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What is Estate Planning Worksheet?

If you just decided to learn what is estate planning, you may consider the possibility to trust your belongings to the people you trust whenever you become unable to do it yourself. This document is the checklist of the assets the individual has and the health care plan that must be provided in case patients can’t express it by themselves.

While using this estate planning form, a person can find out which laws are working in the state and how to choose the documents that prove the financial situation and help with money transfer the best. The document was also made to help the person to understand whom they want to trust in their finances in case they would not be able to handle anything themselves.

Apart from that, the estate planning information form can record the will of the person to give to others valuable assets or any goods for their consideration after they die. They can choose whether they want to get the real estate to take part in the probate process. The document contains the will of the person.

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What I need the Estate Planning Worksheet for?

  • You need to fill estate planning checklist to make sure that your own position about your estate is considered after you become unable to express your wish or after you die;
  • This form helps to solve numerous problems about the trustable people who can express your wish on your behalf. They receive the ability to take your personal finances under control, make sure you receive the health care you want, and take care of the estate you have;
  • The form must be provided to the officials in advance to make the person you trust your official representative. Without the form, the person will not be able to act on your behalf.

How to Fill Out Estate Planning Worksheet?

You have to provide basic estate planning before you become unable to take any decision about your health care and the estate. The document is the official checklist of the people you trust and the services you want to receive. You can receive the form from any attorney firm or from the PDFLiner. PDFLiner is an online editing service that allows you to work with documents whenever you enter them. You can use the tools offered to you even to create your electronic signature.

Once you fill this document, you have to save it on your device. You also need to send it to the other parties. Since the document requires numerous signatures you can print it and provide it to the attorney and other parties you need/ Here is what you have to include there apart from the estate planning cost:

  1. Describe the legal team you are working with, including the attorney, accountant, life insurance representative, financial advisor, stockbroker if you have one, and personal bank. Apart from their names, you need to indicate their phone numbers as well;
  2. Share information about you, including the name, nickname if you have one, birth date, Social Security, address, phone number, employer, occupation, email, marital status, spouse name, if there is any, detailed information about the spouse;
  3. Provide the name of the trust;
  4. Include the information on your children and beneficiaries. Write down their names, addresses, genders, birth dates, marital statuses, and their own children;
  5. Name the children of the previous marriages if you have them;
  6. Provide contact on the guardian of the minor children if you have them;
  7. Indicate beneficiaries you want to support and people you want to exclude from the list;
  8. Share information on the healthcare agent and the person you trust to become your representative;
  9. Indicate the estate value.

Estate Planning on PDFLiner

Organizations that work with Estate Planning Worksheet

  • Any solicitor company;
  • Financial institutions are responsible for your money.

Estate Planning Worksheet Fillable, Popular Questions

  • How much does estate planning cost?

    The price varies based on your original needs and the area you live in. Usually, the price starts from $150 or $200. Yet, the more complex the document is the more money it will cost. You can hire a professional who will help you with the document’s preparation. It may cost you extra money. Normally an attorney takes up to $300 per hour based on your particular situation. Yet, you can try to fill out the form by yourself and hire an attorney only to certify that the document is legal and official. Use the template from PDFLiner to cut expenses whenever you need.

  • Why is estate planning important?

    This document can be considered as your personal will. While you still need to fill out the official form, this one helps you to plan everything in advance. It contains all the information that can be used if you suddenly become unable to share this information on your own. The document also contains the data on your family and those people who you want to exclude from the will. There are strict instructions on your health care and the people you trust to take care of it. In case of sudden death, this document will become the legal will.

  • What documents are needed for estate planning?

    It is based on the type of estate planning you prefer. You can provide the advance health care directive attached to the document, the last will, living trust, or the financial power of attorney. You can confirm all the information you provide there by the extra documents or extend some aspects in the form. You still need to leave the last will and testament for your beneficiaries. You have to make it legal as well. Apart from that, there must be a living trust, healthcare document, and durable power of attorney. Without these documents, the checklist will not be completed.

Fillable online Estate Planning Worksheet Fillable Form
(4.9 / 5) 48 votes
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