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What is Fillable Arizona Sublease Agreement?

Fillable Arizona Sublease Agreement is a document that allows two parties to sublease premises for a certain sum of dollars. The document is legit only in Arizona State.

What I need the Fillable Arizona Sublease Agreement for?

You will have to use the Fillable Arizona Sublease Agreement to:

  • Legally transfer the premises from the sublandlord to the subtenant;
  • Specify the price of the sublease;
  • Note the information about both parties (addresses, names, etc.)

However, the owner of the premises should approve the subleasing of the tenant.

How to fill out the Fillable Arizona Sublease Agreement?

You have to fill out the names of the sublandlord and subtenant. After that, write down the address of the premises that are going to be subrented. The sublease term should be specified. The number of dollars the subtenant is going to pay monthly should be mentioned. The security deposit that the subtenant pays to the sublandlord can also be mentioned.

After you fill out the information, you should look through the other sections. There you can discuss the charges for utility and telephone, number of overnight guests, noise level, etc. The condition of the premises should be written down in the document. At the end of the document, the signatures of both the sublandlord and subtenant are required. The current date should be specified.

Organizations that work with the Fillable Arizona Sublease Agreement

  • Arizona State Officials;
  • The Sublandlord.
Fillable online Arizona Sublease Agreement
(4.9 / 5) 91 votes
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