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  • Visa Application Form of the People Republic of China Visa Application Form of the People Republic of China What is the China Visa Application form?  China Visa Application form is a must-have document you need to submit if you are going to visit China. Fill it only in case your country does not have an agreement with China regarding a visa-free regime.  What I need the China Visa Application form for?  China Visa Application form must be submitted in the following cases: You are not a citizen of China; You are not a citizen of the country that has a visa-free regime with China; You are going to visit China.  Note that the form has to be submitted before the arrival to China. Otherwise, it is likely that you may be denied entry into the country. Filling out China Visa Application form  The form has four pages. You need to be very attentive while filling it because it depends on whether you get a visa consent or be denied the right to visit China. There are several parts: Part 1: Personal data (full name, gender, name in Chinese, nationality, date, and place of birth, citizenship number, education, home address, and so on); Part 2: Travel data (define your purpose of country’s visit, the intended number of entries, expected date of your first visit, etc.); Part 3: Other (contains a number of questions about your life. For example, whether you were refused a visa for China earlier, do you have a criminal record in China, and so on).  Organizations that work with China Visa Application form  China government agencies. 
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