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What Is Form CA 199 2023 - 2024

Also known as California Exempt Organization Annual Information Return, Form CA 199 is a tax document required for tax-exempt organizations operating in California. Its purpose is to collect essential financial and operational details from these organizations, including nonprofits and charitable entities.

By providing information such as revenue, expenses, and governance, the form helps the state monitor compliance with tax-exempt status, secure transparency, and maintain oversight of the activities of these entities within California.

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Who Should Use CA 199 Form

Individuals and entities falling under the following categories should use this document to report their financial information:

  • nonprofit organizations;
  • charitable foundations;
  • tax-exempt entities;
  • Golden State-based exempt organizations.

How to Fill Out CA Tax Form 199

Completing the file requires attention to detail and adherence to state tax regulations. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to cope with this task:

  1. Open the two-pager right on this webpage.
  2. Start filling it out online in our digital editor.
  3. Provide the organization's name, federal employer identification number (FEIN), and address. Ensure this information matches your records and is up-to-date.
  4. Verify the organization's exempt status and specify the type of organization it is (charitable, religious, educational).
  5. Report the organization's gross receipts, which include contributions, grants, program service revenue, and investment income. Break down the details as per the form's instructions.
  6. Deduct any allowable expenses such as program service expenses, management and general expenses, and fundraising expenses. Be precise and provide accurate figures.
  7. Calculate and report any excess surplus income over expenses. Ensure that all calculations are correct.
  8. Include any additional information requested in this section, which may include details about the organization's activities, governance, and compensation of officers, directors, and key employees.
  9. Sign and date the form for the purpose of its certification.
  10. Depending on the organization's activities and financial transactions, you might need to attach additional schedules or documents as required by the instructions.

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Remember that in accordance with California Form 199 instructions, the document is an annual requirement, so make sure to file it on time each year to maintain your organization's tax-exempt status and ensure adherence to the state’s tax regulations.

How to File California Form 199

To submit CA Franchise Tax Board Form 199, make sure the form is accurately filled out, signed, and dated. Attach any required supporting documents, such as schedules or financial statements. Send the prepared doc to the address provided in the instructions. Timely submission is crucial to maintain compliance with California legislative framework and your organization's tax-exempt status.

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