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What is Rent Invoice?

The invoice template for rent is made to use the life of the landlord and tenant. This document has to be presented to the tenant after the payment for the rental property got to the landlord or the manager of the property. It can be either mailed or handed to the tenant. This is not the agreement. The template is the confirmation of the payment that was received.

Tenants or groups of tenants have to save the invoice rent template filled by the landlord together with the documents on the rental property. Later this document can be used to prove the point of view and that the money was received. The template has to be kept by the landlord or the property managers as well.

The template can be created by the landlord from the very beginning. Landlords can indicate the address, and names, and provide information on the payment received. However, it is simpler to use the standard document which is universal.

Rent Invoice on PDFLiner

What I need the Rent Invoice for?

  • Landlord is the one that fills the invoice for rent template in the first place. Once the payment for the month or week (according to the agreement between the tenant and landlord) is received, the tenant has to see the invoice. Landlord keeps the updated data in the records;
  • The tenant or business rentals, or group of tenants have to receive the rent invoice form from the landlord. This document proves that the payment was not only provided but it was recorded by the landlord and there is no problem with the rent. Landlord can’t change the price once you paid the rent and sent the check.

How to Fill Out Rent Invoice?

You can always create a rent invoice PDF by yourself. It does not take much time. You can create one standard form and keep it on your device for all the tenants you have. You will only need to change the details you fill inside. However, the simplest way is to use the rent invoice template PDF that is already made by professionals. You will be able to save it on your device as well and fill it with new data each time you need it. You will find the form on PDFLiner.

Apart from that, you can also create the document from the empty page there too. Once you fill in the information on the payment that was received, save the copy and send the original to the tenant. You can send it online, via email, which is the easiest way. You may print the form and hand it to the tenant or send it via regular mail. Here is what you need to include in the template:

  1. Provide information about you, including your name, address, email, and phone number. If you act on behalf of the rental company, but there the name and address;
  2. Provide information on the tenant who made the payment, including the name, address, and phone;
  3. Share the information on the issued date, due date, expiration date of the lease, and the number of invoices;
  4. Include the data on the property that is rented, utilities that are used, amount of money that is paid;
  5. Put extra terms and conditions if you have them;
  6. Sign the document.

Organizations that work with Rent Invoice

  • Landlord and tenant around the US;
  • Property managers.
Fillable online Rent Invoice
(4.8 / 5) 106 votes
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