34 Military Forms Templates

  • DA Form 1256 DA Form 1256 What is DA Form 1256? The DA 1256 fillable form is a short one-page application used by the US military to submit nominations to the Total Army Awards Program. It is filled in by the operating office but contains information about distinguished civilian and military personnel of the armed forces. What do I Need The DA Form 1256 PDF for? This form has been designed to be used exclusively within the armed forces under the Total Army Awards Program. The program aims to reward employees who have distinguished themselves with honorary and monetary awards and to stimulate other personnel to work more efficiently. Have a good record of individual performance and reserve duty training. The completed DA Form 1256 fillable PDF is used by the committee that reviews applications and decides on the approval of nominees. How to Fill Out a DA Form 1256? Step 1: The operating office completes the first part. The responsible person must enter information about an employee: name, organization, and position/rank. Next, they should select the type of nomination and specify the cash prize amount. Step 2: According to the instructions for DA Form 1256, if the nomination is forwarded to the Headquarters of the Army Department, the second part should also be completed. If not, skip this section. Step 3: The third part is completed by the committee that reviews the applications. They must approve or reject the proposal and indicate the recommended payment amount. Step 4: The approving authority completes the fourth part. In the last table of the Army Award Form PDF, they should list all the authorities that participated in consideration of the application and their decisions to form the final choice. Organizations that work with DA Award Form US Army
  • SECNAV 5512-1 SECNAV 5512-1 What Is SECNAV 5512 1 Approved Form? SECNAV Form 5512-1 is an application for a facility pass. The pass is required for entry to all DON facilities and must be presented upon request to any DON security officer. What Is the SECNAV Form 5512-1 Used For? The Department of the Navy (DON) requires that all employees (military, civilian, and contractors) wishing to gain unescorted access to DON facilities have a valid Department of Defense (DoD) identification card. The SECNAV 5512/1 pdf document serves to register individuals who are not employed by the DON but who require unaccompanied access to DON facilities for official business or other reasons.  How to Fill Out SECNAV Form 5512-1? This form should be completed by all persons who require access to DON facilities, including civilian employees, contractors, family members, and others who do not have a Common Access Card (CAC). Form secnav 5512 1 has three sections: Section I - Personal Information This section requires the person's full name, Social Security Number (SSN), date of birth, gender, citizenship, and contact information. Section II - Identification In this section, an identification document must be provided. Acceptable forms of identification include a driver's license, passport, birth certificate, or other government-issued identification. Section III - Signature This section requires a signature and date. Once the form is completed, it must be submitted to the issuing authority for approval. The approving authority will determine if the person is eligible for a Community ID card/base pass. How to Submit SECNAV Form 5512-1? The completed form and required documentation are submitted to the security department at the facility the person will be visiting. The security department will issue a base pass, which is valid for the period specified on the form. Who Should Sign the SECNAV 5512-1 Form? The printed secnav 5512/1 form must be signed by the person requesting the license.
  • OPNAV 5239 14 2011-2021 OPNAV 5239 14 2011-2021 What is OPNAV 5239/14? OPNAV Form 5239 14 is a two-page document used by the US Navy. It is a questionnaire filled out by authorized users who need access to the internal data of the Ministry of Defense in particular and the government in general. It also details what the accessed person can do and what is prohibited. What do I need the Navy OPNAV 5239/14 for? This form is used by a limited circle of people who want and can (through their work) get access to the DoD and USG information systems. These can be both military and civilian specialists, as well as independent contractors involved in various government programs and initiatives. Completing the OPNAV 5239/14 fillable form is optional. However, not doing so may result in you not getting access. How to Fill Out OPNAV 5239/14 Rev 9/2011? Step 1: Fill in the application date, request type, and the name and location of the system you need access to. Step 2: Then fill in the personal information: name, position, organization, official contact details, and nationality. Also, specify if you have completed AI Awareness Training. Step 3: The following part should be completed by the person who is authorized to provide access. They need to enter the reason for access, type, expiration date, and contact details of a supervisor. Step 4: The user should read the conditions for obtaining access and their obligations and prohibitions and sign the paper. Step 5: The last two parts are filled out by the security manager and authorized staff who handle this case. Organizations that work with OPNAV 5239/14 PDF US Department of Defense
