20 Individual Forms Templates

  • Form 4868 - Tax Extension Form Form 4868 - Tax Extension Form What is IRS 4868 (2022)? IRS form 4868 extension to file  is also known as the Application of the Automatic Extension of Time to File the US Individual Tax Return. It may be used by any US citizen who pays taxes. It helps you to extend the time you can use to file the tax return. You may receive up to 6 months postponement to complete tax return documents. If you pay part or all of your estimated income tax electronically, you do not need to file Form 4868 IRS tax extension. The Internal Revenue Service will automatically process an extension of time to file. You can pay online or by phone.    What I need the IRS 4868 - Tax Extension Form for? The IRS 4868 form for filing federal income tax extension is required when you can’t provide Tax Return form immediately; This form must be applied if you want to prolong the due date of tax return form up to 6 months; It moves the deadlines for forms 709 and 1040. Yet, this extension for 1040 filing does not prolong the date of tax payments. You have to pay taxes on time. This form does not require any additional forms to be attached. You still have to include the payment information with this form. The form is easy to fill out. It is short. It does not require specific knowledge of other forms or payments calculations. Still, there is some data that need to be completed. Organizations that work with IRS 4868 Social Security Administration; Internal Revenue Service. 
  • Form 1040 (Schedule C) 2019 Form 1040 (Schedule C) 2019 Form 1040 (Schedule C) 2019 ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online Current version fillable Schedule C (Form 1040) fillable 2020 Schedule C (Form 1040)
  • Form W-10 Form W-10 What is IRS Form W-10? If you are looking at what is W 10 form, you may have a dependent that needs care. This document was created by the International Revenue Service and has to be sent to them directly. The W-10 form is also known as Dependent Care Provider’s Identification and Certification. The form can be filled by the parent of the child or relative or just the person who has a dependent. If the child receives care from any other person or organization it must be stated in the template. The IRS W 10 form allows you to specify the data about the extra help that your child receives, including the address, name, and even taxpayer identification number of the person who does it. Usually, you don’t need the form apart from a specific case. You may want to use it if you want to claim for the support of the child and cover expenses of the dependent care. In this case you need to complete the form 1040-SR or 1040 as well. You also need the form whenever you get the benefits from the dependent care plant of your employer. What I need the Form W-10 for? You can use IRS form W 10 only if you are considered to provide the care of the dependent, no matter whether it is your child, relative, or the person you take care of. This form has the intention to prove that you are the main caretaker of this dependent; You may need a W-10 form IRS if you want to cover the expenses of the dependent care or claim credit for the child. In this case, you also have to attach your tax form 1040; If you have a dependent care plan from your employer, where you receive benefits, W 10 tax form will help you to make everything official. How to Fill Out W-10 Form? The W-10 tax form is available on PDFLiner. You can find it here free of charge or you can go to the IRS official website. Yet, PDFLiner contains all the tools that help you to fill the template online. Once you fill it out, you can save it on your device, print it, and email it to the officials. This form can be also sent online via the IRS website. It is one page long and is not complicated, but you have to be specific in the details you provide. Here is what you need to indicate in tax form W 10: Write down information about the dependent care provider, including the name, TIN, and address; Sign the field if you are a dependent care provider. You can use PDFLiner tools that allow you to create your own electronic signature recognized by the IRS; Put the current date when you fill out the document; Read the instructions in the form before you go to part 2. After that, you have to provide the name and the address of the person that is requesting. Organizations that work with Form W-10 Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.
  • Form 1042-S (2022) Form 1042-S (2022) What Is Form 1042-S 2022? Also known as ‘Foreign Person's U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding,’ 1042-S tax form is an IRS document utilized to report income paid to foreign citizens. Its purpose is to register various types of income, such as wages, rents, royalties, or dividends, subject to withholding tax in the United States. This doc assists in ensuring proper tax withholding and reporting for foreign individuals and entities with income from US sources. It's an essential component of US tax compliance for non-resident taxpayers. How to Get 1042-S Form for 2022 To get the IRS 1042-S Form 2022 using PDFLiner, feel free to follow these steps: Visit PDFLiner. Go to the PDFLiner’s website. Search for the form. Use the search bar to detect the specific form. Download the file or fill it out online. Once you find the needed doc, download its PDF version or click on it to complete it online. Alternatively, you can find Form 1042-S: via the official IRS website; at the IRS offices or tax help centers in your area; by requesting it from your employer or payer if you're the recipient of the form. How to Fill Out the IRS 1042-S Form 2022 Filling out the form is crucial for accurately reporting income paid to foreigners subject to US withholding tax. Here's an 11-step guide with our expert Form 1042-S instructions: Find the template of the doc in the PDFLiner’s database. Open it and start filling it out via our digital file editor. Type the payer's name, address, and Federal Identification Number (FIN). Enter the recipient's name, address, and taxpayer identification number (TIN). Include their Chapter 3 status code if applicable. Report the type and amount of income subject to withholding in the appropriate boxes. This may include various income categories like royalties, dividends, interest, and more. Include details about the amount withheld, including federal income tax withheld and any exempt income or treaty benefits claimed.  