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What Is CRA TFSA Contribution Room? 

Let’s start from the basics. CRA stands for Canada Revenue Agency. That leads us to an important thought: the CRA TFSA contribution room file we’ll cover in this post is mostly meant for Canadian citizens. Now, with regard to a Tax-Free Savings Account, shortened to TFSA, it’s a nest-egg account that aids you in earning money in a totally tax-free manner. 

So, what is TFSA contribution room? With the word ‘limit’ often used instead of ‘room’, it means the maximum of the financial investment you can pour into your balance without incurring penalties. And that’s where the CRA Form RC343 Worksheet presented in this section kicks in. Stay tuned for further details. 

What I need the CRA form RC343 for?

Now that we’ve touched upon the issue of TFSA contribution room meaning, let’s dwell upon its main purpose. This fillable form is used for:

  • calculating your TFSA contribution room 2022;

  • solving the problem in case your and CRA’s numbers don’t match;

  • making sure you’re using your TFSA to your utmost advantage.

How to Fill Out CRA Form RC343?

This two-pager is fairly easy to complete. 

  1. Start by exploring its informational part.

  2. Explore examples and definitions provided in the form.

  3. Then switch to the pretty self-explanatory fillable part and calculate TFSA contribution room.

  4. Turn to professional help whenever necessary.

Aside from this particular doc utilized to check TFSA contribution room, the PDFLiner catalog contains a treasure trove of other niche-specific forms ready to be filled out and filed online. With our platform at your disposal, you are bound to automate your administrative affairs. 

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2020 RC343 Worksheet - TFSA contribution room for tax year 2020 Fill Out Form

FAQ: CRA TFSA Contribution Room Popular Questions

  • What does TFSA contribution room mean?

    Simply put, it’s the maximum amount contributable to the nest egg in question.

  • How to find TFSA contribution room information?

    You can find it in your CRA profile, consult your licensed representative, or contact their specialized phone service. 

  • How to check my TFSA contribution room?

    Alternatively, you can pinpoint your Canada TFSA contribution room by utilizing the worksheet provided by PDFLiner.

Fillable online RC343 Worksheet - TFSA contribution room
(4.8 / 5) 50 votes
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