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What Is Form 100S

Also referred to as California S Corporation Franchise or Income Tax Return, 100S form is utilized by S corporations operating in California. It reports the corporation's income, deductions, and credits for state tax purposes. S corporations elect to pass corporate income, losses, deductions, and credits through to their shareholders in the context of federal taxation, and this document allows the state to assess the appropriate tax liability for these entities in California.

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Who Should Use California 100S Form

The 100S tax form should be used by:

  • S corporations operating in The Golden State;
  • corps that intend to pass income, losses, deductions, and credits through to shareholders for purposes of federal taxation;
  • entities with income, deductions, and credits subject to CA laws, even if they are not based in California;
  • corporations that need to report and pay their California state income tax.

How to Fill Out CA Form 100S

Whether you choose to fill out the digital or physical copy of the document, PDFLiner has got you covered. Here are the 11 vital steps for success from our experts:

  1. Find the template of the Franchise Tax Board form 100S in our vast template catalog. It’s 100% free.
  2. Open the template and start editing it online. 
  3. Alternatively, print it out for further offline completion.
  4. Enter your corporation's name, EIN, and address, along with indicating the fiscal year.
  5. Report all income sources, including ordinary business income, rental income, and gains or losses from sales of assets.
  6. Deduct allowable expenses and claim credits that apply.
  7. List all shareholders and their respective shares of income and losses.
  8. Calculate the corporation's tax liability based on the net income and the appropriate tax rates.
  9. In case of debt, include payment with the return.
  10. E-sign the form and date it.
  11. Include any necessary schedules, such as Schedule K-1.

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Always check the latest California Form 100S instructions for specific requirements and changes, and consider professional assistance for confusing scenarios or questions regarding S corps in California. By accurately completing the form, you’ll adhere to state laws and thus maintain peace of mind.

Where to File FTB Form 100S

Submit the doc to the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration. The mailing address for submission may vary depending on your situation and the most recent instructions provided by the CDTFA. Ensuring accurate submission guarantees compliance with California law and timely processing of your return.

Form Versions

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Fillable online California Form 100S (2022)
(5 / 5) 1 votes
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