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Understanding an Inspection Property Checklist

The inspection property checklist is a detailed report used by inspectors to assess a property's condition systematically. This checklist covers various aspects, such as the structure, utilities, and safety precautions. Property inspectors fill out this form by checking all components listed and taking notes on what needs replacement or repair. Whether you're an inspector, a landlord, or a tenant, understanding how to fill out this form is crucial. 

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What does a checklist property inspection involve?

In the checklist property inspection process, there are several critical sections that one must diligently review. Firstly, the exterior of the property needs a thorough scan. Open your inspection eyes for cracks in walls, damaged roofing, or poor drainage around the property. Don't overlook the condition of the yard and external structures like garages or sheds.

Next, turn your attention to the property's interior. Check the condition of walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows. Inspect plumbing lines, HVAC systems, and electrical systems. Don't forget to scrutinize the condition of in-built appliances and other unique features like fireplaces.

How Effectively Fill Out Property Inspection Checklist

The property inspection checklist is often a detailed and complex document that requires precise and accurate recording of findings. To avoid any complications or confusion during the inspection process, we provide a simple guide on how to fill out this form effectively:

  1. Start by typing in the current date and time of the inspection in the 'Date & Time of Inspection' fields. Ensure that the format matches the given guidelines (for example, MM/DD/YYYY for date).
  2. Input your name or the name of the inspector in the 'Person Inspecting' field. Make sure to spell the name correctly to avoid any confusion later.
  3. Indicate the expected date to re-inspect the property in the 'Expected Date to Reinspect' field. Remember to input the date in the format provided.
  4. Next, fill in the tenant's full name in the 'Tenant's Name' field. Mistyping the tenant's name might lead to complications when processing the form.
  5. Input the complete address of the property under inspection in the 'Address of Property' field. Include the full street name, number, city, state, and zip code.
  6. Moving on to the room-by-room checklist, begin with the first room name (for example, living room, kitchen, bathroom etc). You will see a place to enter the item name within each room (e.g., flooring, walls, ceiling, furniture).
  7. For each item in the room, select the relevant condition (Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor, or None/NA/Unable To See) by clicking the respective checkbox. 
  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each room in the property until all rooms have been inspected and their conditions noted on the form.
  9. In the last section provide additional details about necessary repairs or improvements. Be thorough and specific. This information can be extremely beneficial for both owners and tenants.
  10. If you have photos to include as a part of your inspection, add an annex with these photos attached. Make sure to annotate them properly.
  11. Once all sections of the property inspection checklist form have been completed accurately, review your inputs to ensure they correctly represent the state of the property.

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Typical mistakes with checklist for property inspection

Property inspection errors frequently occur due to untrained eyes or hasty evaluations. Omitted sections, missed damages, and incorrect assessments may lead to legal and financial difficulties. Therefore, the property inspection checklist should always be filled out attentively and professionally. Here's a list of the most common mistakes so you can avoid them:

  • Forgetting to Date the Inspection: It is crucial to date your inspection correctly. The date can be crucial in disputes over the condition of the property or issues that may have arisen. 
  • Incomplete Property Address: Writing an incomplete address can create confusion and may even cause legal issues. It is important to provide the complete address.
  • Overlooking Expected Reinspection Dates: To maintain the property effectively, reinspection must be done. Overlooking this part is a frequent mistake which might lead to delayed repairment and maintenance.
  • Skipping Room Details: This is among the most common mistakes. Skipping a room or not providing all details regarding each room can lead to missing crucial information about the potential issues in the property.
  • Vague Descriptions: Writing vague descriptions doesn’t provide an accurate picture of the property’s condition. Be specific and clear with your descriptions.
  • Ignoring Photos: Neglecting to take or attach photos as evidence to support your findings is a common mistake. Photos provide a visual backup to clarify any points of confusion.
  • Filling out the Form in Rush: Inaccuracy breeds from speed. It's important to take time while inspecting and detailing so no important aspect is missed.

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