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What is DD Form 1149?

Fillable DD Form 1149 is a form that was created by DoD (Department of Defense) in order to record all the invoices and shipping procedures of different materials between shipping party and receiver. DD Form 1149 is required for parties who work under DoD jurisdiction.

What I need DD Form 1149 form?

  • You can download DD Form 1149 for free and fill it out when you need to:

Track materials that are shipped by and to parties who work under DoD jurisdiction.
If there is no copy of DD Form 1149 or it is not signed, the shipments are unavailable. The document consists of two pages that allow you to specify all the required information for shipment to begin.

How to fill out DD Form 1149?

Firstly, you will have to specify shipping address and delivery address in the required fields. The appropriations for the shipping is required. If there are certain priorities, dates, and if this information is listed in shipping instructions, you should also mention them. If not, just skip the 4th paragraph blank.
Do not forget to mention the date of shipment. You will also have to specify the method. For example, if you want your shipment to be done by sea, you need to include the ports of the receiver. The list of all the transported materials is required. You will have to specify the approximate quantity, describe what kind of item you ship, name the price of the materials, etc.
There is also a special handling charges section. The number and type of shipping containers should be specified. Do not forget to print a copy of the document.

What organizations work with DD Form 1149?

Department of Defense.

Fillable online DD Form 1149
(5 / 5) 42 votes
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