SF-15 Form: What Is It? The SF-15 form is required by OPM and Federal agencies for determining if an individual complies with the requirements to qualify for a 10-point veterans’ preference. In a nutshell, the SF-15 form is an application document for a 10-point veterans’ preference. What you need standard form 15 for The SF-15 document is usually used by: A person who is chosen as a 10-point veteran and considers applying for a federal position; A person’s widowed spouse;  Or their other family member (in the last two instances compensation is the main focus). In other words, the SF-15 form mainly functions as a confirmation of preference to quality for the veteran job/compensation. How to Fill out SF-15 Form Tick the boxes associated with your veterans’ preference and answer the questions related to each box. Do not forget to submit photocopies of the required additional documents (page 2 of the application) and keep in mind that they won’t be returned. To complete the SF-15 form in the correct way, please indicate the following data: Applicant’s full name and home address; Veteran info: their full name and time of duty; Type of 10-point Veterans’ preference applied for; Veteran’s field of service. You’re free to provide the SF-15 form whenever you need, there are virtually no limitations in this respect. Organizations that work with standard form 15 Federal agencies; United States Office of Personnel Management.
  • Form SF 180 Form SF 180 What is SF 180 Form? The SF 180 Fillable Form is a one-page request form for military personnel information. You do not need any additional documents to submit it. This form can be filled out by both veterans themselves and their relatives to get detailed military data. What do I need the Form SF-180 for? If you need official information related to your military service for any personal matter, such as medical or discharge records, you must complete the SF 180 Form for Military Records. This form is typically used to obtain DD Form 214, which is required for veteran evaluation and getting government benefits. If a veteran has died, Standard Form 180 (SF-180) can be completed by their parents, spouses, siblings, or children. How to Fill Out SF 180 Military Form? Enter the veteran's name during service, their SSN, location, and date of birth. List all the services in which they were involved, the dates of enrollment and dismissal, and the service number. Check the appropriate box if the person has already retired from active service or has died. Select one of the proposed types of documents that you would like to access. Check the reason why you need these records. You can choose not to do it, but this might complicate the process of issuing the papers you need. Indicate who completed the VA Form SF 180 printable and the return address where the documents will be sent. Put the date of filling out the form and your signature. Organizations that work with SF Form 180 PDF NPRC
  • Standard Form 50 (SF-50) Standard Form 50 (SF-50) What Is Fillable SF-50? SF-50 form fillable PDF or Standard Form 50 is also officially called Notification of Personnel Action. It contains certain employment information useful to the applicant or for other federal workers. The form can be used by current and former federal employees. What I need the SF-50 for? The SF-50 form helps to track employee trends and successes, as well as make further decisions. Actions that must also be recorded on the form include the following: joining, transforming, splitting, rewarding, and also correction and canceling these actions. The personnel notification form does not have to be accompanied by any other forms when contacting the hired employee. Filling Out the SF-50 Form The form requires the following information: Employee’s personal information; First Action; Other employee data; Position data; Agency data; Human Resources officer in charge. Organizations that work with SF-50 fillable Federal employment HM department
  • OF 306 Form OF 306 Form What is Form OF 306? OF 306 Form PDF is a two-page document you should complete if you apply for any federal job. You might be required to complete this document both during the initial stages of selection and just prior to formal employment to provide up-to-date information. What do I need the Form 306 Declaration of Federal Employment for? When applying for a job in government institutions and agencies, you will be required to fill out the Declaration of Federal Employment OF 306 Form. The information in this document is used to understand if you are a good fit for a position and which government health insurance program you are enrolled in. Complete and file Federal Form OF 306 Declaration for Federal Employment only if asked to do so. How to fill out Form OF 306 Declaration for Federal Employment? Enter your full name, place and date of birth, and SSN. Include your citizenship, other names (if you have changed the name), and contact phone numbers. Answer questions about Selective Service registration and fill in information about military service by entering branches, dates, and types of discharge. If your service is still active, skip this step. Describe your background by answering some questions. If you need more space for detailed answers, use item 16 or attach a piece of paper to your Declaration of Federal Employment Optional Form 306. Date and sign Form OF 306 download it and submit it to the appointing officer for data verification. Organizations that work with OF Form 306 Fillable Various government agencies
