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What Is a Construction Contract?

Construction contracting is standard practice for US officials. They hire independent contractors or companies for specific services using a Contract in Construction as the main document. Both parties receive a copy of the document with the written details of the agreement. The document is signed by both parties and witnesses.

What Do I Need the Construction Contract For?

  • The Contract of Construction is filled by the government that hires a professional to provide the construction type of works based on details agreed in the contract. The document fixates the details of the work, payment, and deadlines;

  • This contract may be used by a contractor if there is a payment delay or any other problems occur. The document is legal and can be used in court;

  • Both parties can express their expectations of each other there.

How to Fill Out a Construction Contract?

This is a simple Construction Contract PDF form that does not take too long to fill out. There are 42 pages in the contract, but most pages are just explanations of the agreement. You don’t need to fill much in there. Once you fill it out, you can print it. Later, you can use a printable Construction Contract in your work or send the electronic version to another party. The document includes:

  • Name of the project, the company that works, or independent contractor;

  • Date when the document is made;

  • The deadline for the work and payment to the contractor;

  • Details on the services that are expected from the specialist;

  • Signatures of the officials, other parties, and witnesses.

Organizations That Work With Construction Contract

  • Any official organization in the US.

Fillable online Construction Contract
(5 / 5) 40 votes
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