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What Is ATF Form 4? 

ATF Form 4 is the document that determines the conditions of transferring the firearms. Without it, you are prohibited from moving the gun or other types of firearms.

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What I need ATF Form 4 fillable version for? 

You need to submit ATF Form 4 to:

  • Identify the transferor and transferee and provide all the necessary information about them;
  • Determine the payment of the transfer tax;
  • Define the firearm and prove the weapon is legal and has the license;
  • Register the firearm to the transferee. 

How to Fill Out ATF Form 4 Online?

ATF Form 4 is pretty long and consists of 12 pages. You need to submit it before the transfer of any firearm. On pages 4 to 6, you can find the detailed instructions on how to fill the form.  In short, there are three parties involved in the process: transferor,  transferee, and officer. You should provide personal information about a seller and a buyer.

Also, include the firearm’s description and attach all the licenses. After that, the officer should take into consideration and confirm that everything happens within the law, and only then a firearm can be transferred. 

Organizations that work with ATF form 4 PDF

  • Anybody who wants to transfer the firearms.

Form Versions

2019 Fillable ATF Form 4 for 2019 Fill Out Form
2022 Fillable ATF Form 4 for 2020 Fill Out Form

FAQ: ATF Form 4 PDF Popular Questions

  • How to check ATF form 4 status?

    The easiest way to check the status of an ATF Form 4 application is to contact the ATF directly or visit their website.

  • How long does ATF form 4 take?

    ATF Form 4s typically take about 90 days to process, but the actual time will vary depending on the agency.

  • Where to mail ATF form 4?

    The ATF Form 4 can be sent to the address provided on the form:

    Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

    P.O. Box 50221

    Washington, DC 20091

  • ATF Form 3 vs Form 4

    The biggest difference between the two forms is that the ATF Form 4 requires the signature of the Chief Law Enforcement Officer (CLEO) for the jurisdiction in which the applicant resides. The CLEO signature is not required on the ATF Form 3.

Fillable online ATF Form 4
(4.8 / 5) 91 votes
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