CBP Form 6059B, Customs Declaration


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What Is CBP Form 6059B

CBP Customs Declaration Form 6059B, commonly known as the Customs Declaration, is a crucial document for travelers entering the United States. This doc serves a few vital functions. You use it to declare what you're bringing into the United States. Whether it's designer handbags, exotic fruits, or a mountain of chocolates, if it's not your underwear, it has to be listed on the form.

Overall, customs officials use the CBP 6059B form to assess items for security risks, contraband, or duty tax obligations, ensuring adherence to US customs regulations.

Who Should Use CBP Declaration Form 6059B

The document is the ticket for individuals arriving in the United States, but not everyone needs it. Here's the scoop on who should use it:

  • International Travelers. If you're crossing US borders by air, sea, or land, this doc is your wingman.
  • Visitors With Goods. Anyone packing more than a toothbrush and socks should declare their items.
  • Rule-Abiders. Those who appreciate the importance of following customs regulations and keeping the peace.

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How to Fill Out CBP Form 6059B

Despite featuring two pages only, the CBP Declaration Form 6059B PDF might seem like strolling through a labyrinth but we've got your back. Here's a 7-step step-by-step guide from our experts to make the most of: 

  1. Specify your personal information: name, date of birth, and passport number.
  2. Provide your flight or vessel number and the arrival date in the US.
  3. If you're traveling with family, indicate their names and passport numbers.
  4. Check the 'Yes' or 'No' boxes regarding gifts, items for resale, or anything over your duty-free allowance.
  5. List the items you're bringing, including quantity and value.
  6. If applicable, calculate the duty owed based on the guidelines provided.
  7. Put your signature and the current date at the bottom of the CBP form 6059B fillable template.

Don't fancy paper? Find a digital template of any document on PDFLiner and complete it online with ease. Remember, honesty is your best policy when filling out this file, as well as your ticket to a hassle-free entry into the US.

How to File CBP Form 6059B Customs Declaration

Submitting US CBP Form 6059B is a cakewalk. After completing it, present the document to the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers upon your arrival at the port of entry. They will review your declaration, answer any questions that might arise, and determine if any duties or taxes are due. Compliance guarantees you a swift and pleasant entry into the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

Fillable online CBP Form 6059B, Customs Declaration
(5 / 5) 33 votes
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