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What Is an Assignment of Certificate of Deposit?

Certificates of deposit are time-bound deposit accounts with fixed interest rates, typically offered by banks and credit unions. These financial instruments are popular for their low risk and guaranteed return on investment. 

However, circumstances may arise where the owner of a CD might need to transfer their investment before it matures. This is where the assignment of the certificate of deposit comes into play. It is a legal document that formally transfers the ownership from the current holder to a new one.

Advantages of using a certificate of deposit assignment form

One of the primary benefits of using a certificate of deposit assignment form is the fluidity it brings to your investment portfolio. It provides a legitimate means for transferring assets, which can be particularly useful in estate planning or when adjusting one's financial strategy. Moreover, this Missouri form is straightforward to use and is recognized by financial institutions, which helps ensure a smooth transfer process.

How to Fill Out the 4172 Form

Once you have the proper assignment form in hand, the process of how to fill out the form becomes the central focus. Attention to detail is vital to avoid any issues that might arise from incorrect information:

  1. Enter your optional Missouri Tax I.D. Number if you have one.
  2. Provide the Federal Employer I.D. Number which is mandatory.
  3. Indicate the Tax Type by checking the appropriate box. Select from options like Sales and Use Tax, Cigarette Tax, Motor Fuel Tax, Other Tobacco Products, Transient Employer Withholding and Unemployment Tax.
  4. Record the complete name of the owner, all partners, the corporation, or LLC's official name in the designated field.
  5. Offer a valid E-mail Address to ensure future communications.
  6. Fill out the Business Address including the City, State, and ZIP Code.
  7. For the Taxpayer or Business Owner’s Address, input the residential or primary business address including City, State, and ZIP Code.
  8. In the section marked for the Taxpayer of Record, include the name of the business and have an owner, officer, partner, or member provide their signature and title.
  9. Under the section for the Financial Institution Acknowledgement, write down the Bank's name, provide a contact Phone Number, and obtain the signature and printed name of a Banking Official.
  10. In the Notary Public section, a notary will need to stamp or use a black ink rubber stamp seal, write down the date, the State and County (or City of St. Louis), and provide the expiration date of their commission, along with their signature and printed name.
  11. Lastly, in the Release section, you or the authorized person will input the current date and offer written authorization to release the Certificate of Deposit. Provide the address for any proceeds to be mailed to, typically the Missouri Department of Revenue, and have an official from the department sign and title the release.

Leveraging PDFliner for your form management

Managing such forms online has become a norm in today's digital age. PDFliner offers a platform where users can easily access, fill, and manage forms such as the Assignment of Certificate of Deposit and other Missouri forms. With user-friendly interfaces and secure data handling, managing financial forms becomes a more efficient and accessible process. Whether you're the assignor or the assignee, utilizing such resources can streamline your transactions and ensure that everything is in perfect order for a successful transfer.

Fillable online Assignment of Certificate of Deposit
(4.5 / 5) 37 votes
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