  • DD Form 2058, State of Legal Residence Certificate, February DD Form 2058, State of Legal Residence Certificate, February What is DD Form 2058? The DD Form 2058, State of Legal Residence Certificate, is used by the Department of Defense (DoD) to determine an individual's state of legal residence for purposes of taxation. The form is used by active duty service members, reservists, and certain civilian employees of the DoD. What is DD 2058 used for? The DD 2058 Form is used to document an individual's state of legal residence for taxation purposes. The form is used by service members who have established a domicile in a state other than their state of legal residence.  The state of legal residence certificate is used to determine an individual's tax liability and is also used by the Department of Defense to determine an individual's eligibility for certain benefits. How to fill out DD Form 2058? The form DD 2058 is a one-page document that must be filled out in full and signed.  The form asks for the member's personal information, such as name, Social Security Number, and date of birth. Next, the form asks for the member's current mailing address, as well as the addresses of any dependents. The form must be signed and dated by the member and submitted to the appropriate military finance office. If you have any questions about how to fill out the dd form 2058 pdf, or any other tax forms, you should contact your local military finance office. How to submit DD Form 2058 Army Pubs? The dd form 2058 fillable can be obtained from the individual's current state of legal residence or from the new state of legal residence. The form can also be obtained from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). The form can be filed electronically or by mail. To file the form electronically, the individual must complete the form and sign it. The form must then be submitted to the IRS. Who should sign the DD 2058 Form? The dd form 2058 state of legal residence certificate must be signed by the service member.
  • DA Form 4610 R DA Form 4610 R What is DA Form 4610 R? DA 4610 R (aka Equipment Changes in MTOE) is a two-page document that is a simple application used by the US Army. With its help, responsible persons can request the replacement of obsolete equipment and receive in return the new one. If the value of such an exchange is more than $1 million, attach a profitability analysis to this document. What do I need the DA Form 4610-R PDF for? It is used exclusively in the internal system of the US Army. Using this paper, you can get rid of expired items and obsolete equipment used in your military unit. In exchange, you can get newer equipment. However, you can simply decommission objects without asking for any replacement. This template should only be used if there is a real need to replace something. How to Fill Out DA Form 4610 R? Step 1: Specify the functional area’s title, unit identification code, MTOE number, and Command Control Number. Step 2: Keep in mind that you need to fill in all the lines. If something does not apply to your case, put “NA.” First, list the equipment to be removed or added in section A. Step 3: Specify the objects to be added or removed from the MTOE in section B. Step 4: The second part of the DA Form 4610-R fillable concerns personnel. Using this file, you can also remove or add positions. Step 5: Describe the reasons for all these changes. A placeholder signature is not required to consider an application. Organizations that work with DA Form 4610 R US Army
  • Da Form 4187 Da Form 4187 What Is a DA Form 4187? The US Army DA Form 4187 (or else Personnel Action Form) is a file used by the US Army for requesting various personnel actions, such as transfers, reassignments, promotions, changes in duty status, and other administrative changes. It serves as a formal request and documentation tool within the Army personnel system. The new DA Form 4187 should be filled out and signed by a soldier and battalion (or higher level) commander. What do I need the DA form 4187 army pubs for? The form is used to request changes in a personnel status, such as requesting a transfer to a different unit, applying for a promotion, updating personal information, etc. Often such information is needed for promotions or other administrative changes. The DA Form 4187 PDF fillable is used exclusively within the US Army and is completed upon request only. Only authorized persons associated with the Department should fill it out. How to Fill Out the Blank DA Form 4187? Enter the full name, rank, and SSN of an applicant/soldier. Also, indicate changes to their duty status. Select the requested action from the list. You can choose one or more options. If the option you need is not in the list, enter it in the empty line below the table by hand. Sign and date the document. If you have any additional remarks or comments, use Section 4 or attach an additional sheet of paper to your application. The commander fills in the next part. They can give their recommendation about the requested action, for instance, to endorse or decline it. The commander must enter their name, SSN, rank, and sign. This ensures that the appropriate individuals review and approve the requested action. Organizations that work with the DA 4187 form US Department of the Army
  • DA FORM 1380, Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Trainng DA FORM 1380, Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Trainng What Is DA Form 1380? Also referred to as a Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training, it’s a document issued to you if you’re in the Army Reserve or National Guard. We’ll cover the purpose of this form and instructions on its completion later in this post. Meanwhile, make the most of our extensive and absolutely free template catalog to find a new DA form 1380 template and fill it out online. What DA form 1380 is used for Here’s what this document is utilized for: evaluating an individual’s Reserve Duty Training program; identifying training deficiencies; providing a record of a person’s performance. When it comes to the pre-made template of the DA form 1380 army pubs, it’s used for the purpose of making your administrative affairs as time-saving as possible. With a ready-made draft of any document at your regular disposal, you are guaranteed to save heaps of your precious time working on your docs. How to Fill Out the DA Form 1380 Being a member of the Army Reserve, completing a specific amount of yearly training is a must-do. The Record of Individual Performance of Reserve Duty Training form is