Indicate the recipient's country of residence, which may affect withholding rates. Use the ‘Income Code’ box to specify the nature of the income being reported, as per IRS instructions. The recipient must certify their foreign status by signing and dating the form. Ensure the payer provides their name, FIN, and contact information. Submit Copy A to the IRS along with the 1042-S Form if you are the payer. Provide the recipient with Copy B. Keep Copy C for your personal records. Precision is paramount when it comes to completing this file, as it ensures proper withholding and reporting, preventing potential penalties and errors in tax compliance. Always consult IRS guidelines and seek professional assistance if necessary, especially when dealing with intricate international transactions.
  • Form 1042-T Form 1042-T What Is Form 1042-T Also known as ‘Annual Summary and Transmittal of Forms 1042-S,’ Form 1042-T is a crucial IRS document used to summarize and transmit information related to withholding tax on payments made to foreign individuals and entities. Its crucial purpose is to report income subject to withholding tax within the United States by ensuring accurate documentation, withholding, and reporting procedures for non-resident aliens and foreign businesses, thus promoting tax compliance. In the PDFLiner’s catalog, you’ll easily find the template of this doc. Below, you’ll find Form 1042-T instructions and a step-by-step guide for its completion. Who Should Use Form 142-T The doc is principally intended for use by: U.S. withholding agents, including financial institutions and businesses, responsible for withholding tax on payments to foreign individuals and entities; non-resident aliens and foreign entities receiving income subject to U.S. withholding tax. This form ensures proper reporting and compliance with tax regulations regarding payments made to foreign parties, helping maintain transparency and accountability in financial transactions. How to Fill Out IRS Form 1042-T This document consists of two pages. The first page is fillable, and the second page contains instructions to the form. Start by finding the template of this document in the PDFLiner’s catalog and thoroughly explore those guidelines. Proceed by completing the first fillable page of the doc. This quick 8-step guide is sure to come in handy: Begin by providing your name, employer identification number (EIN), and contact details in the top section of the form. Fill in the recipient's name, address, and their identifying number, which is typically a taxpayer identification number (TIN). Report the types of income paid to the recipient in the appropriate boxes. This includes dividends, interest, royalties, and other income subject to withholding. Enter the total amounts withheld for each income category. Specify the recipient's chapter 3 status, which determines the withholding rate. Indicate any applicable exemptions or reductions in withholding tax. Summarize the total amounts withheld and remitted to the IRS. Sign and date the document to validate its accuracy. Accuracy and timeliness are essential when filling out Form 1042-T. It's advisable to consult IRS instructions or seek professional assistance for any beyond-standard scenarios. Where to File Form 1042-T The document should be filed with the Internal Revenue Service at the address provided in the instructions accompanying the form. The specific address may vary depending on your location and the type of delivery service used. It's essential to follow the IRS guidelines to ensure proper submission and compliance with tax rules. Related to Form 1042-T Documents IRS 1040 NR EZ Form Tax Form 1042-S Form 1040 Schedule H Extension Form 4868 Form 7004 Online Filing
  • Form 8689 Form 8689 What Is the 8689 Form? This fillable 8689 form must be stated by the US citizens who receive an income from the US Virgin Islands. This form is also known as Allocation of Individual Income Tax to the US Virgin Islands. You can also download the 8689 form if you are not a bona fide resident of the US Virgin Islands, but is a resident alien or citizen of the USA. What I need the 8689 form for? The 8689 form is used for taxpayers of the USA who are not residents of the US Virgin Islands but earn income there; Resident aliens who work for the US Virgin Islands but don’t live there; Bonafide residents of the US Virgin Islands pay USVI income taxes according to the local jurisdiction for taxes. It means that they do not have to download a blank of this form, but you still have to pay the tax mentioned in the local system. How to Fill Out the 8689 Form? You can find a PDF document with this form on this website. It is up to you whether you want to fill it online or complete the hard copy. You may probably try practicing with the print version before. If you have a business on the territory of the US Virgin Islands, you need to mention it in the form: Part 1 of this free form is about the income you receive from this territory. Pick all you receive; Part 2 is about the adjusted gross income from the USVI; Part 3 is about the allocation of tax to the Virgin Islands; Part 4 is about tax income for the USVI. Organizations that work with 8689 You have to send it to the IRS.
  • Form 8689 (2021) Form 8689 (2021) Form 8689 (2021) ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online