  • SF 50 Army SF 50 Army SF 50 Army✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • SF 50 Form SF 50 Form What is Notification of Personnel Action SF 50? The SF 50 Form Fillable is a simple application that is filled out for every federal worker. Its second name is Notification of Personnel Action. As a rule, it is completed in response to a corresponding request (Form SF 52). Various codes and asterixis are used to represent workers’ appointment types and occupations. What do I need the SF-50 notification of personnel action for? Even though the SF-50 Form Fillable PDF indicates the employee’s data, it is filled by responsible persons in the state structures who process personnel actions (for example, department supervisors), not employees. The SF 50 Form PDF information is critical to determining the government benefits a worker might be eligible for. For example, it determines the age at which you can retire. This form is also used when moving to another position, changing departments, promotion, etc. How to Fill Out Notification of Personnel Action online? Enter the worker’s name, SSN, birth date, and effective date. The next two blocks describe a specific action. For example, the transfer of the worker from one position to another. You need to fill in Form SF 50 Fillable with the details of both positions, organization names, salaries, pay plans, bonuses, and more. Next, specify how long the employee was in the last position, their retirement plan, preferences, work schedule, computation date, etc. The “Position data” block includes information about the employee’s workplace at the time of filling out the SF-50 Form Online. The placeholder must enter their details and leave comments about the employee; for example, they can write that this person is highly productive. Organizations that work with SF 50 Fillable Form Various government agencies
  • SF 15 Form SF 15 Form What is SF 15 Form? The SF 15 fillable form is also known as the Application for 10-point Veteran Preference. It was created by the US Office of Personnel Management. The document must be used only by veterans themselves or by their relatives. The template was created for the person that received the approval as the 10-point veteran. Close family or the widow of the veteran can apply for compensation or to receive a federal job using the template as well. SF-15 form fillable by 10 point veterans or relatives gives the confirmation that there will be preferences in the job demanded by the veteran who is qualified for it. It also needs to verify the data that is mentioned in the form. Normally this form comes alone, but you may need to send supporting data to the job position you want to obtain. Once you send the document to the agency where you seek federal employment, they require additional documents from you. You have to provide the data that certifies your position and your ability to perform the work. It is better to read all the demands gathered within SF 15 form PDF in advance. What I need the SF 15 Form for? The veteran needs to learn how to fill out sf-15 form in case he is a registered 10-point veteran and it is officially confirmed by the VA Department. The form allows veterans to receive preference providing the job application to the federal agency; Relatives of veterans or widows can also provide the template to the officials. The SF 15 form fill out process does not take much time, but when the person proves the relations to the veteran there is a chance to receive preference for the desired job position; The SF 15 form fillable online or offline is used by Federal Agencies as well to hire veterans or their relatives following the government program. There are working spaces created specifically for such cases. How to fill out SF 15 Form? The form SF 15 fillable by veterans or their relatives can be found on the official website of the US Office of Personnel Management. You will be able to download the form and read basic information about it. To fill the document online you have to search for the PDF editor that offers such services. One of the most popular options is PDFLiner which contains a wide range of tools to fill and even to sign the document while you are working from your device. Once you fill SF-15 online form you can easily download the copy on your computer, send one via email to the officials, or print it and send it via regular mail. You may also hand the paper version to the authorities if it is nearby. Here is what you need to include there: Provide information on the person who is applying for the program, including name and address; Provide information on the veteran, if the information is different; Prove that the veteran has the 10-point position; Provide information on the current veteran’s position. Organizations that work with SF 15 Form United States Office of Personnel Management.