utilized for the purpose of monitoring your progress and performance. The document consists of two pages, with only the first being fillable. The second page contains important completion instructions. Below, you’ll find a summary of vital steps you’ll need to take to fill out this form digitally via our online platform: Open the template and wait until the editing tools load. Provide your personal data, such as your full name, rank, and SSN. Proceed by spelling out the training program you’ve completed. Indicate the date, training type, and location. Provide a record of your individual performance throughout the training. It includes details about your attendance, participation, and test scores received. How to submit the DA Form 1380 You’re welcome to file this form online via the Reserve Component Management system (RCMS). Alternatively, mail it to your personnel office. Find the address on the RCMS or by getting in touch with your unit administrator. Generally speaking, the fastest and most convenient way to submit your forms is online. And that’s what PDFLiner is guaranteed to help you with. Who Should Sign the DA form 1380 Your commander should sign the form before you are promoted or reenlisted. Don’t forget that our service is where you can also add safe, legally-binding, and instant digital signatures to all your files. E-sign your docs with PDFLiner on the go wherever you are. Or send them to your recipients for a super speedy e-signature. That’s what we call limitless convenience. Where can I download army forms? This form, along with other army documents, is available on the Army Publishing Directorate website. Alternatively, now that you are here, feel free to explore a breadth of army forms presented in our almost limitless template catalog. We’re constantly updating our database of templates, ensuring that they are fresh, relevant, and up to the point.
  • DA Form 1594 DA Form 1594 What Is a DA Form 1594? The 1594 DA form is an army document known as the daily staff journal or duty officer’s log. It is a blank that must be filled out by the soldier while on duty. You can consider the army 1594 form as the daily journal of the activities. You can put the information about operational reviews or historical research in the fillable DA Form 1594. However if you need to keep a record of individual performance and training use DA Form 1380. What do I need the DA 1594 for? The 1594 army form is an essential part of army documentation for every military personnel. This is the standard charge of the quarter’s log. Your unit can rely on the journal later; The DA 1594 PDF fillable template can help a soldier to organize a daily activity, build the most appropriate schedule and the order of duty service; You need the fillable DA 1594 blank to record all unpredictable situations and everything you want to memorize and tell the unit later. How to Fill Out DA Form 1594 Fillable? You will find a fillable DA form 1594 example on PDFLiner. The form is really simple to complete, and after some time, you will treat it as your personal journal. You can easily print the DA form 1594 fillable PDF or keep it online. You may also save it on your device. You have to include the following information in the DA 1594 fillable PDF version: Indicate the page number, organization, and your current location. Include the amount of time that is covered on the page. You can write down the hours there too. Describe the incidents, orders, messages you received, actions you took, INL. Write down your name and put the signature. Organizations That Work With 1594 DA Form The US army and any department of it.
  • DA Form 5960 DA Form 5960 What Is a DA Form 5960? A DA 5960 form is also known as the personnel action form. You might also notice the longer name on the army DA 5960 blank, which is Authorization to Start, Stop, or Change Basic Allowance for Housing and or Variable Housing Allowance. Military personnel that want to receive housing support or stop the procedure has to file the DA 5960 army form to the unit. What do I need the DA form 5960 for? You need to download the fillable DA 5960 template on your device if you use housing support from the army. This document must be filed every year. If your living conditions were changed, and you no longer require army support for this, you still have to file the document once again, declaring the change; The army needs the DA 5960 fillable form from every personnel that serves in the unit to make sure that the housing problem is solved. How to Fill Out DA Form 5960? If you are not sure how to fill out a DA form 5960, you can find numerous examples online. However, you can simply open the DA 5960 form fillable version on PDFLiner and read the description of every section. The document is not complicated, so you will quickly learn what to do with it. Once the process is over, you can download the DA 5960 fillable PDF version on your device or print it out. You can also send it to the unit. Here is what you need to include in the DA 5960 PDF fillable blank: Write down your personal details, including the name, SSN, action type, and location of duty. Include the BAQ type description. Describe your marital status. Write down all the dependents, current address, and relations. Include the expenses that you request help with. Organizations that work with DA form 5960 The US army.