  • IRS Form 8288 IRS Form 8288 What Is IRS Form 8288 IRS Form 8288, known as the U.S. Withholding Tax Return for Dispositions by Foreign Persons, is used to report and withhold taxes on the sale or transfer of U.S. real property interests by non-U.S. individuals or foreign entities. What Is Form 8288 Used For The document serves the following purposes: reporting and withholding taxes on the sale or transfer of U.S. real property interests by foreigners or foreign organizations; calculating and remitting the required withholding tax on these property transfers; identifying the parties involved (transferor, transferee) and providing property details; determining the withholding amount based on the transaction value; reporting transaction information to ensure tax compliance with the IRS; ensuring proper withholding and reporting per U.S. laws for foreign individuals involved in real estate transactions. How to Fill Out Tax Form 8288 Follow these steps to complete Tax Form 8288: Obtain the doc template from the IRS website or a tax professional or access it through PDFLiner. Review the entire form to get the gist of its layout. Provide the withholding agent's basic information at the top, including name, address, and taxpayer identification number (SSN or EIN). Enter property information, such as address and description. Report the total amount realized from the property transfer in Part I. Determine the withholding tax amount (usually 15% of the total amount realized) in Part II unless a reduced rate or exemption applies. If an exemption from withholding is applicable, specify the exemption code and include supporting documentation in Part III. Complete Part IV if a foreign corporation is involved, providing their name, address, and taxpayer identification number. Attach necessary supporting documents like the sales contract or settlement statement, as instructed. Digitally sign the file using PDFLiner's e-signature feature. Review all entered information for maximum accuracy before saving a copy for your personal records. Difference Between Form 8288 and 8288 A Both documents are utilized for reporting and withholding taxes on the disposition of U.S. real property interests by nonnationals. However, Form 8288 is used by the transferee/buyer to report and withhold tax, while 8288-A is used by the withholding agent to report and remit the amount withheld. We hope it makes the picture clearer for you.
  • Form 1042-S Form 1042-S What is Form 1042-S?  IRS Form 1042-S, namely Foreign Person’s U.S. Source Income Subject to Withholding, serves to report the amounts a US-based institution or business has paid to foreigners, including individuals presumed to be foreign. It is used even in case no amount has been withheld from the payment due to a taxation exception or treaty. What do I need the 1042-S tax form for? To report the amounts deducted under Chapters 3 or 4 and those withheld that were repaid to the payee further; If you are not a resident of the U.S. but get income from any American-based source, including passive sources like the Internet; If you get a non-qualified taxable scholarship, you also need to submit Form 1042-S 2022 version. Organizations that work with Form 1042-S The IRS. Related to Form 1042-S Documents 1040NR-EZ Online Form 1040 Schedule H
  • Form 8865 Form 8865 What is Form 8865? The 8865 Form is an extensive document with many additional Schedules, which US citizens fill out to submit data to the IRS about the distribution of shares and income from foreign partnerships. You are also required to attach all Forms 8858 to this paper to provide all related information. What do I need the IRS Form 8865 for? If you are a member of a foreign partnership as a controller, contributor, or shareholder, you should use this document to submit tax information to the IRS. Any other foreign business that chooses to be taxed on a partnership basis should complete this form following the standard Form 8865 instructions. The requirement to provide this document only applies to US citizens who are members of foreign partnerships. How to Fill Out Form 8865 IRS? Step 1: First, specify the reporting period and fill in the placeholder information: name, full address, category, the share of liabilities, and so on. Step 2: Then fill in the partnership information: title, address, EIN, etc. Answer questions about the activities of this partnership. Step 3: Date and sign tax form 8865, and provide paid preparer details. Step 4: You do not need to complete all subsequent Schedules. Choose only those that fit your category. For example, if you own at least 10% of the partnership shares, you fall into the second group and should complete Schedules A, A-3, N, and K-1. For a precise definition of the category, we recommend reading the IRS instructions for Form 8865. Organizations that work with Form 8865 IRS
  • Form 8843 (2022) Form 8843 (2022) What is Form 8843? The IRS 8843 Form is a two-page document filled in by non-residents/alien individuals to document periods spent outside the US. This information is necessary for the tax service to calculate the tax liability of such payers. Depending on your personal case, Form 1040-NR may be required in addition to this document. What do I need the 8843 IRS Form for? You are required to complete this form if you are an F-1 or F-2 non-resident of the United States. Also, this document should be completed for each dependent (F-2 or J-2) of the above non-residents, regardless of age. Representatives of the listed categories must have been in the United States during the past tax year. If you meet these criteria but did not receive any income, you still need to complete the form by following the instructions on Form 8843. If you are a resident, then you do not need to provide this document. How to Fill Out an 8843 Tax Form? Although the document contains two full pages, you should only complete the parts that apply to your case: Step 1: Specify the tax period and enter your name, TIN, and address in the USA and your country of residence. Step 2: Enter your visa type, nonimmigrant status, citizenship, passport number, and the number of days you have been in the US. Step 3: Pick and complete the appropriate section: Students, Teachers/Trainees, or Professional Athletes. You need to answer questions about your activities. Step 4: If you have medical problems preventing you from leaving the US, list them and specify when they happened. Step 5: Enter the date and put your signature. Where to send tax form 8843? The finished file should be mailed at the following address: Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service Center, Austin, TX 73301-0215. Do it by April 18th. Please note that you need to provide a separate document for each non-resident and dependent who meets the criteria described above. When filling out, use the ready-made tax form 8843 example to avoid mistakes in counting the days that should be excluded from your tax return. Organizations that work with Form 8843 IRS
  • Form 8379 (2016) Form 8379 (2016) Form 8379 (2016) ✓ Easily fill out and sign forms ✓ Download blank or editable online

