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What Is a Trunk or Treat Sign Up Sheet?

A trunk or treat sign-up sheet form is a tool used by the church, schools, or other community groups to manage their Trunk-or-treat events which are typically held during Halloween season. This is a time when vehicles are decorated, and their trunks are filled with candy and treats for the enthusiastic children in costumes to collect.

Using a church trunk or treat sign up sheet

In a church setting, trunk or treat sign-up sheets take on a slightly different character. They become a gateway for boosting church-community engagement. This church treat sign-up sheet helps church members sign up their trunks for the event, fostering a joyous community spirit during festive times.

Typically, a church trunk-or-treat sign-up sheet template consists of provisions for specifying essential information like name, contact details, the number of expected religious elements, and any potential allergen warnings for the treats to be distributed.

How to Fill Out Trunk or Treat Sign Up Sheet Template

As a first step in learning how to fill out this form, focus on understanding each section and the type of information it requires. Just go through the fields one-by-one, filling your accurate information:

  1. Start with the field labeled "Family Name". Type in your last name. Ensure that it is spelled correctly to maintain accurate records.
  2. Identify the "Student Name(s)" field under the "Family Name" section. Fill in the full name(s) of your child or children. If you have multiple children participating, separate their names by a comma. 
  3. Go to the next field, "Teacher Name." Here, input the teacher's full name that corresponds with your child or children. This will create awareness for the teacher involved. 
  4. Spot the next section that requires details about the total number of people attending. Input the "Total number of children attending" in the corresponding field. 
  5. Do the same for the "Total number of adults attending". It is crucial for the event organizers to have an estimate of people attending the event.
  6. Move to the section titled "Please Check ONE". This indicates you should select only one option.
  7. Tick the box for "Rent a Desk for Trunk or Treat Distribution" if this is your preferred option. This choice indicates that you'd like to rent a desk and hand out treats from a stationary point.
  8. Alternatively, check "Register my vehicle to be a Treat Distributor for the Trunk-or-Treat" if you will be giving out treats from your car. This transforms your vehicle into a mobile treat distribution point. 
  9. Tick the "Register a group to be Treat Distributors for the Trunk-or-Treat" box if you intend to sign up as a group to distribute treats.
  10. Make sure to review all your information for any mistakes or typos before submitting.

Remember to respect the deadline specified at the top of the form and return it by Friday, Oct. 21st. This will ensure that your registration for the Trunk or Treat event is confirmed on time.

Common mistakes with Halloween trunk or treat sign up sheet

When you fill out your Halloween trunk or treat sign-up sheet, it's essential you avoid common pitfalls.

  • Make sure to spell your full name and contact information correctly. Typos can lead to confusion for the event organizers.
  • When detailing your vehicle's characteristics, ensure you provide accurate and complete information.
  • Don't forget to specify the quantity and any specific type of candy you plan to distribute.
  • File the form on time. Without this final step, your registration will probably be rejected and not accepted even if filled out completely correctly.
Fillable online Trunk or Treat Sign Up Sheet
(4.9 / 5) 90 votes
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