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What Is a Week-to-Week Room Rental Agreement?

This is a simple document used for short-term residential rentals. This format of lease agreements is convenient if parties need premises for a short period or if it is important for them to maintain flexibility. The contract can be extended at the end of the term, or the premises will be transferred to another tenant. Additional documents might be required depending on the agreement specifics between both parties; however, it is mostly a standalone document.

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What do I need the week-to-week rental agreement for?

  • Like any other written agreement, this one fixes the parties' rights and obligations and protects against potential fraudsters.
  • Short-term lease agreements are used in different situations, for example, when tenants need the premises during business trips, relocations, vacations, seasonal work, emergencies, etc.
  • This contract format can be considered universal, so it has no restrictions on its use.

How to Fill Out Rental Agreement Week-to-Week Template?

  1. Although the name of the contract indicates that its validity period is a week, you need to enter the exact dates for the start and end of the lease.
  2. Then enter the parties' names: landlord and tenant. Briefly describe the premises and indicate the exact address.
  3. Enter a rental amount in dollars. If the terms of the agreement imply an advance payment, indicate the exact sum.
  4. Read the brief rules for using the premises. If the standard contract template does not have what the parties need, make an attachment to it. Any such addition must be approved and signed by all participants.
  5. This template also includes a cleaning deposit. The amount should be specified separately from the main cost of the premises.
  6. Both parties must put their signatures at the end of the document.

Organizations that work with the week-to-week rental agreement PDF

  • Real estate agencies
Fillable online Week-to-Week Rental Agreement
(4.9 / 5) 88 votes
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