What Are IRS Individual Tax Forms?

In this category, you’ll lay your fingertips on the most widely used templates for individuals. These pre-designed docs are utilized for reporting all assessable earnings generated within a certain time frame, typically the past year. Don’t forget that our extensive catalog is not limited to tax-related files only. Here, you’ll explore a multitude of other niche-specific templates that are perfectly customizable and a pleasure to make use of. PDFLiner features a slew of smart editing tools to aid you in automating your administrative tasks and speeding up your digital document management processes. We are on a mission to save your precious time.

Most Popular Individual Tax Forms

Here are some of the most frequently used IRS individual income tax forms with their descriptions.

  • Form 1040. If you’ve ever been curious how the authorities pinpoint your taxes, this is your one-stop file to unveil all the goodies. This document is one of the most vital docs on the tax management scene. It is used for reporting one’s total yearly revenue to the government. This, in its turn, helps pinpoint the amount of your yearly tax refund. Simply put, the doc unveils the details about your earnings within the almost-gone year. It has several editions. Figuring out the best-suiting edition for you requires knowing the taxpayer category you fall into.
  • Social Security Benefits Worksheet. This document is utilized for paying taxes on all or some of your retirement benefits. The worksheet features eighteen sections where you specify the details about your benefits, as well as your earnings and financial background. In case you’re confused about this or any other of the forms we’re covering in this piece, you’re welcome to get in touch with an experienced bookkeeper.
  • Qualified Dividends and Capital Gain Tax Worksheet. It is used by individuals with dividend income only or those with capital gains. Ensure your accuracy is at its highest when you fill out this form, because it can feel quite overwhelming, especially for tax newbies. 
  • Schedule C (Form 1040). If you’re an independent contractor, you’re going to need to attach this document to your main form for reporting how much you’ve earned and lost. The form contains your sensitive information, so do your best to opt for a secure method of submitting it to the corresponding tax authorities.
  • Form 1040-SR. This document is utilized by people aged sixty-five or older for the purpose of filing their tax returns. The idea behind this form is to help seniors with straightforward tax backgrounds submit their returns.

So, whether you’re seeking one of the aforelisted federal individual income tax forms or need any other niche-specific document template, PDFLiner serves it all on the silver platter for you.

Where Can I Get Individual Tax Forms?

PDFLiner features a huge catalog of templates to cater to your most complex needs. Furthermore, here, you can fill out any form you need online. Save tons of your time by choosing any of the templates right from this page. Then hit Fill Online and fill out the form when it opens. Enjoy a multitude of useful features for editing and polishing your docs to the absolute refinement. Remember to sign your files with our super handy e-signature tool. It grants you the possibility to add digital signatures to your docs in a matter of mere moments.

Where to Send US Individual Income Tax Return Forms?

Usually, federal estimated tax forms individual-wise are sent to the corresponding governmental entities. You’re welcome to stick with the best-suiting way of submitting the needed form(s) out of the two major ones: online or offline. If you decide to file the documents online, it will save loads of your time and prevent the docs from getting lost or damaged. If you opt for the offline by-mail method, you’re going to have to wait a lot longer until the docs are processed. In either case, if you deal with documents on a daily basis, our platform is sure to come in handy.

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