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What Is a Special Warranty Deed In Vermont?

A special warranty deed is a legal document used in Vermont to transfer ownership of a property from one party to another. Vermont limited warranty deed is a type of deed that provides limited guarantees to the buyer, unlike a general warranty deed, which offers full protection to the buyer.

In a special warranty deed, the seller (or grantor) only guarantees that they have not done anything during their ownership of the property that could harm the buyer's ownership rights. This means that if any issues arise before the seller owns the property, the buyer is responsible for resolving them. Also, a Vermont corrective warranty deed can be used when there is an error in the legal description or misspelling of the property owner's name

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How to Make Vermont Warranty Deed Form

Writing a Vermont warranty deed form is a straightforward process. Here are the points to follow:

  • Identify the parties involved: Begin by identifying the parties involved in the transaction. This includes the grantor (seller) and the grantee (buyer).
  • Describe the property: The next step is to provide a detailed description of the property being transferred. This should include the property's legal description, including the lot and block number, as well as any relevant zoning information.
  • Include any additional provisions: If there are any additional provisions, such as any agreements between the parties or conditions of the transfer, they should be included in the deed.
  • Sign and notarize the deed: The final step is to sign the deed in the presence of a notary public, who will verify their identity and witness the signing. The notary public will also sign and affix their seal to the deed.

How to Get a Warranty Deed In Vermont

To get a Vermont warranty deed form, follow these steps:

  1. Hire an attorney: While it is not required to hire an attorney to create a warranty deed, it is highly recommended. An attorney can ensure that the deed is legally valid and protects your interests.
  2. Obtain a template: You can find and fill out this form for free on the PDFliner website. However, it is important to ensure that the template you use complies with Vermont's legal requirements.
  3. Fill out the deed: Using the template, fill out the deed with the required information, including the names and addresses of the parties involved and a description of the property being transferred.
  4. Sign and notarize the deed: As soon as the deed is completed, the grantor must sign a deed witnessed by a notary public, who will verify his identity and certify the signature. Also, the notary will sign and seal the deed with a seal.
  5. Record the deed: Finally, the deed must be recorded with the county clerk's office to create a public record of the transfer.

Common Uses Of Vermont Warranty Deed Form

Vermont warranty deeds are commonly used in a variety of real estate transactions, including:

  • Sale of a home: When selling a home, a warranty deed is used to transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer.
  • Inheritance: When inheriting property, a warranty deed may be used to transfer ownership from the deceased's estate to the new owner.
  • Adding or removing a co-owner: If a property has multiple owners, a warranty deed can be used to add or remove a co-owner.
  • Transferring property to a trust: A warranty deed may be used to transfer ownership of a property to a trust, which can provide estate planning benefits and protect the property from creditors.
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