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What is the balance sheet?

The balance sheet is the official report from the shareholder, company, or private person about the liabilities, equities, or assets stated in a specific period of time. It is required for calculations on the possible return from investors. You can consider the balance sheet a source of information about a company’s or person’s financial situation.

What does a balance sheet show?

  • You need a budget balance sheet for your company since it is a financial statement that reveals the situation with the assets;

  • Shareholders need to see the document to find out whether the company can fulfill its obligations, calculating what it owns and still owes;

  • You can use the simple balance sheet to make an analysis of the prosperity of the company and understand the possible plans for its future;

  • As a possible investor, you can ask for a living balance sheet to check the company’s capabilities.

How to create a balance sheet?

You can start by using the balance sheet template on PDFLiner. It is already pre-made and ready to be filled with appropriate information. You will find the empty sections that you can fill out online. Once you get familiar with the balance sheet definition, you may understand that it is an important document that requires direct and checked calculations. Here is what you need to include there:

  • Personal information of the client and a spouse if required. If you fill it out on behalf of the company, there must be data on the company, with the physical address;

  • Information about cash, savings, investments in stocks, bonds, deposits, annuities, equity interest, and possible mortgages;

  • Information about fixed assets, including the residence and income property;

  • Personal assets if you fill the balance sheet as a private person, including vehicles, equipment, jewelry, and works of art;

  • Total assets.

How to read a balance sheet?

If you are an investor, you need to know how to read the document. You need to learn everything on the personal balance sheet template too. Read the sections filled with numbers, and make sure that assets in the fillable balance sheet are equal to the liabilities plus owner’s equity. It has to be balanced. Moreover, pay attention to the current assets. Make sure that these assets minus the current liabilities equal the working capital, which is enough for you.

Income statement vs. balance sheet

These documents may look similar, but they are not the same. While they both reveal the financial performance information and the capability of the business, they are different. The income statement stands for the direct number of losses or profits of a business over a specific time period. A balance sheet, on the other hand, reveals a business’ financial position at a specific time.

FAQ: Balance Sheet Popular Questions

  • How to calculate retained earnings on the balance sheet?

    You need to add the net income to the retained earnings from the previous term. Subtract the net dividends that were paid to the shareholders. The number you receive will be the retained earnings. You have to do it after every accounting period.

  • How to calculate net income from the balance sheet?

    You can use different formulas to calculate the net income. The most popular is to take the revenue minus the expenses and the cost of goods sold. You can also try to minus expenses from gross income. Total expenses minus total revenues will also be net income.

  • What is goodwill on a balance sheet?

    Not many people are aware of the goodwill section on the balance sheet. It is an asset created at the time when the company buys another company for a higher price than the value of the net asset. It is called goodwill.

  • How to find retained earnings on a balance sheet?

    You will easily find retained earnings there under the equity section of shareholders. If you don’t know how to calculate or check them, it is the sum of the year’s net loss or profit and stock dividends, plus subtracting cash. You have to make sure that you’ve taken the proper period.

  • What are liabilities on a balance sheet?

    The liabilities you see on the balance sheet are simply the debts you owe to others. It can be credits, loans, or payroll taxes. Even if you have the expenses that were not invoiced, they can be calculated in this section.

  • What is a balance sheet in accounting?

    In brief, it is a financial statement. It reveals the real situation of the company, its equity capital, assets, total debt, and liabilities. This statement is made for a specific point in the time, and numbers will be changed in the new sheet.

  • What is common stock on a balance sheet?

    Common stock is the number of shares that the company has. The stakeholders of common stocks are the company owners with voting rights inside. They can even be promoters for the company.

Fillable online Balance Sheet
(4.6 / 5) 101 votes
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