  • Recommendation For Award (DA 638 form) Recommendation For Award (DA 638 form) What Is the DA 638 Form? DA 638 is the form that may be signed by an army servant who wants to recommend another soldier for the award. A soldier cannot recommend himself/herself. There can’t be self-recognition in the army, but if you are aware of the outstanding act worth of attention, you have to report it. What I need the army award form DA 638 for? You need DA 638 in case you want: To report on the achievement of your fellow soldier; Let the army leaders know of a selfless, outstanding act of your fellow soldier; Recognize heroic operations made by another person. There is a due date of the DA form 638 fillable. You can expect the commission to consider whether the action is worthy of the award via this form during the two years. Two years term starts by sending the DA 638 form. Note that this is also a form for recording individual performance, DA Form 1380, use it to keep track of performance and training. Filling Out DA Form 638 The fillable form DA 638 requires detailed information of the heroic act that soldier wants to report. You have to specify the following information about it: Identity of the person who is worthy of being awarded according to the recommender; Detailed information about recommender: name, rank, organization, contact information; Information about the achievements of the person who is considered for the award; Attached approval documents and signs of the command members; Signatures of authorities. Once everything is arranged, this form must be sent to the Approval Authority, which is usually the Company Commander. The form must be sent to the US Army Department for the evaluation. Organizations that work with form DA 638 US Army Department.
  • NAVPERS 1336-3 NAVPERS 1336-3 What Is NAVPERS 1336-3? The NAVPERS 1336 3 special request authorization form is known as Navy Special Request Chit. This request and authorization form is widely used in the Navy by commanding officers or any other employee who needs specific stuff or services. This document is the list of things that are requested by the Navy member. It can also contain the request for authorization of the actions described in the list. It was created by the Navy Personnel Command back in 2011 and since that it significantly simplified the work in the Navy. You have to send your requests in this form to the commander. This is the simplest way to communicate with the employer on an official matter. The form can be considered as the official demand to provide commuted rations, leave, or special liberty to the author. It must be sent to the commanding authority that has a higher position than the employee. Special liberty can be requested even to attend the funeral of a family member. What I need the NAVPERS 1336-3 for? The NAVPERS 1336 3 fillable form is widely used among Navy personnel who need to receive specific authorization for the action. It can be used also to request for leave, funeral attendance, a hospital visit to a family member, extra liberty that is explained, and even commuted rations; The form is needed by any commander who received a request from an employee about special authorization. Commander can’t grant any leave or satisfy the request if it was not accompanied by an official form. This document has to be saved in the archives for any proof of the decision made by the commander and the request made by the employee. How to Fill Out NAVPERS 1336-3? You will find NAVPERS 1336 3 PDF on PDFLiner. The form is available for anyone free of charge. You can download it on your device or fill it out online, using the tools from the editor. Once you complete it you can save the original on your computer or phone, and send the form to the commander. You can print it and hand it to the commander. The form is only one page long. You will quickly learn how to fill it. However, you need to be specific in your request or you will not receive approval. This is an official document. Here is what you need to include based on NAVPERS 1336 3 instructions: Write down your name and your rate; Name the ship or the station you are currently at; Put the correct date when you make a request; Include information in your department and the duty section; Put the tick in the most appropriate box describing the nature of your request; Specify the number of days you want to receive, name the first day of leave and the day when the person comes back; Describe the distance in miles, and pick the type of travel; Name the address of the place and the phone number so you could be contacted; Describe the reason for the request; Sign the document. Organizations that work with NAVPERS 1336-3 Navy Personnel Command of the United States of America.
  • DA 31 Army Leave Form 2022 DA 31 Army Leave Form 2022 What is DA 31 Army Leave Form? DA 31 is a U.S. Army form, also known as "Request and Authority for Leave." It is used by soldiers to request time off from their duties and to obtain approval for that leave from their commanding officer. The form includes sections for the soldier to provide information about the type and duration of requested leave, as well as any other relevant details. Once completed, the form is submitted to the soldier's commanding officer for review and approval. Who can use a fillable DA 31 PDF? A fillable DA 31 PDF can be used by any active-duty soldier in the U.S. Army who needs time off. This includes soldiers on active duty, in the National Guard, or in the Army Reserve. It is intended for use by enlisted soldiers and officers and can be used to request various types of leave, including vacation, emergency leave, or convalescent leave. How to Fill Out Army DA 31 Form? Here are the steps to fill out an Army DA 31 form: Step 1: Start by filling in your personal information, including your name, rank, Social Security number, and assignment unit. Step 2: Fill out the "Type of Leave" section, and specify the type of leave you request (e.g. emergency leave, convalescent leave, etc.). Step 3: Provide the address where you will be during your leave using the "Leave Address" section. Step 4: Make sure to put the dates when your leave will begin and end. Step 5: Indicate whether you will travel on official orders or at your own expense in the "Travel Orders" section. Step 6: "Remarks" section, provide any additional information relevant to your leave request. This could include the reason for your leave, contact information for a next of kin, or any other relevant details. Step 7: Sign and date the form. Once you have completed the form, it should be submitted to your commanding officer for review and approval.

