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What Is the REG3126 Bill of Sale?

REG3126 is a standard form used to document the transfer of a motor vehicle’s ownership in Alberta. This includes details such as the address and personal identification of both parties, a description of the vehicle, and payment information. The fillable bill of sale Alberta ensures that all legal requirements are met during the transaction.

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Why consider blank bill of sale Alberta

The Alberta vehicle bill of sale blank template is the go-to form for most vehicles transactions. It's comprehensive and ensures every necessary detail about the vehicle and parties involved is captured. This makes it an incredibly reliable and efficient tool for vehicle transactions in Alberta.

How to Fill Out Alberta Bill of Sale Vehicle Template

Properly understanding how to fill out REG3126 form template is crucial to avoid any legal hassles. Follow the instructions and be cautious and make sure all provided details are accurate:

  1. Start by imputing the seller's information. Enter your full name as it appears on your identification in the 'Name(s) Last, First, Second' fields. 
  2. Next, fill in your telephone number, followed by your complete address including the street, city or town, province or state, and postal code or zip code. 
  3. Then, complete the field for personal identification by entering your Drivers License or Identification Number.
  4. Move on to the 'Vehicle Information' section, where begin with the 'Year' field, by entering the year your vehicle was manufactured. 
  5. This is followed by imputing the 'Make,' 'Model or Series,' and 'Style' which typically refers to the body layout of your vehicle. 
  6. Next, provide the 'Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)/ Serial Number'. This unique code given only to your vehicle can typically be found on your dashboard, inside the driver's side door, or in your vehicle paperwork. 
  7. Finally, colour and odometer reading which reflects the total distance your vehicle has been driven.
  8. In the 'Buyer(s) Information' section, you will have to input the buyer's full name(s), telephone number and address. This should include their street, city or town, province or state, and postal code or zip code.
  9. Also, include 'Personal Identification (DL / ID Number)' which could either be their driver's license or ID number. 
  10. Following this, specify the amount the vehicle has been sold for in the 'This vehicle was sold for the sum of:' field. This includes writing out the sum in full followed by the sum in number form in the 'Dollars $' field next to it.
  11. Sign your name in the 'Signature of Seller' field under the 'General Information' section. 
  12. Also, indicate the date in 'on(mm/dd/yyyy)', and your location in the 'Dated at,' 'City/Town,' 'Province/State,' and 'Country' fields from where you have filled the form.
  13. Under the 'Special Conditions of Sale' section, answer all questions with 'Yes' or 'No' and give additional details where required such as names of lien holders if any, the mode of payment under 'Being paid by', the 'Payment Terms' and additional 'Special conditions of sale (if any)'.
  14. Once all these fields are filled, ensure that the Alberta vehicle bill of sale template is carefully reviewed for errors or incomplete sections. Save and close the form once completed. It is advisable to make a copy for your record—Alberta bill of sale downloads for free on the PDFLiner.

Alberta motor vehicle bill of sale as a crucial document

In proceeding with vehicle transactions in Alberta, the Alberta motor vehicle bill of sale, also known as Form REG3126, becomes an indispensable document. Knowing when to use this form is equally important as understanding the form itself.

  • Initial Procurement of Vehicle: One common scenario where this document is used is during the initial procurement of a vehicle, whether it's a purchase from a car dealership, a used-car outlet or even a private seller.
  • Selling Your Vehicle: Form REG3126 is also essential when selling your vehicle. It validates that you officially transferred the ownership of your vehicle to another person. With this document, you are released from any liability should any issue arise after the sale. 
  • Giving or Receiving Vehicle as Gift: Typically, you would also need to use a bill of sale if a vehicle is given as a gift. The document will help to show that the transfer of ownership of the vehicle from you (the giver) to someone else (the receiver) has been done by the book, fostering a fair transaction without any financial obligations or tax implications.
  • Registering a Used Vehicle: Should you decide to register a used vehicle in your name, this bill of sale will be a prerequisite, as it is a legal requirement in Alberta. This document provides evidence that the vehicle was legally purchased and the ownership transferred to you.
  • Proof of Legal Ownership: In case of any legal disputes concerning the vehicle, the Alberta bill of sale is utilised. The document serves as proof that the transaction was legitimate and you are the legal owner.

Fillable online CA Alberta Form REG3126
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