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What Is a 945 Form?

The 945 Form is a simple one-page document that employers can use to report to the IRS their withholdings of federal prodit taxes from non-employees working for their company. Such deductions from non-payroll compensations can be very different (all of them are listed on the form).

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What do I need the IRS Form 945 for?

  • What is Form 945 used for? Employers are required to comply with official withholding requirements regarding non-employee payments. With this blank, they report to the tax authorities about such deductions.
  • Usually, self-employed and independent contractors are required to send such details to the IRS themselves. Tax Form 945 is needed if they did not provide or provided an incorrect TIN to employers.
  • If your company does not have agreements with independent contractors, you do not need to fill out the document.

How to Fill Out The 945 Form?

Step 1: Enter your name, trade name, EIN, and full address.

Step 2: Put information about federal taxes withheld from gambling, pensions, military retirement, and other types of payments.

Step 3: Specify the sum of backup withholdings.

Step 4: Calculate total taxes, balance due, and overpayments (if any) by following the IRS Form 945 instructions.

Step 5: Allocate tax liability to the months shown in the table.

Step 6: Enter your name, signature, and date on this document.

According to the instructions for Form 945, you should send payments along with the completed file. You will also need to attach Form 945-V for it.

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Organizations that work with 945 tax form

  • IRS

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(4.6 / 5) 92 votes
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