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Understanding VA Form 760 ADJ

If you’re a Virginia resident, you’ve likely come across Virginia form 760 schedule ADJ, especially during tax season. It is used by residents to make adjustments to their income, claim credits, or calculate specific carryovers that are not included on Form 760. Virginia 760 ADJ form, another name for this document, emphasizes the importance of accurate and strategic tax planning.

Deciphering form 760 schedule ADJ

The primary factor to remember here is that the Form 760 Schedule ADJ aids in documenting alterations to income or credits that aren't captured in the standard Virginia Form 760. Schedule ADJ should be attached to your Virginia income tax return. The form includes various sections catering to different income adjustments, such as one-time, annuities, and employee-related expenses.

How to Fill Out This Form

When contemplating how to fill out this form, follow these steps:

  1. Start at the first section labelled 'Your Social Security Number'. Here, type in your social security number in the blank field.
  2. Move to the next section 'Name(s) as shown on Virginia return'. Enter your name exactly as it appears on your Virginia return.
  3. Scroll down to reach the 'Additions to Federal Adjusted Gross Income' section. Here, provide the required information about your federal adjusted gross income. This may include items such as taxable social security benefits, business income, or any other additions outlined in the form instructions.
  4. In the 'Subtractions from Federal Adjusted Gross Income' section, input all the values related to the relevant deductions that you are able to make on your federal return such as student loan interest, tuition and fees, and any other state-specific subtractions.
  5. Next, head to the 'Deductions from Virginia Adjusted Gross Income' section. Fill out all necessary information concerning any reductions that apply to your Virginia state tax, following the specific instructions outlined in the form.
  6. Then move on to the section titled, 'Credit for Low-Income Individuals or Virginia Earned Income Credit'. Here, you need to provide details such as Family VAGI, Name, Social Security Number, Virginia Adjusted Gross Income (VAGI), Total.
  7. Now, scroll to the 'Addition to Tax, Penalty, and Interest' section. Fill in the respective fields with appropriate details pertaining to any additional tax, penalties, or interest that you may have incurred.
  8. Make sure to review all your information thoroughly before submitting the form. 
  9. Once you have checked for accuracy, you can share, download or print Virginia form 760 ADJ on the PDFliner website. 

When to use the VA tax form 760 ADJ

You should utilize the form 760 ADJ in some specific circumstances. Here are a few examples:

  • Adjustments to Income: If you require to make adjustments to the income that you reported on your primary Virginia income tax return.
  • Deductions and Credits: If you're claiming any deductions or tax credits that aren't recorded on the main form. This could include things such as individual retirement account (IRA) contributions, energy-saving improvements to your home, and student loan interest.
  • Income Variations: If there's a significant difference between your federal and state income due to specific differences in the tax laws. The VA form 760 ADJ helps bridge the gap between federal and state tax rules.
  • Special Circumstances: If you have special circumstances such as military pay, disability income, or adoption expenses. The form has separate lines for each of these types of adjustments.
  • Correcting a Prior Year's Return: If you need to correct previously filed returns or forms. The VA form 760 ADJ allows you to amend your prior year's return. 
  • One-time or Annuity Income: If you have a one-time income or annuity that needs to be reported and doesn't fit in any of the categories on the main form.

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