What Are Military Templates Used For?

A military template is an important tool that helps the military operate smoothly and efficiently. For both current and future service members, it is a valuable resource.

You can use military templates to monitor each soldier's skills and training. You may also use these layouts to determine what positions each person is best equipped for and plan for future needs. 

You can use the information in the military template to identify workforce trends. For example, if the template shows a need for more medical personnel, the military can take steps to meet that need. Military templates are also used to create a database of potential recruits. You of course, can use these databases to quickly find and connect with people who may be interested in enlisting in the military.

What Are Military Templates?

In the military, a template is a standardized tool or guide used to achieve optimal effectiveness in various tasks. For example, you can often use templates in areas such as logistics, engineering, and operations.

Using templates helps to streamline these tasks and save time and resources. In some cases, you might use templates to automate tasks fully. Templates are an important part of military operations and are used by personnel at all levels, from senior commanders to junior enlisted personnel.

Types of Military Templates

There are many types of military patterns, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Below is a summary of the most popular types of templates used by the military.

  • Recommendation For Award Form

You are encouraged to use the recommendation for awards form to make recommendations for awards, scholarships, and other recognition programs. The form must be completed and signed by the recommender and then forwarded to the appropriate department.

  • NATO - 9 Line MEDEVAC Request Form

When requesting MEDEVAC in the NATO system, the 9-line MEDEVAC request form is used. You would use this form to request the evacuation of sick or wounded personnel from the battlefield.

  • Firearm Registration Form

You will need to fill out this form when you purchase a firearm. You will definitely need to give your name, address, and the type of firearm you are purchasing. You will also need to submit a background check and fingerprinting.

  • Estimated Earnings During Military Service Form

This form is important for you if you are going to enlist in the military to have an idea of your potential earnings. The form takes into account various factors such as rank, time of service, and duty station. Importantly, the estimates are just that, estimates. They are not a guarantee of your earnings.

  • Request and Authority for Leave

You will need to use this form to request leave authorization from your commanding officer. The form must be submitted at least seven days prior to your planned leave and must be approved by your commander before you can take leave.

What Should Include in Military Templates?

When it comes to military forms and templates, there are several key elements that you should keep in mind and that should always be included. First and foremost, all forms should have a clear and concise instructions section. This ensures that users will know exactly how to fill out the form or template. In addition, all forms and templates should be stored in a central location so that they can be easily accessed by anyone who needs them.

Finally, you should make sure that all military forms and templates comply with the latest security regulations. This includes ensuring that all personal information is protected and that only authorized users have access to sensitive data. By following these simple guidelines, you can ensure that your military forms and templates are compliant.

How to Create/Write/Make Military Templates: Step by Step

  1. The first thing you need to do is get a quality template. You can download military templates for free at PDFliner or purchase them from various sources. Once you have a template, the next step is to start adapting it to your particular requirements.
  2. You should also keep in mind one of the most important aspects of creating a military template is ensuring that all of the information is accurate. This means that you will probably have to do some research to fill in the missing information.
  3. Another important thing you should keep in mind in creating a military template is to make sure that it is easy to read and understand. So that means you should use simple language and avoid using jargon.
  4. After you have all the information you need, the next step is for you to start putting it together.
  5. Once you have everything put together, your final step is to test military template. That s important because you want to make sure that everything is working properly. You can do this by sending it out to a few people who you know will be able to give you feedback.
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