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What is Form 8863?

If you are looking at what is an 8863 form, you may need the credit for the education. The document was created to help taxpayers by the IRS. It has to be attached with the form 1040-SR or 1040. The 8863 form is also known as the Education Credits (American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Credits). If you want to claim the educational credit from the IRS, you need to send this template filled to the department together with the tax return.

The credit if it is approved by the IRS can be provided as the dollar-to-dollar reduction in the tax you owe that covers the costs of your school at the end of the year. However, you need to meet the basic requirements that the IRS names. You have to prove that you are eligible to receive the credit.

Form 8863 allows you to claim the American Opportunity credit. It cuts the taxes to $2,500 for each student on the educational expenses which you pay for yourself or for the dependent in four years of post-secondary education.There are still calculations that must include the books, fees, and tuition you have to pay for during the study.

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What I need the 8863 Form for?

  • The form IRS 8863 must be filled out by the student who pays for post-secondary education and wants to receive a dollar-for-dollar tax reduction. If the department recognizes the case as matching for the program student can receive $2,500 to cover expenses based on the amount that was paid;
  • The person who pays for the education of the dependent can file IRS form 8863 together with the tax report to receive the credit from the department;
  • Only students who are enrolled in the half-time for the academic semester or more can expect to receive the credit. They have to pursue the degree to be able to fill form 8863 PDF and receive approval.

How to Fill Out IRS Form 8863?

The 8863 tax form is simple to find on the IRS official portal. You have to go there, use the search bar and find the template. It is not available for editing there. You can only read it and download it on your device, so you could print it and fill it by hand. If you want to complete the IRS tax form 8863 online, while you are connected to the Internet, you can use PDFLiner. This editing software contains all the tools you need. You can enter the form there and begin to fill in empty sections.

All you need is to gather all the information you may use in the form before you start filling it. Once you are done, save it on your device. Print the form if you need it and send it by regular mail or just send it online to the IRS attached to the 1040 form. Here is the detailed instruction on how to fill out form 886:

  1. Provide information on the filler, including the name that is the same as the one you wrote on your tax return, and the social security number;
  2. Describe the refundable American Opportunity Credit details you are asking for;
  3. Provide information on the nonrefundable education credits;
  4. Share the information on the student and the institution that was chosen for the education;
  5. Write down the amount of the American Opportunity Credit;
  6. Provide the information on the Lifetime Learning Credit.

Form 8863 on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with 8863 Tax Form

  • Department of the Treasury Internal Revenue Service.

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