  • Form SF-86 Form SF-86 What is the SF Form 86?  The form sf-86, also known as the Questionnaire for National Security Positions, is a critical document required for individuals seeking security clearance in the United States. Various federal agencies use the form to gather information about an applicant's background, including personal, employment, education, and financial details. Completing the fillable sf 86 form accurately and thoroughly is crucial for a successful security clearance application process. Why use PDFliner for blank sf 86 form completion? PDFliner is a versatile online platform that offers a range of tools for filling out PDF forms electronically. When it comes to completing the sf 86 form fillable, PDFliner is an excellent resource that provides several advantages: User-Friendly Interface: PDFliner's intuitive interface makes it easy for applicants to navigate through the SF-86 Form. The platform's user-friendly features enable users to effortlessly input, edit, and format text within the PDF document, ensuring a smooth and efficient form completion process. Advanced Form-Filling Capabilities: PDFliner's advanced form-filling capabilities streamline the completion process. Users can directly type their information into the form fields, saving time and eliminating the need for printing and manual data entry. The platform also allows users to insert electronic signatures, ensuring a legally valid and secure application submission. Error-Free Editing: PDFliner's editing tools enable users to review and revise their forms before final submission. The platform provides a range of text formatting options, including font size, color, and style, enabling applicants to present their information in a clear and professional manner. Additionally, PDFliner allows for easy correction of any mistakes or omissions, reducing the risk of errors on the final application. How To Fill Out the SF 86 Form Online Completing the SF-86 Form accurately and thoroughly ensures a successful application and increases your chances of obtaining the desired security clearance. Here is the process of completing this form template step by step, ensuring a smooth and efficient completion. Open the SF 86 form pdf on the PDFliner website. Fill out the Personal Information section, including your full name, address, phone number, email address, and social security number. Complete the Education section by providing information about your academic background, including schools attended and degrees earned. Fill out the Employment History section by listing all of your previous employers and job titles and the dates you worked for each company. Complete the References section by providing the names and contact information of people who can vouch for your professional and personal character. Fill out the Military Service section if applicable, providing information about your branch of service, rank, dates of service, and any awards or commendations received. Complete the Foreign Activities section by disclosing any foreign travel, residence, or employment over the past 7 years. Fill out the Foreign Contacts section by providing information about any foreign nationals with whom you've had contact or relationships within the past 7 years. Complete the Drug Use section by answering questions about past drug use, including the types of drugs used, frequency of use, and treatment received (if applicable). Fill out the Criminal History section by disclosing any criminal convictions or charges and any arrests or detentions. Complete the Financial History section by providing information about your income, debts, and financial obligations. Sign and date the printable sf 86 form to certify your truthful and accurate answers. Now, you may print or send your completed paper. Also, SF 86 form downloads for free on the PDFliner. Tips for completing the form SF-86 Here are some tips for filling out paperwork that may help you: Read Instructions Carefully: Before starting the template, read the relevant federal agency's instructions carefully. Understanding the requirements and guidelines will help ensure accurate and complete information submission. Gather Necessary Documentation: Gather all the required documents and information beforehand to ensure a smooth completion process. Complete Each Section Thoroughly: Take your time to complete each section of the form on PDFliner. Provide detailed and accurate information, leaving no gaps or unanswered questions. Double-check for errors or missing data before finalizing the form. Review and Proofread: Review all the information provided after completing the form. Use PDFliner's editing tools to proofread and make any necessary revisions. Ensure consistency and accuracy throughout the document. Save and Secure Your Form: Once you have finished filling it out, save a copy of the completed form on your device and securely back it up. This ensures that you have a record of your submission and can easily access it if needed in the future.
  • Optional Form 306 Optional Form 306 What is the Optional Form 306 Declaration For Federal Employment? 306 2011 Form is a governmental document provided by the Office of Personnel Management during the standard hiring procedure. The form helps to join the Government’s Life Insurance program and check suitability for employment. Applicants are not required to add other forms to the 306 2011 Form. However, before filling it, they have to provide the potential employer with the verification of qualifications, including SF-50 Notification of Personnel Action, transcripts, and DD-214 Veteran’s form (if exists). What I need the Optional Form 306 for? Government’s Life Insurance program: Is filled by participants of the recruitment process; Is not obligatory, but employers can decide whether to give it to job applicants of not.  There is no legal deadline for the 306 2011 Form expiration. Though, it can be requested only during the hiring stage. Filling out a Form 306 Declaration For Federal Employment The first step is to study the Instructions and the Privacy Act Statement. Then enter comprehensive personal information accordingly to the form, including full name, date of birth, place of birth, and the Social Security Number (SSN). Next, you have to provide unbiased information about current debts, criminal records, terminations from work, and details about military service (if it took place). At the end of the document, you are required to include information about close and other relatives who work for the government, if anyone of them does. In case you have ever worked in the field of government service before, don’t neglect to mention it. Finally, confirm that you are responsible for the provided information. When the form is ready, send it to the federal unit where you apply for the post. Organizations that work with the 306 2011 Form Any federal authority of the United States.
  • Health Benefits Election - Form SF2809 Health Benefits Election - Form SF2809 Health Benefits Election - Form SF2809✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • Artist Management Agreement Artist Management Agreement Artist Management Agreement ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
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