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What Is the Arizona Form 140EZ?

The Arizona 140EZ form is a streamlined tax return form for eligible residents in Arizona. Designed for simplicity, the form is geared toward taxpayers with less than $50,000 in annual income and a relatively straightforward financial situation. It does not accommodate adjustments to income, itemized deductions, or tax credits except for the family tax credit or taxpayers who wish to designate $5 to the Clean Elections Fund.

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Criteria for using the AZ form 140EZ

Before delving into how to fill out the form, verify that you meet these criteria to use the Arizona tax form 140ez:

  • You're a full-year resident of Arizona.
  • You don't have any adjustments to income.
  • Your federal adjusted gross income is less than the stated limit.
  • You don't plan on itemizing your deductions.
  • You don't have any dependents.

Step by Step Guide for Filling Out Arizona 140EZ Form

When you've confirmed your eligibility, follow these steps to complete the form.

  1. Start by entering your name in the first field. Ensure you enter it the same way as it is registered in your official documents.
  2. Continue to fill in "Last Name", staying consistent with the name registered on your social security card.
  3. In the “Your Social Security Number” box, type in your nine-digit social security number without hyphens or spaces. 
  4. If you are filing with a spouse, write your spouse’s name in the appropriate box. Follow the same format as you did with your name.
  5. Fill in "Last Name" with your spouse’s surname. 
  6. Provide your spouse's 9-digit social security number in the Spouse’s SSN box.
  7. Move on to the next box, where you should enter your home address, including your apartment number if applicable. Ensure this address is up-to-date and functional as the tax commission may send notifications to this address.
  8. In the "Daytime Phone" field, provide a reachable phone number, including the area code. 
  9. Fill in your current location's city, town, or post office in the given box. 
  10. Provide your state's name and ZIP Code.
  11. If you changed your last name in any of the last four tax years, enter the last names used in the “Last Names Used in Last Four Prior Year(s)" field.
  12. Select your “Filing Status” from the options given in the dedicated section. 
  13. In the Overpayment/Refund section, fill in any amount you've overpaid or refunds you are expecting.
  14. At this point, "Your Signature" is required. Ensure your signature matches the one on your government records. 
  15. Write the current date in the box next to your signature.
  16. Type your occupation in the "Occupation" box.
  17. If you are filing jointly, your spouse needs to sign in the proper section, date, and share their occupation.
  18. If a paid preparer prepared your tax, they must sign in the “Paid Preparer’s Signature” field and provide the date of preparation.
  19. The preparer should also provide their firm's name or own name if self-employed, the address – including city, State, ZIP Code, and phone number. 
  20. Finally, the paid preparer must provide their "Paid Preparer’s Tin".
  21. Once you've double-checked all the information for accuracy, you can submit the form digitally using PDFliner services.

Tips for completing Arizona tax form 140EZ

When tackling your Arizona state tax form 140EZ, remember that accurate calculations are vital. They influence whether you get a tax refund or if you owe taxes to the state of Arizona. Always verify your inputted information to avoid common mistakes such as incorrect social security numbers, mathematical errors, and incorrect bank account numbers for direct deposit refunds.

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