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What Is Form 8990?

Also known as Limitation on Business Interest Expense Under Section 163(j), this document calculates the deductible business interest expense for tax purposes. It assists businesses in determining the allowable deduction, considering the applicable limitations set by Section 163(j) regarding interest expenses. In this post, we'll cover Form 8990 instructions, as well as useful tips and recommendations. Stay tuned for details.

The Importance of Using IRS Form 8990

Using Tax Form 8990 is crucial for these reasons:

  • Accurate Deductions. Helps businesses accurately calculate deductible interest expenses.
  • Compliance. Guarantees adherence to Section 163(j) limitations on interest deductions.
  • Tax Reporting. Contributes to proper reporting of business interest expenses for tax purposes.

PDFLiner’s vast library of pre-made templates is where you can easily find (and fill out) the IRS Form 8990 PDF. Just give our search bar a try and see for yourself how fast and effortless the process of finding any printable template is.

How to Fill Out Form 8990

Begin by finding the Form 8990 required for your tax purposes in PDFLiner’s extensive catalog of free templates. Then proceed by filling it out online (while making sure you’re registered with PDFLiner). Find further 8 steps for working with the document below:


  1. Specify business identification and tax year.
  2. Calculate business interest expenses accurately.
  3. Consider Section 163(j): apply limitations as per Sec 163 j regulations.consider-section-163j
  4. Enter the computed deductible interest expense amount.
  5. Reread the information you've entered to prevent mistakes or typos.
  6. Electronically sign and date the document as the taxpayer or representative.
  7. Make the most of the Form 8990 download option for offline filing.
  8. Alternatively, file the completed document digitally with the IRS.

Always remember that PDFLiner tremendously speeds up document management. It offers a treasure trove of time-saving features for easy access, secure storage, and proper online submission of important industry-specific documentation like Form 8990.

When Do I Need Form 8990?

Form 8990 is necessary when businesses have an excess business interest expense to report. If your business deductions for interest surpass the limit set by Section 163(j), you need to use this document to calculate and report the excess interest expense accurately. This important doc guarantees compliance with tax rules concerning business interest expenses that exceed the allowable deduction limits set by Section 163(j) of the IRS code. Last but not least, always bear in mind that whenever you're in need of speedy document management, PDFLiner is the answer.

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